FFX shrine review request

I really want the FFX shrine to be unveiled since I think it’s mostly complete and it’d be real cool to have. Of course, I said this over a year ago too :stuck_out_tongue: So, I have some winter break to burn, and since Xelo has lost his co-maintainer I’m willing to fill in the blanks for him in exchange for co-maintainer status. What I would like though is for any of you who have played the game to review his shrine and tell me what still needs doing. This way I can see whether it’s plausible for me to help finish the shrine, and so I can maximize my playing efforts. Thanks guys!


PS. It lists Steve as a co-maintainer on the main page, but he’s not helping anymore.

well looking at the shrine it looks complete, the only thing i can think of is that you could give the stats of all 64 blitzball players but i doubt youd want to do that.

HAW! No its not complete. See my comments in the staff forum, Merl.

Aeons section - terms like “Incredibly Massive” and “Really, really high” sound amateurish and slightly idiotic.

Armor section - whether it would take a long time or not the armors and the various effects they come equipped with is very important.

Blitzball section - A list of every blitz player and their stats and max stats would be handy.

Downloads - add some space between the table and the font.

Monsters - the tables are rather hard to see.

Items - there should be spaces between each table. Also for the buyable items, if you know the formula for the cost why don’t you just add it? Most site readers who want to know the price of something might be too lazy to multiply what they see by 4 or might be annoyed by such a thing missing.

Overdrives - In regards to the joke made about golfing last I checked it was “Fore” not “for”.

  • You should link to the table of the combos for Auron’s overdrives above the sphere table.

Secrets and Sidequests - the directions to the Primers could be slightly more specific.

Celestial weapons - the ToC is supposed to be alphabetical! So put it where it goes ya?

Weapons - No weapons section!

Well, got that out of my system :stuck_out_tongue:

Ori: You try getting the name for every single armor. I’ll give you one hint. There are 64 different combinations. Every single character has different names for different combinations. That’s 384 different armors. The only guide on them now is based on FFX-I, which has a number of changes to the naming principle. I do have permission for it, but I’m also going through trying each combination to see which ones are true and which ones aren’t. And it takes a lot of time to get that many items.

And get your eyes checked, there is a weapons section, with the weapons naming guide linked at the top of it.

Xelo, firstly, don’t get defensive. In fact, I’d advise you not get involved in this thread at all, even if you are right about the way equipment works. The suggestions which will be taken won’t necessarily be all the suggestions given, but the ones that are relevant.

I’m looking through the shrine also, but I have a question - is the purpose here purely to check for completeness of information presented, or are we also offering feeback on layout/other things to add/etc?

I don’t want whatever effort I put in to be misdirected.

Fix up something relating to the Monster Arena. Definately that, since the capture business and rewards cause plenty of headaches for most people.

I only care about the content. Formatting and stuff is of secondary concern and is something that can get cleaned up after the content is there.

What I’m looking for is for you guys to tell me what you think is missing, for the staff to tell me what they think is missing (on a different thread), and for Xelo to tell me what he thinks is missing. Then I can synthesize it all!

Keep in mind I’ve never played the game too, and yeah, if tables are crappy looking don’t worry about that sort of stuff. Just tell me what the shrine needs to be complete.

I second Maba - there really needs to be a detailed Monster Arena section rather than a link to the enemy list. I think that a separate section for bosses might also be good to have rather than having to dig through the walkthrough - I say this at the same time because one could talk about Arena bosses.

Also, I think it would be nice to add more specific directions for getting some items (Al Bhed primers, for example, but there are others). For the item list itself, there’s no indication about which items can’t be bought, and I’d like to see where some of the harder-to-get ones could be stolen or bribed included in this section (I know it’s in the monster section already, but I don’t want to have to hunt though monster lists to find an item). Most times I really don’t care about how much an item is worth, but I definitely want to know how to get it if I can’t buy it.

Would it be possible to include the scans of the butterfly game from the Ultimania guide? I found those to be extremely helpful.

I have more than a few suggestions for formatting and whatnot, but since this isn’t the place I’ll keep those for another time. Resize some of the monster pictures for uniform table size, PLEASE!

Not exactly international user friendly is it? Those of us who have it would expect to see the Dark Aeons in here…you could argue that you dont have access to it, but that’s what GameFaqs and asking permission is for.

-Be a little more specific with which girl you get Energy Blast from, there’s quite a few in Besaid you know.

-http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/final_fantasy_x_yojimbo_a.txt http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/final_fantasy_x_yojimbo.txt
There’s a bit more to Yojimbo’s attacks than them being completely random. Maybe get the author of one of those faqs’ permissino to use it.

-What was already said bout the armor section.

-The blitzball player stats, that’s not all that difficult just pick up a copy of the strategy guide and rip it off if need be.

-What Vicki said about the items.

-You could add the button combos for each of Auron’s.

-The Brady Games guide book’s monster arena sections sucks really bad but its better than yours, no offense.

