Fighting Games Thread

Incidentally, let me butt in and mention that MvC has no balance whatsoever.

Got thrashed trying to play as Roll again?

No, I was doing fine with Megaman and Morrigan until the CPU threw War Machine and Strider Hiryu at me at the same time.

Especially with Voldo or Ivy. Button mashing with Raphael can be quite effective, but it’s painfully obvious when you do (not just from the sound of your rampaging about your controls). I’ve seen Raphael played decently (at the Meet, where it was the only show in town as fighters went) and it’s great to watch.

However, there are plenty of characters in GGXX, for example, who don’t play well with mashers. Testament, Axl, and Bridget, as I recall, all have loads of chained/d-pad intensive moves (Testament especially, his normals are so innefectual). I’d say they’re about even.


How bout we agree to this, or at least… I’ll agree to this… It’s the DEEPEST fighting game out there. However, it looks like shit and when I played it I was very unimpressed by the controll layout and style of play. So, if judging on sheer potential, its a really good game. But over all presentation left alot to be desired.

I’m pretty competitive about fighting games, but for that reason, I’m really picky. I only like mostly balanced fighting games. This really limits my selection to:

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Marvel Superheroes Vs Street Fighter

Capcom Vs SNK 2

There are other games that I like to bullshit around with, but never play competitively. This is cos they’re fun, but there’s just lots of characters that are CLEARLY BETTER than others. I have a hard time enjoying most other games than the three I mentioned because of this, if I try to play them seriously.

I personally don’t believe I’ve ever played a balanced 3D Fighter. If anyone can find one for me (Soul Calibur 2 is definitely not it :P), I’d love to hear it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont believe anything capcom made using the marvel universe is balanced, look at what cable does to Marvel vs Capcom 2. Its retarded.

But yes, I agree with Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Capcom vs SNK2, however, you need to add Street Fighter 3 Third Strike to your list, or play it for the love of god, if you havent already.

True. But Strider Hiryu and Jin Saotome are just as bad. THIS is what you get when you put a character designed to win a one-player game (not to mention SUPERHEROES) in a fighting game.

Heh. Well, I don’t believe that the 2 MvC games are balanced at all. However, the first two games (X-Men Vs Street Fighter, and Marvel Vs Street Fighter), are really quite balanced. In XMvSF, every character is broken, so technically no one is really at a disadvantage since no character is fair :stuck_out_tongue: It still gets boring fast that way though, so I don’t like to play it. MSHvSF, though, is very balanced. There’s really only 3 broken things in the game, and only one of them is easily exploitable. I’d say other than those things, everyone is on equal footing. I’ve seen Zangief and Bison tear up Omega Red and Wolvie. :stuck_out_tongue: It happens. Even Dan is good in that game, and I’m absolutely not kidding about that.

Third Strike, is ok. It’s a game I can play just for kicks, but not competitively. The problem with 3S is that the game is based 100% on your ablility to parry. You might say differently, but if you can parry entire supers, you can probly parry pretty much anything, and win with anyone. :stuck_out_tongue: For example, I have a friend who likes fighters too. I know I’m a better fighter than he is, because I always beat him at SSF2T, and CvS2, like, I WHOMP on him. :stuck_out_tongue: But, he is so awesome at parrying in 3S (He can parry a Shoryureppa if he FEELS like it. That’s just fucking awesome :P), and so, he can beat me. So, the balance is based entirely on parrying. Technically, every character is balanced cos of this, but let’s pretend you removed the parries. A lot of characters would be at serious disadvantages. Could you ever see a character like Sean, Q, or Twelve beating Chun-Li without parries? Cos I sure as hell can’t. :stuck_out_tongue: For that reason, I’m not fond of 3S as a competitive fighting game.

Sega should come up and give the fucking story to this thing. That’d make people care more, give some characters a personality…FIX the voice-acting (If I hear Jacky say “I’ve done handcuffed lightning!” or Lion say “Why am I so great!?” again, I’ll kill someone), get the VF4 composer back, and do an introduction that might get people interested, then its presentation would be flawless.

Control Layout and style of play is something they shouldn’t even touch. You don’t change the layout and style of play when you have a game that’s been christened “Best Arcade Fighting Game” in Japan 2 years running (don’t believe me? Check out a few sources on Japanese gaming and you’ll be surprised). VF has ONE poor capability, and that’s to attract new players. It just can’t. Fixing the presentation will do that.

