FFVII: Ruby Weapon

So I’m fresh from kicking Emerald’s ass with my W-Summoned KotR Mimex3 Onslaught and just got my new Master Materia and my three characters at 9999 hp and around lvl 90, so I say, “What the heck, let’s go for Ruby too!”.

So I read the guide in the shrine, did the “two dead characters” thingie, revived them and then proceed to W-Summon KotR… but oh surprise, Ultima Counter. Cid, Cloud and Vincent scarcely survived the first one, but since I had automatically Double Summoned, I had no time to heal before the next one and got my ass handed on a ruby plate.

My question: How do I survive Ultima?

First of all, your characters should all have 9999 HP. Equip as many HP Plus Materia as you can (you can purchase them in Cosmo Canyon in the room south of the ladder leading up to Bugenhagen’s room, if I remember correctly)

Second, link the HP Absorb Materia to Knights of the Round. This will cause your character to regain all of his HP each time you summon KoR. Ultima will still do massive damage to you, but you will survive it, and you’ll be healed as soon as you summon again.

EDIT: Am I the only person who tackles Ruby Weapon first?

Yeah, but what about the other two characters? The caster will regain HP but Ultima harms the three of them at the same time.

Unfortunately, using my strategy, you’ll only be allowed to keep a maximum of two people alive, and that’s only if you have two Mime materia. Since you’ll only be able to survive a maximum of two Ultimas, you won’t be able to keep all of your team members alive.

Shucks… Is still need something to survive the first two Ultimas (Since the first one usually takes about 7500 of my hp away). Any resisting items I can use or I should just ditch W-Summon?

Yes, get rid of W-Summon for HP Absorb. Normally, W-Summon would be a better idea, but since Ruby counters with Ultima every time you hit him with KoR, HP Absorb is the better option. Have 2 of your characters take alternating turns using Mime to keep both of their HPs up. And equip lots of Materia if you like; Ruby is worth 50000 AP, and unlike Emerald, he doesn’t deal more damage if you are equipped with more Materia.

And remember, don’t use anything other than Mime after summoning KoR, or you’ll just have to summon KoR all over again… and considering the amount of AP it takes to level KoR up, you probably won’t be able to summon them more than twice in a battle anyways.

If you CAN summon twice, then get Ruby’s HP down to an amount where you’ll be sure the next KoR will kill him, then revive your third character. The turn after that, summon KoR again, and you’ll kill the boss with everyone alive.

Don’t cast KotR. Have Cloud mime Omnislash or something.

Don’t wworry about your HP. Just put mastered MP Absorb on Knights of the Round and a mastered Phoenix or Full-Life (preferably Phoenix) on a mastered Final Attack or whatever the one that is used when you die. Just keep casting Knights of the Round. Your MP will stay up with the MP Absorb as long as you cast Knights of the Round. Don’t even worry about really healing since the Phoenix will bring you all back when you die. Be sure to put it all one one character too. With this strategy, you can beat everything with just one character.

Thanks. Although I better wait a bit then until I get HP Absorb and Final Attack (I still haven’t raided Midgard).

You don’t need HP Absorb, MP Absorb will help you much more. MP Absorb will keep your MP up, allowing you to constantly cast Knights of the Round and keeep iit up in case you die and use Final Attack Phoenix. With HP Absorb you will run out of MP too quickly. The strategy I gave you will let you die and not have it be a problem.

You all fail.

Do this: W-Summon Hades and KotR. Hades will cast STOP on him, no Ultima. Wait until stop wears off, mime.

Or just equip cloud with 16 mastered counterattack materia, and repeatedly full-cure him until Ruby kills himself. But the first way is better.

Miming Omnislash is a pretty cheesed way to do it too.

No, Dalton, you aren’t the only person to go after Ruby first. I usually did also, but it’s been years since I last played FF7.

I don’t remember all of the ins and outs of my strategy, but I do remember that using Hades was very important to it. I really do wish I could remember more.

I didn’t even know you could use Hades on him! Thanks!

Limit breaks do remarkably low damage to Ruby. I’d be impressed if Omnislash did more than few thousand per round to him.

You ppl are vary stupid. You do nothing with Ruby, unless you have Final Attack-Revive Combo Materia on all ure ppl, fully mastered, and if you want, hp-mp switch for infinite revival.

plus it only takes about 10 KOTR to kill ruby. try wsummon, and a quadra magic, and a mime. done.

i hope you like ruby charms.

Man, I thought everyone knew about Hades! :smiley:

My plan does the same thing with less materia and mine gives you infinite MP, not just a lot.

I usually beat him using just cloud. I have the mystile armor equipped, which causes half of the ultimas to miss. I start with w-summoning quadra magiced hades, which allows you to stop the body and the tentacles in one turn and kotr. I have an mp absorb linked to the master summon just in case something goes wrong. Then I just mime it or switch to w summoning 2x kotr. Even if ruby’s stop where’s off I’m somewhat safe due to the armor’s magic evasion and an hp absorb linked on kotr. That takes 6 slots, maybe 7 if you use mime, thus allowing you to fill the other 8 slots with whatever you feel may come in handy or may be wanting of some massive ap.

Done. I summoned Hades to Stop Ruby and then W-Summoned KotR and kept miming, the bitch was done before I knew it. Thanks everyone.