FFXI Screen Shot Thread

I’d be interested in seeing some of your ss’s, and I’ll post some of mine. I guess to get things started (and because I don’t have much time) I’ll post one from yesterday, levelling my WAR:

LOL, i’ve been looking at Angelfire for hosting pics so i could do that here. I even downloaded some of the pics to make a nice thread. I may not get the chance to though, it depends how some “current issues” turn out. But i got some really good ones, i even titled them all.

EDIT: You must really love that worm…

I really hope we haven’t all lost the pants dropping contest.

FFXI Screenshots!

That one standing next to the chocobo is great.

See Attached.

EDIT: Yes, I have a character named Creamygoodness.

Okay… i registered at Angelfire… i e-mailed myself pictures… i downloaded and saved them… now where do i find them ?

Easier and less stupid way to host images…

My latest triumph doing Genkai 1 in Eldieme Necropolis.

My last Genkai 1 papyrus party. The level 70 WHM died. Someone always dies getting the papyrus, it doesn’t matter what your level is!

:eek: Wow, those do look Final Fantasy! It all looks good :hahaha;

A glitch I found in Valkurm Dunes when I was leveling my DRK up a long ass time ago.

Everybody’s favorite airship glitch.

Killed Morbolger Sunday morning to complete Brown Belt quest:

Probably my most satisfying kill in game so far.

I’m Luciola.

Got to party with Celes this weekend! :biggrin:

Getting zapped by a thunder elemental:

Killed Ose while levelling…no drop. Oh yeah, my bud Avanarius helped us out (75 BST):

And…fighting a Manticore. Ridiculous evasion, better to just leave them be…

Posted a few more, as well as these, in this thread: http://www.eternaldarknessls.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=7161#7161

Get it!

Did you get the drop?

That was the first time I ever saw Lizzy on 12/25/03. Had a few hours to kill between Christmas parties, so I figured it would be a good time to hunt. Didn’t even know what widescan was at that point. Yeah, boots dropped:

Was a great Christmas present! They’ve dropped 5 more times since then.

Lucky bastage!