Final Fantasy 1 Club

This threads for all those FF fans who’ve finished FF1.
I’ll be honest I’ve only finished it once and my team was kinda cheap (double knights, monk and black mage) but jeez was it hard and LONG!! You forget how long a FF can be when the battles are a little slower. FF1 is also hardcore because you have to think about your selection, you can’t just mindlessly tap A and select enemies automatically. Anyways now that I’ve played it I want to play it a second time through its actually a pretty fun game and I might just buy it on NES. Anyone know how much a used copy of FF1 costs?

Anyways challenge wise it wasn’t all that, the only badguy who seemed tough was Chaos and all the other ones were pretty pathetic. Although I did die quite a few times in random battles. This isn’t for people who’ve merely beaten the GBA version just NES FF only because its a lot harder than that GBA version. You can beat it through emulation though but only the NES version.

FF1? Never heard of it.

I’ve started playing FFI a number of times and then lose interest along the way. I think that I need more incentives, perhaps a screen saying “Restore the ORBS” every couple of hours.

I can’t really blame you the game is very old and somewhat boring.
Still imagine if there were no other games but Atari and you happened to be one of those lucky kids who got FF1 on NES the year it came out. There would be no game at all like it yet besides maybe Dragon Warrior. In that regard it would probably be one of the best games ever…

I’d replay FF1 but I’m trying to beat FF2 at the moment. FF2 is actually a lot better than FF1 in my opinion, to bad it never came out here in the states.

Only FF’s I haven’t beaten yet are…
FF5 (almost beat it once, but I got bored of it)
FF Mystic Quest
Oh and that online FF but I don’t consider that a real FF.

Wasn’t there somebody here who managed to beat it with a team of four white mages?

I’ve done it once, and plan to keep it that way. FF2j on the other hand, I have no real incentive to finish anytime soon.

No clue. I sure wouldn’t want to try it…

FF2 is actually pretty good you should give it a try.
As for beating the game with White Mages, whats so hard about that? Sure the battles would take longer but the enemy coudn’t even touch you. Thief’s would be harder I’d think because they have almost no real skills and are weaker than knights (course I could be wrong as I didn’t use any thief’s).

Try four black mages. I think that would be more interesting.

I finished it before. Fighter/Thief/White Mage/Black Mage .

Fuck you. I like ninjas.

I never did finish it on the NES. My NES kept fucking up and erasing my data, or I foolishly lent it out to my friends who kept saving over my data. Didnt finish it until about 7 years ago when I got the PSone version.

I got about halfway through FF2j, up to the assault on Fynn. It doesn’t help that it’s very grindy, and then there’s the limited inventory space, half of which is filled with useless story items. Also doesn’t help that magic takes forever to be worth anything. At least the remakes fixed some of these issues at the expense of making it a bit too easy at times.

Also, Ninja = awesome. And four BMs would be interesting. Makes you wonder if it would be easier on them if magic wasn’t bugged.

FF 1 and 2 are among the few FF games I have yet to try. I’ve had the chance to buy them but I keep fearing that after all the modern games I’ve played they would be boring or annoying to play. What do you guys think?

I’ve tried FF1 several times, first in original cartridge form, then on super fast emulation. I have to admit the age of the game got to me and I stopped prematurely. I didn’t actually finish the game until I got the Final Fantasy Orgins PSX version.

I will admit, Final Fanstasy will probalbly always be my favorite series because it got me into RPGs in the first place. The being said, I almost hated FFII because of its levelling system. The fact it was too easy to abuse in the PSX version didn’t help either. I do applaud it for increasing the amount of story from the first one, but that’s about it.

It’s even been beaten by a solo White Wizard. Sure that’s a Wizard and not a mage, but still.

You should get them even if you don’t play them that much because there worth owning.

If he doesn’t like a non existant story and doing nothing but grinding, then he wouldn’t like the first one. If he doesn’t like a barely there story with a shitty excuse for a leveling system, then he won’t like second one.

What? There’s a story, it might not be much of one but… for the time it far outdid most NES storylines. I’m not saying its great but put your shoes back in NES times and it would probably be the greatest game you’d ever play.

And you make it sound like its a terrible expierence, its actually one of the best NES games I’ve ever played and the only one I’ve ever beat (besides Mario3, Mario1 and soon FF2 I admit it I haven’t beat many NES games there all to frickin hard).

I also liked seeing all the first time appearances in the FF lore, maybe I’m just boring but I rather enjoyed the Origins version on PSX.

Only FF’s I have to beat now are 2, 3, 5 and 10 and maybe mystic quest if I’m desperate.

I never played any FF’s on the NES do to the fact that I didn’t have one as a kid. My roommate still has his old one, though, and I’ll agree that alot of the games are pretty wicked hard.

Why would you buy it?

Phantasy Star 1 says hi (thought granted that’s a Master System game but its held up a lot better than most games from that era, including FFs I and II).

That said, FFII leveling system isn’t that bad. Its more due to the fact that most of the people who play it fall for the game’s trick, by which I mean that the game is hilariously easy (at least for an NES game). The trick is to realize that the game’s enemies follow an exponential curve where most of the game is spent fighting against scrubs and that most items are useless. You don’t really need to buy anything outside of a few Cure scrolls until you can purchase Mithral equipment. Your characters shouldn’t need to touch any weapon type outside of their starting equipment (Firion=Sword/Shield Maria=Bow Gus=Axes). If you can easily fight enemies outside of Altair you can easily fight enemies until Kas’on Kastle, if you can get through the Dreadnought you can get through Deist, fighting around Mystida means fighting around Mystida Tower, and from the Cyclone to the Jade Passage. The game is a cinch as long as you have enough Gold Needles and MP. Also once you land the Aspil/Osmose scroll you’re set for life as MP drain is hilariously broken. Just stick it on your healer and call it a game.

The tl;dr is that FFII is the most breakable NES FF game.