Who still plays it? A few old friends and I will be getting back into it soon, it seems. How do servers look nowadays economy-wise? Did the latest expansion add anything significant in terms of low-level content (have they made XPing any easier, for example)?

I still play, one of the only ones left (Kagon! >:O). The economy’s in a definite low period right now, with prices way way down on everything. Consequently, gil is worth more these days. The expansion was only significant for low-level content, in that it added the three new advanced jobs: Blue Mage, Corsair and Puppetmaster. Blue Mage is akin to a more effective meleeing Red Mage, Corsair is a support job similar to Bard, but it can dish out some decent damage with Ranger sub. And Puppetmaster is shitty. It’s like a hybrid, watered-down, expensive Monk and Dragoon. SE dropped the ball on it, bad.

You can’t really get into the ToAU content until around level 50 or so. At level 50, you can start doing Assaults, which are little mini-fights in different zones, with various objectives for each. They’re fun or frustrating, and there’s decent rewards.

The main thing is that around level 55, you can start xping in the ToAU areas. ToAU areas fall under the influence of Sanction, which is different from Signet. It gives you Imperial Standing points, which you can spend on various things. But the Aht Urghan Empire has this thing called the Astral Candescence, which you have to defend (whole other kettle of fish). When the Empire has the AC, you can purchase either a Regen, Refresh or Food bonus (that doubles the amount of time your food lasts). But also, when you control the AC, having Sanction gives an xp bonus. The longer you control the AC, the bigger the bonus. It’s made going from level 55 to 75 much, much, faster.

Me, Ezzy Ezbourne and Jiharn. We still play.

And you’re THE ONLY ONES.


Would you folks know a place that evaluates the different servers, and perhaps lists the price of a world pass on each of them? It stuck me on Lakshmi, the WP is going at about 3000 gil. It’d take me all weekend to get that much.

www.ffxiah.com is a decent way to evaluate. However, its prices are based solely on the Jeuno/Tavnazia/Al Zahbi AH, so keep that in mind. The nice thing is, the most commonly checked items on each server are roughly similar, so you can get a good feel for the prices in that way.

And the common price on each server is usually around 3000 gil. However, folks on forums like Allakhazam and Killing Ifrit are usually willing to buy world passes for people, if you check out the various forums (like http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/forum.html?forum=12)

Not quite… I still play.

Still play? Yeesh, you guys make it sound like this game went out of style faster than Beanie Babies! XD I’m kidding…

But yes, I do play FFXI as well. I get really psyched when I hear of other people playing this game. Seriously, I think I actually said, “ZOMG, you play FF11!?” to somebody once. But anyway, I’m on the Bahamut server as a mithra called Cookiecat. ^.^

Well it is a long drawn out boring chore that isnt unlike having to go to a job you hate. It’s very easy for people to lose interest. They actually have a service where you pay someone to power level your character.

Wow has that too. In fact, I think almost all MMORPGS are cursed by outside companies trying to make a buck.

Yeah, pretty much every MMORPG has it, as far as I know. It’s really easy to tell the gilsellers apart from actual players because the gilsellers have jumbled names like “Phphphph” and never (okay, almost never) have a subjob. That and they always use the /say command instead of /tell.

I still play, occasionally. It sounds like you’ve already made up your mind which server you’re going to play on, but I don’t think it matters that much, they’re pretty even when it comes to prices. For your gil, kill a few Amber Quadavs outside Bastok and sell the backplates at the auction house for 1000 gil each. You can kill them with a level 5 Monk, which should take an hour or two to level from 1-5 with no gear. Or just post in a worldpass thread on ffxi.killvoid.com, and someone will hook you up.

Well, prices of stuff are higher than I remember. I leveled to 5, sold 1 stack each of Bat Wings and Zehrun Soot, and had 14k gil. Mission accomplished 0_0

WhatEVER. >:O I’d like to come back but social stuff and psych research calls. It actually calls right now which is probably why I’m procrastinating from doing it.

Awww but baybeeeeeee. ;_;

Ya well sorry to disappoint you D:

No you’re not. D:

You all abandoned me years ago. I remember when we three were best buds… but now tears So long ago!


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