As far as visually stimulating, to me the shrine isn’t, don’t know why its just rather nasty on my eyes.

Dammit, I knew I forgot to mention something (adding more on Yojimbo).

I think, overall at least, the shrine should just be more specific on stuff.

And fix the monster list pics. Please.

This is as far as I had to go.

Worst pic ever. and your name pics suck too!

well Vicki, what format and layout suggestions do you have? I don’t really want people to be spending more time looking at how it looks than what it has in it, but if you already know some stuff please post it :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Merlin
well Vicki, what format and layout suggestions do you have? I don’t really want people to be spending more time looking at how it looks than what it has in it, but if you already know some stuff please post it :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I agree with you it should be more about the content then the visuals but pretty things is what makes ya want to come back to a site.
Personally I like to see video game related websites that have a bit of eye-candy to them because otherwise I can just go gamefaqs and not be bothered with dealing with a site’s multi-pages of the same info. The visuals draw me in and make me interested in what the site has to say, otherwise I go find an faq and say the hell with it.

I meant just for the critique of the content RC to ignore the format for now, not indefinitely :stuck_out_tongue:

I say let the shrine go to complete status since it better than soem of the shrines up there and for the most part the shrine has everything. Sure it could sue some fien tuning, but that isn’t too big. Also, it shouldn’t ahve to cover the international version since it isn’t widepread and by covering the regular FF10 it is still complete. In a way, if the shrine doesn’t get accepted as is, some of the shrines, like Dragon Warrior 3, need to be taken down and reworked since they are CLEARLY incomplete.

I’m with RC on the graphics though. That is infact the thign that lured me here and kept me, pictures in the FF5 walkthrough (since it was the only complete one at the time). I got to see the game and get an idea of where to go and shit. However, for the newer systems I can deal since getting screenshots for systems like N64, PSX, PS2, etc. is quite a bit harder and a little more expensive than getting them from a NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. because of the whole emulation and save state deal. Partly why I REALLY wish Orakio was still making shrines. e was damn good at it, he even got screenshots for Zelda: OoT (which has helped me tremendously) which is more difficult to do.

Infonick has a very good point - for all intents and purposes, this could be put up as complete, especially when compared to several other shrines which are classified as such but really aren’t. Just add an Updates section if you do so people know what’s in the works. I’m also adding a few more content suggestions.

For the formatting suggestions that I had, I don’t think there are really that many but they sort of add up over time. One of my big things is uniformity in style and organization (like table formats, sizes, colors, blah blah blah). I also think there needs to be a grammar and spelling check just to catch the pesky things.

Aeons - I’d like to see more uniform table styles for each aeon. The current layout jumps too much for me; I think it would be good to have the relevant information just running down the table in separate rows and not side by side (like description, attacks, overdrive, stuff like that). This would also help with the uniform formatting.

Blitzball - Since I saw anchors in every other section of the walkthough where they could be used, I was surprised not to see them here. Content - there should be a section on recruiting players, and I’d like to see something mentioned about resetting data and its implications (since that’s currently advocated in Wakka’s overdrive description).

Characters - I don’t have much here, but there’s no need to list pretty much every ability a character has in his section of the sphere grid. A general description of what’s there would probably be better.

Enemies - I said it before, but for the list with pictures please make it of a uniform size. Also, if something could be done so that people wouldn’t have to horizontally scroll the page to see the rest of the information it would be super (I know that with the information present that’s easier said than done).

Items - I touched on that before, but the only thing I’ll add here is that the symbol list for the characters is unnecessary. That information could be added in the Celestial Weapons section.

Overdrives - Another content thing - I thought that there was more to Blitz Ace than that one conversation in Guadosalam. I’m pretty sure that there is a FAQ for approval ratings. For Auron’s, I think it would be better to add the button presses into each row (but someone already said that, I think). Also, could the sphere locations be moved to the item section with a link remaining, or are they better where they are?

Sidequests - More lightning strategies would be nice, since I know that the one described doesn’t work for a fair number of people. Also, I could have sworn that the first time I played this game I missed the Destruction sphere in Besaid and that there were two Destruction spheres in Bevelle, so I have a slight bone to pick with the statement about that in the Baaj Temple section - some clarification on those things would be nice. The statement about Mindy’s Passado damage is also misleading. Finally, with the Omega Ruins, there’s more to the chests than what’s said (I know there is a FAQ about that), and mentioning bribing Ultima Weapon for 99 Pendulums would be nice to add.

Walkthrough - Maybe I’m just a little funky these days from playing Xenogears so much, but I like the layout for its walkthrough. I think that following that sort of format would be great for this game - have a ToC under the walkthough page to let people go to the section they want, and then have a link at the end of each section to move them to the next one.

I know this was exhaustive, so I’m sure at least one person got bored here. Like I said, I know a lot of things are easier said than done (and it’s easy for me to say since I’m not doing it, ha ha), but it’s just what I think would be good.