SG, in MSHvSF, Wolverine OWNS that game. It’s not balanced at all.

And Yar, you want cheap? War Machine/Golden War Machine, now that’s cheap.

Nobody likes Tekken on this board… :enguard:

I like it, I just think there’s better out there. :-p Virtua Fighter, for one, Soul Blade/calibur etc. for another. Tekken really gained popularity as it was a first decent one launched with the playstation, and sort of rode the popularity of the Sony bandwagon (Toshinden doesn’t count as it’s shite).

I only own three fighting games-Soul Calibur 2, SUper Smash Bros., and Super Smash Bros. Melee. I really don’t play fighting games a lot. As for Tekken I like it my friend has it and every once in awhile we play it.

Vurtua Figher doesn’t attract new players, true, but that doesn’t stop new players from <i>discovering</i> it, as I did. I bought the Greatest Hits edition of VF4: Evolution for my PS2 on impulse and I nigh-immediately wondered “where has this game been my whole life?” Sure, the characters are out of proportion (their heads are tiny, and on no one is this more evident than on Aoi) but the variety of fighting styles represented won me over. Even now I’m taking it to parties, and I’m considering learning to use Shun Di, who seems to be a crowd pleaser.

I think Jo the Mighty has got the bug now too, as he just played it last night and seemed to like it.

The game isn’t impeccably balanced; characters do seem to fall into the old slow and strong vs. quick and weak thing, but their moves tend to have a nice even spread of high, middle and low attacks, and the combos tend to make some sense, unlike in 2d fighters wherein “doing a special move” is more like “casting a magic spell.”

And whilst Tekken is likable (their combos make sense on occasion as well), some of their design team apparently hasn’t gotten into their heads that important rule of fighter construction; <i>It’s not good to let a move follow itself indefinitely! Make the player use different buttons!</i> Case in point being Yoshimitsu’s doorknocker thing.

No, because Tekken sucks since Tekken 3 and Eddy Gordo. TTT had the same Gordo problem, and T4 had Steve/Paul/Kuma dominance.

T5 should solve all problems in the Tekken series.

Wolvie so does not own MSHvSF without that Ragey-Crazy super, Iga :stuck_out_tongue: But I did admit that there are broken things in that game :stuck_out_tongue: That’s the easily exploitable one… :confused: I don’t really ever use that, cos it really isn’t a very fair super.

from what i know from playing 1337 asian kids in MvC2, here is what you do

  1. Pick 3: Cable, Storm, Dr. Doom, Megaman, Ironman, War Machine, Guile, or Akuma
  2. Hammer on controls

I have played many fighting games over the years, and most of them get boring faster than an Ishtar marathon. Darkstalker was fun, because I liked the anime, but I was annoyed at the combinations for their super moves, at one point i had mastered my favorite characters in the game, but if I played now, I’d suck. I just dont remember the 30 button combinations necessary for 1/2 the good specials in the game.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 1+2 amused me, I enjoyed taking Megaman out and shooting at Spiderman. Most of the specials aren’t too crazy, which is another big plus. one of the more fun ones overall.

Mortal Combat, Any: Sorry, I have to go get a root canal, maybe later.
SF series… um, I don’t feel like buying 50 games that are all just minor variations on each other.
Most of the others are just boring cookie-cutter games that get old in less time than it takes to open the package, or put a quarter (mroe like 50 cents to a dollar) in the machine.

I did like Smash Bros. and Smash Bros. Melee. Quite fun and amusing, and playing 4 at a time is just plain great. They also give dozens of mini-games, story mode, quest modes, and dozens of rules to play with. They’re really the only ones with enough variety to be worth the cost, in my opinion.

If you think MvC’s specials “aren’t too crazy”, you must be using a different scale of insanity.

Bah, with Wolvie instead of Megaman, they woulda been toast! Or cast Morrigan entirely aside too and enter Spidey! Now there’s something Strider an’ Warmachine would have to look out for! Of course, I do like the combination of Morrigan and Spider-Man…

…Especially against Captain America and Megaman. Rape attack is just so friggen’ hilarious since a) Megaman is so hilariously short (the silhouettes will kill you) and b) Captain America, if KO’d, emerges from the attack with his clothes ripped up… and the look on Morrigan’s face is priceless XD

Has anyone besides me played Super Chinese Fighter for the SNES? It’s a fighting game based on the Super Chinese series of games.