Fighting Games Thread

I’d like to make this thread since most people shy away from talking about this subject when approached on the chat or on other threads.

This website talks about LOTS of games beyond RPGs so why cant we discuss fighters as well? So, here we go.

Games I play:
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
Dead or Alive 3
Soul Calibur 2

Games I play, competitively:
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Soul Calibur 2
(eventually, I’ll be competitive with SF3:Third Strike)

Fighting games I don’t like:
Marvel vs. Capcom series. (Why? Its just too damn crazy for my tastes. I’ll not pretend that it requires less skill than any other game, for it in itself is quite challenging to pick up and get good. However, the hyper speed, candy coated, ultra 395-999 hit combo style games to be… um, fun?)

Guilty Gear XX (Why? Similar reason for MvC, but I can stand this one a little more. The character designs are very nice to begin with, and the animations are ALMOST as good as Street Fighter 3: third strike’s… But still lacking. The 1 hit kills are just goofy as no one uses them in serious play, from what I can tell… And if you actually get hit by one of them, then you deserve to die in one hit…)

I play Tekken 4 on and off, but I don’t really play fighting games at all. I just find them boring.

Mostly I dont like playing Fighting games alone. I can see alot of people thinking they are boring if they havent been to an arcade and played the game the way it was MEANT to be played. Sitting at home and using a controller isnt playing competitively, then again, when you run out of money for tokens (like I often do) there arent many choices…

I like the KoF series, and SvC chaos. The Art Of Fighting is also a pretty fun fighter, and is also a fav of mine, but its pretty much MAME only i guess, i havn’t seen it in the arcades for a long time so it doesnt count :P. Samuri Showdown is another all time favorite, but again, thats not really in arcades now :P. Mark Of The Wolves and Fatal fury are not my favorites, but i’ll play them anyway.

On the non-SNK side, i can tolerate 3D fighters like SC1 and 2, and Virtua Fighter, but i <i>loathe</i> tekken. I sort of agree with Izlude that MvC is a little crazy, but its a really fun game to play nonetheless. (woo, go servbot and bbhood).

I cant really comment too much on the guilty gear series, mainly because i havn’t played it too much. The art is pretty good though, if that matters at all :stuck_out_tongue:

And in the capcom arena, i dont really <i>like</i> the street fighter games, but hey, i used to play SF2 all the time, and 3rd strike rocks. I just havn’t been into them lately i guess :P.

I’ve always preferred capcom over SNK, mainly because the combat feels more fluid (in the later ones, eg: SF3:3rd Strike, and CvS2) and the characters look a lot better. By alot better I refer to the fact that they arent awkwardly tall and poorly animated. Here’s and example of SNK’s Chun-Li looks like, compaired to Capcom’s:

SNK Chun-Li

Capcom Chun-Li

The style comparison (IMO) is dramatic. I like some SNK games, but I’m not sure what there is about them that really holds up. The combat is jerky from what I’ve experienced and the character designs (save Samurai Showdown and some trademark characters like Terry Bogard) dont really stand up to Capcom. But then again, the Tournaments show where the larger crowds go anyway.

The best 2-D fighter is, was, and always shall be Eternal Champions. No questions asked.

REALLY wants to play the sequal ;_;

what’s Eternal Champions? Who made it?

edit omg, holy shit, I looked it up… I remember that game, it blew so hard core, but it was SOOOO fun!!! lol, Eternal Champions rocked.

I wish I could play it again right now and compair it to the new ones…

I have been addicted to fighting games for 12 years, non-stop :smiley: My faves, without doubt, are the soulblade/calibur/calibur 2 trilogy- the only series in which I have unlocked EVERYTHING without fail. I recently bought a Japanese copy of Streetfighter Zero 2 for the Saturn- easily the best 2D fighter ever.

