Fighting Games Thread

OK, let me say it better, the age of GOOD beat em ups has died…

2 games for PC and N64 doesnt mean that the genera is still alive and kicking, it means there are developers who know SOMEONE will still buy into it.

The TMNT game for gamecube that you speak of plays pretty terribly for a next gen console game. Aside from having atrocious reviews, I played it myself and noticed (while playing as Leo) that you’d get an over abundant use of the phrase “Slice n’ Dice!” and “Take that Nimrod!”… That along with the fact that there were random ass characters introduced into the game for NO reason aside from just to be in the game. No replay value, ((EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE UNLOCKABLES!)) mainly because the gameplay is so shoddy that it CANNOT be saved with the Turtles’ theme song and flashy graphics. The story was terrible, and in my opinion the Turtles should have stayed retro and not be revived.

Final opinion: Beat em up’s DONT have to be nothing more than “move forward, mash buttons, move forward, mash buttons” and this game didnt realize that. I dare say the Bouncer was a better Beat em Up than TMNT because there was a point to each character being in the game, and the moves added decent variability to the action.
Score for TMNT on GC: 6/10 ((which is even better than most reviews you’ll find online.))

I play nothing competitively, though I did used to follow the SRK rankings and shit. I just don’t have the actual arcade talent nor the arcade near me to practice on a stick enough to be as good as the Montreal Crew.

However, if I would play something competitively, it would be Virtua Fighter, Third Strike and Alpha 3.

Capcom versus SNK2 was ruined by Roll Cancels, and MvC2 was ruined by the sheer impossibility to win without using anyone from the Big 4. Third Strike is pretty balanced from what I’ve played, so is Alpha 3 (since everyone has V-ism), and VF is simply the most balanced fighter ever.

GG I follow for the story. The gameplay is innovative, but it’s basially one player MvC.

Mab - You’ll be happy to know that in the SF storyline, Sean is weaker than Dan.

Dan is badass, however, I like Sean as a character. His little ball lends for some nice combos and he’s simply fun to play. His Tetsumakisenpukyaku isnt as good as that of any other shotogouken fighter, but still neither is it supposed to be. It moves forward faster and hits less, so is easy to combo with (very much like dan’s).

Sean is basically a more innovative version of a “Dan” character with a better move set and the same fun style of fighting.

I really don’t play competively,only when i go to the arcade,but the games I like to play are:

1.Virtual Fighter:true posibly the most balaced fighter ever and very fun
2.GGX2:Another very good fighting game,and very balaced too
3.SF3:Very good one.
4.MVC2:fun but i get my ass whipped most of the time by othr players.

Sean does not taunt as much as Dan, which is what made Dan unique. Dan had infinite taunts in X-ism and in A-ism. Sean’s PA is rather high-la-ri-ous (throwing a basketball at someone), but for the rest of him, he’s just bland. I liked Sean better in Double Impact, where he absolutely destroyed everyone in that game.

In TS, I personally play Remy and Oro. I like Oro’s playstyle, but I can’t find an effective super for the life of me, I stick to the Yagyu-Dama, but that’s mostly because it’s the only super to mindfuck the opponent.

I’m a huge fan of the Dead or Alive series.

DOA2 was the first game I got on PS2, I believe. I used to have so much fun.

DOA3 has got to be my favorite Fighter, Ever. Brad Wong == Win win :smiley:

The only fighting game, if you can really call it one, I play presently is Super Smash Brothers Melee. However, I am eagerly awaiting the next Mortal Kombat game, if just to commit Suicide moves so my friend can’t pull off a Fatality on me.

Dear god, I loved Virtua Fighter for Sega Saturn. That game was so fun. I think it was my first Fighting game. Other than that though, I find the fighting games pretty repetative. Cept SC2. :slight_smile:

The Super Smash Brothers seires, Ergheiz, Yu Yu Hakusho series, and I think it’s DBZ SB2 are good. The Dead or Alive series is alright too.

…Oh shit. I just realized somebody took off my all my emulators. Goddamn it…

Here’s a good question:

“Smash Brothers Melee”

Serious Fighter or Fun Melee?
Did YOU think it should have gone to Evo?

Me: I think SBM was and is a great game. It can be played competitivly and it can be mashed for fun… However, I don’t see it as a serious fighter. Certainly there is a large enough crowd that plays SBM seriously, yet I wonder… If they devoted the time they did to another Serious fighter, how would they feel about Melee in comparison? So I guess in short, I say SBM is badass, yet… next to Third Strike, Soul Calibur, or CvS2 it’s just can’t compair. There’s my opinion on start off the debate!

List of my fighting faves:

SvC Chaos
DBZ Hyper Dimension
Soul Calibur 2
KoF Series
Tech Romancer (bad ass mech fighting game for Dreamcast)
Gundam Wing Endless Duel

<3 Cyborg Justice. I loved being able to rip off other cyborgs arms and the customizable robots.

On the topic of fighting games, 3D fighters have never caught on for me due to my suckiness with the 3D dodging commands. But on 2D fighting games I prefer Capcom over SNK, although SNK does have better games most of the time, every so often Capcom comes with a game that is just incredible. And IMO Flashy>Dark

And as an aside, Soul Calibur 2 is more of a masher than Smash Bros.

I love both those games, btw. (Cervantes ownz j00.)

Are you serious? You should learn to play with someone who understands the way the game works… Mashing in SC2 is more like a tempertantrum than fighting…

Besides, a controller is not really made for mashing. Arcadeboards are better for that as you just ram hand aside buttons, slide over and again the buttons for maximum mash efficiency.

But SC2, play against a high-level opponent and you’ll see why that game is regarded as one of the best 3-D fighting games ever (though not the best. VF takes that one actually).

I respect Virtua Fighter as a serious fighter, it’s just not my forte. I can see how it stacks up as a badass fighter though. Great game. I’d choose SC2 as MY fave 3d fighter because I feel more variance with weapon based fighting games.

Favorite and best isn’t the same thing. VF is best, but it’s not for everyone. I’ve always given that to people because not only is the learning curve hard, the sheer amount of things you can do with one character is enough to leave you to practice with that same character for 6 months before you can be decent with him.

You are correct, fave isnt the same as best, but they share one common ground… The term Best and Fave are both opinions. No one person can say somthing is the BEST and be utterly correct, especially with somthing that has so much variability like a video game. While I’m not saying VF isnt the best, I’m certainly not going to agree that it IS the best. As that isnt my opinion.

That would be awesome :slight_smile: I was playing Fighting Force with my sister the other day for the same kind of kick, but it’s not the same.

Used to love Eternal Champions and Samurai Shodown, but my current fave is Soul Calibur II, mostly because it has more variety in the Weapon Master mode than most fighting games. I’m not a huge fighting game fan, otherwise, since I like a decent/cohesive storyline to any game I play.

Actually, the best has some criteria which you can decide, success of the game at high levels in an environment where gaming is encouraged, opinions of the majority of those who play the game and those who don’t. You have a lot to factor in when you decide what the best is. Your favorite, however, doesn’t.

And dude, CvS2 OST? Eww…