FFXIII New Trailers

Nomura’s two newest games coming into light…

FFXII: Follows FFXII’s “Star-Wars” muscial feel. Plus, ALOT of fauna and Ifrit in the trailer.

FFXIII Versus: A “Romeo and Juliette”-style story with the environment having a Shinjuku feel. The music is provided by the same person behind Kingdom Hearts.


These games are so badass… kinda not digging the whole XIII/Versus thing though. Whatever happened to just making one fucking game? I don’t want to keep track of different versions of all this shit. Just make a game and sell it. If you’re gonna make two games, give them two different names or at least two different numbers.

I really DON’T mind the fact that I’m not getting Versus XIII, although Agito XIII looks like it could be kinda fun. Oh well.

Wow both of those look bad ass. Kind of reminds me of FF8 too, in how it seems to blend the future, modern styles and fantasy. Too bad I don’t have any next gen systems!

Here’s another link to less copyright-infringing versions of the trailers.

When I got to the scene between 2:07 and 2:27 in the not Versus trailer I thought they had just shown two new characters. Then I recognized some of the frames from pics I had seen earlier in the year and remembered that those aren’t new characters in that scene. Btw, who’s the bastard who made Carbuncle into that disturbing clown thingy. It’s just so wrong on so many levels.

As for the ‘No! This is VERSUS!!!’ trailer I’m really hoping that the evil looking guy at 3:28 is the game’s big bad guy. It would really help to offset the fact that the main character is channeling Naruto’s Sasuke.

That WAS Carbuncle? I thought he looked a lot like him, but I also thought nahhhhh :stuck_out_tongue:

If that’s not Carbuncle then I’ll eat my tennis shoes!

Also, I came across new trailers for both The 3rd FF XIII game as well as The 3rd Birthday here. I figure that this place is as good as any to post a link to them since at least one of them is a FF XIII game (and the other one makes for a nice bonus too).

I really dig Versus trailer’s Carmina Burana-esque tune. Very catchy, I must say.
The game is on my “to play absolutely” list, of course.

actually, the evil looking guy is the games good guy’s (noctis) father (look carefully at the eyes theyre like noctis’ ) (he’s supposably gonna be a bit like cecil in that he’s appears to be bad but is really a good guy) and is a mafia-like boss.

the bad guy is actually the girl we see fighting at the end.

(There’s rumours that noctis and the other three guys are like the turks from ffvii or SEED from ffviii cos they act like a mercenary group)

No Luke, I am your father.

The trailer looks good, though no one should trust trailers. They break your heart and leave you broke.

‘Solid baby!’

The black dude seems kinda off to me. (Maybe it’s just me?) Also, what’s with the the bird? That a baby Chocobo or something? On the plus side, FFXIII isn’t being racist like many other games in the series.

Ultratech: Don’t know about that “racist bit” in real-life terms, but FFXIII’s design suggests the 60s to 70s are a design basis, now we just have to wait for the country the game’s enviroment will be based on.

Ultratech - i’ve checked and yeh its a baby chocobo (it acts as a familiar and is supposed to play an important part (what is that gonna do?)and reflect his nature or something like that)

Also - seeing as lightning (the main girl) is based on cloud (they were asked to design a female cloud) does the presense of the black guy seen oddly familiar…

New Trailer 2! Now with flavor (and gameplay footage)!

FYI the FF XIII website has a MUCH higher quality version of said video.

Once youtube comments get reclassified as performance art, we’ll understand we’ve been living in a golden era without even knowing it.

Ugh… No thank you. That is so loud and ugly. I mean, it looks pretty, naturally. But the character designs are disgusting, and the whole concept is terrible.

What’s worse, is I’ll be buying it regardless. :frowning:

My god…! It’s Star Wars all over again! FFXII was bad enough! Those soldiers are total Storm Trooper knock offs and the guy in hood reminds me of Leia! C’mon Squeenix! You’re really disapointing me!

another new trailer http://uk.ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/826843/final-fantasy-xiii/videos/ff13_trl_e3trailer_60209.html

reveals - 5th character - young boy, yellowish clothes, silver hair, unnamed
- each character will have one specific summon (lightning - odin, snow -shiva,
vanille - carbuncle…) which only they can use… plus others.
- information about story/places
- english voices!!! (is it me or does lightning sound like ff12’s Ashe)
- new landscapes.

balthierfan: Lightning’s US VA is said to be Allison Keith, the voice of Misato from Evangelion.