My total beat-em-ups list-

Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo Revival Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Streetfighter Alpha 3 Upper Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Soul Calibur 2 Nintendo Gamecube
Super Smash Brothers: Melee Nintendo Gamecube
Dead or Alive 2 Sega Dreamcast
Fighting Vipers 2 Sega Dreamcast
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Sega Dreamcast
Power Stone 2 Sega Dreamcast
Soul Calibur Sega Dreamcast
Virtua Fighter 3tb Sega Dreamcast
Cyborg Justice Sega Mega Drive
Eternal Champions Sega Mega Drive
Two crude Dudes Sega Mega Drive
Criticom Sega Saturn
Fighters Megamix Sega Saturn
Fighting Vipers Sega Saturn
Streetfighter Alpha Sega Saturn
Streetfighter Zero 2 Sega Saturn
Virtua Fighter 2 Sega Saturn
Virtual On Sega Saturn
Bushido Blade Sony Playstation
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Sony Playstation
SoulBlade Sony Playstation
Streetfighter EX+ Alpha Sony Playstation
Streetfighter EX2+ Sony Playstation
Mort Kombat: Deadly Alliance Sony Playstation 2
Streetfighter EX3 Sony Playstation 2
Tekken 4 Sony Playstation 2
Tekken Tag Tournament Sony Playstation 2
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution Sony Playstation 2
Cyber Cross NEC PC Engine
Samurai Showdown Panasonic 3DO
Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo X Panasonic 3DO

…shit, that came out a LOT longer than I’d anticipated. :-/

I do a lot of fighters these days;

Not necessarily competitively, but I can handle the occasional Soul Calibur or DoA2 match with friends;

Over the net, I kick ass as Dan (Not necessarily against Igatona…) in SFA2/3.

Darkstalkers is a good choice too; KoF series goes pretty fine too (Iori. Shingo. Ryo. Random Mascot Female Character.)

Gonna get the SF2 special über-edition for PS2 so we can… reminisce.

And I prefer Capcom’s cartoony style more aswell; Since they tend to make most of the specials more… “possible.” 8]

That re-release of SF2 is also going to have Street Fighter 3: Third Strike in it… :slight_smile: Thats a game you should try getting into!

I hear good things about it… but 1) No Dan. 2) Some YELLOW punk named Sean took his place. Rar.

Eternal Champions was good, and the sequel (ECCD) was even better. Too bad Sega cancelled the third game for the Saturn.

Besides that, I play the occasional SNK game and classic Capcom, but have almost never touched their newer, seizure-enducing crap.

And for the record, Tekken is just okay.

Sean is pretty bad ass if you know how to use him. Bare in mind that MOST of the bigname characters are NOT in 3rd Strike. The game doesnt have much to do with the traditional SF franchise and is all about the gameplay.

The only seizure enducing crap capcom made was Marvel Vs. Capcom stuff, the street
fighter series has always been pretty solid.

Oh, gods, I remember Cyborg Justice…I LOVE Cyborg Justice. I never considered that a true “fighting game”. More of a side-scrolling beat 'em up.

Ditto for Two Crude Dudes. :slight_smile:

You kick the shit out of things. It counts as a beat-em-up. :-p Two Crude Dudes in 2-player mode often inspired actual real fights in my house many moons ago- the whole “pick up your partner and use him as a projectile” attack was too funny/annoying for words :smiley:

Sega need to hurry up with a new Streets of Rage game. :slight_smile:

Streets of Rage was decent. They DO need to make a new game like Cyborg Justice.

I mean, in how many games can you rip your opponent’s arm off and BEAT HIM SENSELESS WITH IT? :smiley:

And if we’re still talking about those kinds of games, one that will always hold a special place in my heart is Maximum Carnage for the SNES.

I don’t play these anymore, I use Mugen to make my own fighting games.

I am so looking forward to the Saint Seiya project’s completion.

Fighting games are not called Beat-em-Ups. There are fighting games:
Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters…

“Beat-em-Ups” like Double Dragon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 were a real genre of game that kinda died off in the SNES era.

No, they didn’t. I know at least two for N64 and PC, and Game cube has that awesome kickass TMNT game too.

I’m fooling around with the Darkstalkers series at the moment. I like it better than SvC Chaos, though playing as Zero was fun. (The English version says ‘Irregular’ instead of ‘Maverick’, though … le sigh …)

I wanna be in more games!

And on that note, I’m thinking of getting my grubby paws on some kinda game maker program and throwing together a game with a bunch of random chars and me in it. That, or just making a “story mode” … story in the Media forum.