FFV class question

What’s the point to mastering a class? What do I get from it?

For example, mastering Thief gets me restless agility. What does that mean though?

My understanding is that once I get a skill from a certain class level I can use that skill as a secondary skill with any class. What about stuff like the HP+20-30% that I can have with the Knight ability? Will I get to keep that if I max out? What’s the advantage to mastering it?

I beleive any skills that a class has on it naturally (i e Ninja’s dual wield), will then be on your Freelancer after you master said class. The stat changes carry over as well.

Exactly. So if you take the time to master all classes, Freelancer will become the strongest of all classes, and you’ll have two spaces to put whatever commands you want. A personal favorite of mine back from when I played FF V on ZSNES is Spellblade + Blue. Brave Blade + Excalibur + Holy and Flare on the blades = OUCH!

Quick + Bahamut = Win. There is nothing else you need to know.

Stop sucking.

Spellblade + X-Fight. It’s kind of like your combo only better in every way, shape and form.

I don’t know if it still applies to the advance version, but Mimes should recieve the passive bonuses as well.

Dose a Mime’s third slot carry over to Freelancer as well?

No, since the Freelancer needs its two slots for Fight and Item. They can’t get rid of Fight like a Mime can.

Mastering classes also adds that class’ stats to freelancer (and maybe mime), and if you master a mage class and equip its magic skill to another class you will have the mage’s magic stat no matter what class you are in.

Isn’t that only if the imported stat is superior though? For instance, if you’re a Summoner and you take the Red Mage’s magic skill, you keep the magic stat of the Summoner since it’s higher. That was in the SNES version at least, not so sure about the new one.

Yeah, it’s still like that. It’s more for having fighters with a magic skill than it is for mixing magi.

That’s weak compared to X Magic + Time Magic. Meteo, Quick, Meteo, Meteo, Meteo, Meteo. You can throw in a Haste for longer battles (which there won’t be many of). You don’t have to waste a round enchanting your weapon either.

Oh yeah, I know. I’m just saying, for what Manus was trying to accomplish, X-Fight + Spellblade is better.

X-Anything makes things broken, really >_>

Xwing understands the brokenness that is Quick.

FF games aren’t balanced very well D:

The Jacohol cave is AWESOME to gain ABP in.

Not as awesome as Castle Bal’s Basement with Lvl 5 Doom >_>


I’d rather spend my time in the Alcohol cave.

Castle Bal’s basement has nasty little Gargoyles in it that are normally very hard to kill, and give huge rewards. L5 Doom kills them instantly.

Huge…reward…? And does L5Doom always work?