FFT Storyline Question : Your Opinion? *SPOILERS*

Hi there. This isn’t something I need answered because I don’t understand, but rather a question that was never answered in game. It’s about a certain character that just… never got to see the ending of the war. Anyway, here goes…

Whatever happened to Queen Ruvelia?

This is opinion based, so I wanna hear what everyone thinks. 8)

The game doesn’t tell us. She was held at Bethla, but there’s no indication at all what happened to her. As far as I know she stayed in Bethla until she rotted.

That’s the thing though, it was never explained. So I thought it would be fun for people to make something up about what happened to her. Maybe Orinas grew up, saw his mother dead in a jail cell, and went berserk against the world. It’s a realistic possibility… I think.

What I really wonder is who was left in charge after Ovelia and Delita killed each other.

And was Olan really executed? I mean the church just could of kept Olan hidden and proclaimed that they killed him. It’s fairly possible.

FFT has one of those plots that doesn’t make a lick on sense, no matter how you slice it.

Most of the plot makes sense, Gallo (check the story page on the FFC). We’re basically arguing about stuff that the story doesn’t specify, mainly about what happens after FFT’s story finishes. ^^; And Aethos, why on earth would the church want to do that? It’d be easier to kill him. Besides, it does say “executed”, which sounds like a public execution. Although if it’s like the one in Golgorand I guess that wouldn’t mean anything. :sunglasses:

FFt confused the hell out of me. Queen who? I lost all track of characters by the second chapter and from there on gave up on the storyline. I guess I should read up on that then.

Olan was burned at the stake for creating the Durai Report, correct? And thus he was erased from history, and his report was concealed in the deepest depths of Orbonne Monastery.

FFT does have a confusing storyline, but once you get the gist of it, you’ll find it is the best written and most moving stories out of any game.

Well it’s not like he was burned at the stake in front of a crowd so as far as the storyline goes Olan could have been thrown in the dungeon by Delita before being killed by Ovelia and then have the church say that they burned Olan at the stake for creating the Durai report when Delita was only attempting to not get the truth out into the open since there are some parts that you could be convinced that Delita was in league with the church

Also did Ramza and Alma leave by themselves or did everyone go with them I mean you really don’t see them following Ramza so I wondered if they stayed behind

what are you talking about? everyone that followed ramza to murond died.

Originally posted by Evangelion
FFt confused the hell out of me. Queen who? I lost all track of characters by the second chapter and from there on gave up on the storyline. I guess I should read up on that then.

I know, It took me a hell lotta digging to figure out how Ovelia fit on the royal family.

About the rest of the party, here’s the explanation: After a character joins the party, you are able to dismiss it. So since the Square guys where too lazy to create different endings according to who was on your team, they just dismissed them all (Ramza and Alma are the only characters you MUST have at the end anyway). If you notice it, after someone joins, he/she doesn’t talk or appear in an event again (Except for Mustadio but that’s an exception since that scenes where extras to get the special characters).

In other words: Nobody know what happened to them. They probably survived (If Ramza did, so must have everyone else). Also Cloud had to return to his world didn’t he?

This and Chrono Cross had plots that just confused the hell out of me. Except I kinda get the CC plot now. FFT just decided to leave it all up to speculation.

I have no idea. I’m still trying to figure out why Algus would kill Teta, a helpless and unarmed civilian.

He probably did it because he’s high-class. And according to Algus, only the noble and respected are fit to live. They are “gods”, who oversee the actions of the downtrodden peasants, free to do what they wish to them. Algus has no respect for the underdogs, and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. If only he saw humans as equals. He’s spoiled, and I guess he thought one girl wouldn’t matter.

But that one girl did matter… it meant the world to poor Delita. And thus, the Zodiac Brave story begins.

FFT had too many characters. It was pretty easy to follow, but they didn’t need a billion people. They just added people solely so you could kill them; they had no importance to the story.

Well you could say the same for Aeris, most of the characters in FF2, Galuf, General Leo, and basically all characters who died in the final fantasy games since it would apply to all of them.

What are you talking about?! Aeris saved the world with her prayers. Without her, the world would have been destroyed! What do you mean she didn’t serve a purpose?!

I ask you TubaMute, how many people does it take to run a kingdom? The amount of characters that actually showed up in game wasn’t too much, and a number of the characters in the game worked behind the scenes or were already dead before the game began. It’s called backstory, and it’s essential to writing an in-depth RPG story. 8)

Yeah really…if they all had spotlighted cameos, then they were important, whether they helped saved the world or not. They did much more, they advanced the plot.