Me and a couple friends are going to be coming back to FFXI and starting up a static party soon. There are four of us, and I’m trying to figure out what the most successful combination would be.

One friend for sure knows he wants to play a BRD/WHM. The rest of us are up in the air and for whatever will make the static most successful. I wasn’t really sure, but would a BRD/WHM (offhealer), two WAR/NINs (NIN/WAR?) (tank/ot), and a RDM/WHM be good? Would the BRD/WHM and RDM/WHM be good enough for healers? I guess assume the BRD and tanks would be up to date gear, while the RDM might be lagging a bit because he’s brand new to the game/MMOs in general.

Also, I’ve been fishing a bit and have about an 80k gil headstart (WAR and MNK gear up to 20 is all bought). I’m worried about the NINs getting their Utsusemi: Ichi’s

Any tips on classes/strategies/etc?

How would a DRK/WAR OT to voke and then SATA onto the MT be?