Final 8 in the Best Game Ever Contest

Yeah I know that this probably isn’t the best of ideas for a thread, but the games and matchups that are left in this contest are actually pretty decent, I figured I’d break it down here.

Mario 3 vs. the original Zelda Mario 3 is winning
Chrono Trigger vs. Zelda: LTTP
FF7 vs. Zelda: OOT
Starcraft vs. Super Smash Brothers Melee

These are rather interesting matchups if you ask my especially since most of them involve popular RPG’s.

Go express opinions damn you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Zelda OOT better win.

Where is ‘The Longest Journey’?

Bah at you, I had SSBM goign for the win since the beginning, not like I got anythign else right though :stuck_out_tongue:

If the people voting have an average IQ higher than thier shoe size, Chrono Trigger is going to win.

Too many Zelda games. Too many Zelda fanboys.

Don’t forget too many FFVII fanboys,especialy in the Gamefaqs forums,never know what’s going to happen.

Mario 3 VS. OoT in the finals.

OoT as the winner.

OoT isn’t that hot. FF7 is so much better. No contest. LTTP , while good, is not Chrono Trigger, the games are just too different. LTTP is short and fun. CT is huge with some of the most replay value of any RPG and decently long as well as being fun. Mario 3 is Mario 3. Saying Zelda 1 is better is just nostalgia.

Now SC and SSBM is an interesting match up because the games, though different, at least can compare in terms of possibilities because the games are recent and have a lot of work and detail put into each, unlike LTTP vs CT. Early SNES vs late SNES has some general trends in differences in the quality and expansiveness of the content.

The only Zelda game I really liked is A Link to the Past. I hope Mario 3 wins.

Contests like this tear communities apart.

Pitting fanboy against fanboy in a grand duel to see what’s the most overrated game in history.

Makes the romans proud.

Im actually quite interested as to what game is going to win this contest sience all the games there i think are really good :D.

Final Fantasy 7 is probably going to take it. People like Sephiroth and Cloud because they’ve got HUGE swords.

I’m rooting for Chrono Trigger, although my hopes aren’t high. :noway:

It’s interesting to see what I thought people would choose as opposed to what people actually chose.

I’ve chosen Mario 3 and FF7 in the finals, with FF7 winning.

Fuck you all!
Go SC!

I love Nul for mentioning The Longest Journey. Imho, it really is one of the best games ever.
And I agree with Nessa. What’s the deal with Zelda?
And why are there so many RPGs? That’s just dumb. I’m for selecting a “best game” in each category/ genre and then comparing them, otherwise it makes no sense, also considering the time. How could you compare pacman to FF10? How could you compare Bust- a - move to WC III?

As long as Stracraft doesn’t win, then I don’t really care.

What’s people’s obsession with CT? It was a good game for it’s time, but it has no place in a best game ever contest.

I AM surprised FF6 isn’t there, though, considering LTTP and CT are. I guess they just did that so as not to have 2 or more Final Fantasies cluttering up the finals.

My personal best game ever is Shinobi, because, unlike all the games on that list, it’s actually challenging. Every game listed here except for Starcraft practically wipes your ass for you in terms of gameplay/challenge, and beating them is more a matter of time than it is of skill or persistance or even anger management (You’ve all thrown controllers, don’t try to hide it.).

Shinobi’s also the only game ever that’s managed to keep me in the “zone” for 12 hours straight, fighting the same single boss for that whole time. It’s just so totally awesome and classic.

Actually, OoT had me playing for days at a time. Not at the same level of intensity though, where you snap out of it and realize you’re sitting in a pool of your own sweat and the clock says 10pm when you thought it was 10am.

Out of the games listed, I’d have to say Starcraft simply because it’s 7 years old and still the most popular RTS, and FF7 just because it’s got the FF7-cool going on.

Which Shinobi? There are 2 that I know of, a mega-drive one and a PS2 one. The mega-drive one was good fun, the PS2 thing sucked.