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What are things that I can only do in the WoO that I cannot do in the WoR? Cuz I’m at the point where it changes to WoR, but I don’t want to miss somthing important.

In the original, you could only get Mog’s Water Rondo dance in the World of Balance, but I think they changed that in the remake, if you’re playing that. Aside from that, for the most part, it’s just certain enemies that won’t appear later, if you’re into collecting Rages. There’s also a special cutscene that you can see by returning to Setzer’s airship after it crashes, but maybe you’re past that point by now anyway. Also you can get a Charm Bangle at the dinner with Emperor Gestahl which you can’t get elsewhere (maybe in the Colosseum, but I’m not sure), and a Tintinabar (though you can get others) by mailing letters for the wounded soldier in Mobliz.

MY bad, FFVI: Adance: Gold Edition, wait, damn it, you’re able to get Tritoch and Mog and Yeti before WoR? NO WAY! That can’t be right.

Yeah you can get Mog in the WoB. And I think you can therefore get Umaro (the Yeti) on in WoB.

I am not sure if you can get Tritoch in WoB, you may have wait until WoR. But I haven’t played this remake, so I don’t know if they changed it for this one or not.
Even if you can get it in WoB, you still might not be able to, since I remember the boss you fight is rather tough. So you may have to do some leveling.

In the SNES version there ain’t no gettin’ Tritoch until the WoR, and thus no getting Umaro until the WoR too.

You’ll probably want to commit Intangir genocide to build up your magic knowledge either way though… I usually have everyone master the WoB espers before I go to the Floating Continent.

Originally Posted by Shinryu
You’ll probably want to commit Intangir genocide to build up your magic knowledge either way though… I usually have everyone master the WoB espers before I go to the Floating Continent.

I should advise that doing so will take longer than before as Squeenix fixed the Vanish/Doom trick. Stop still works though.

Also don’t forget about the Grenade in the Bomb forest as well as clearing the Imperial Blockade of it’s loot.

This question isnt over, so people better start replying. I tried to get mog, it didnt work. I cannot get mog until the pickpocket wolf gets out of jail. right? and that happens in wor! not wob! wtf is you talking about?

grenade bomb wtf?

No, Lone Wolf breaks out in the World of Balance. But first you have to go to that house in Narshe that has all the treasure in it. Lone Wolf will make an appearance there when you open all the chests. Then you can go to the cliffs and watch the scene with Mog.

The Grenade Bomb is a rare enemy whom you can only meet in one forest in the World of Balance. I’m not sure exactly where he is, but I think there’s some kind of forest on the south edge of the eastern continent (the one that borders the Veldt on the north and west). On that note, there are also a few enemies whom you can only fight in that room in the Narshe caves where you have to follow the light.

Yeah, well, wait, cant Gau only leap when he’s on the veldt? I always thought that, but I never tried to do it anywhere else.

This reminds me… there was one enemy on the Phantom Train that I missed somehow, and the fact that there’s a blank in my otherwise complete bestiary bugs me just a little.

Yes, but to get enemies to appear on Veldt you first have to have faced them somewhere else. Basically, each time you fight a new cannon fodder enemy anywhere, it gets added to the list of critters that you can find in Veldt and thus learn Rages from.

You can’t get Mog in the World of Balance until you can fly the Airship (so after the Magitek Research Facility).

Speaking of which there are two Mag Roader enemies that can only be fought during the escape from the MRF. Also there is a Hero’s Ring that can be found in the house that eventually becomes the colloseum.

For your convenience I shall now list all of the places you cannot return to after you reach the WoR.

Sabin’s House,
Mt. Kolts,
The Returner’s Hideout,
Lete River,
The Imperial Base just outside Doma Castle,
Pantom Forest/Train,
Banon Falls,
Half of Mobliz,
The Serpent’s Trench,
The house on the Dragon’s Head Peninusla,
The Black Jack,
The Esper World,
The Imperial Base just outside of the cave to the sealed gate,
The cave to the sealed gate,
The Imperial Palace,
Mt. Cresent,
The sky above the Floating Continent,
and The Floating Continent.

I hope this will help in your quest for [STRIKE]the Holy Grail[/STRIKE] anything that you could miss in the WoB.


Also, if you talk to Gestahl’s bodyguards during the pause in the dinner, you can fight the “Special Forces,” who also can’t be found elsewhere.


Tell you what? :stuck_out_tongue: I think we’ve answered all your questions.

Re: Whether Gau can Leap when not on the Veldt:

Answer: No. Only on the Veldt. Although, there’s a slight error there in that Gau can use magic normally- he learns it the same as anyone else. He just can’t attack normally.

Getting Mog in the World of Balance:
Another slight error is that I’m pretty sure you can’t get Mog in the World of Ruin if you don’t save him here. Always chose the fuzzy thing meself though so Iunno.

Grenade in World of Balance:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v634/SaintEbony/1.jpg (wewt- I still have my copy of this map :P)

Notice the forested area due west of the Veldt? Land your airship there and walk around in the forests. You’ll run into plenty of Bombs and a few Grenades to test your mettle with.

Better pack y’self some Ice magic :stuck_out_tongue:

What’d we miss? :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t the location #8 on that map supposed to be way farther north than it is? Like, in line horizontally with the #17 and #1.

No, it’s right.