FFT Chapter 2

Yes, FFT, not FFTA. Yay for old games.

Anyway, at the end of chapter 2, how do I beat Veromus (sp?) I have a level 40 Ramza with all the Jobs available and everyone else is at least 35 with all the Jobs and most of the abilities.

Velius you mean? What’s your job and what happens that makes you die?

I used a lancer with monk techs. Then in the next fight I just pounded him, which is tough in itself. Watch out for after though, there’s a 3rd fight on the roof against a tough samurai type fighter and 2 super ninja unique classes , so you’ll need high speed chars so a certain suicidal person doesn’t die.

The easiest way I find is to go with any physical class with Guts secondary. Run away from Wiegraf, Yelling every turn. Eventually, you’ll reach the point where you’ll be triple and quadra turning Wiegraf, and you can just finish him off easily. After that, you’ll have enough of a speed advantage to take out his second form.

Velius is the end of chapter 3, btw.

I turned Ramza into a Lancer, as well as all my other allies except for my samurai. I kept her thinking she’d be just as tough.

Basically I kept to the back and spread them out, only advancing forward on my turns a little bit where I could Jump him and no more. So yeah keep everyone seperated so he can’t hit more than one person at a time.

It helps to use someone as a decoy to go right up to him and hack, but make sure that is your strongest character and has something like auto potion equipped.

I beat him accidently. my samurai, who he was finishing off, had Meatbone Slash equipped so she delivered her final attack which approximated the amount of damage Velius delivered to her, and in doing so, she recovered full health. Well, you may want to use a Samurai with this ability equipped, for a decoy. Just have everyone else jump Velius.

And yes for the second battle, you will have to equip Sprint Shoes, maybe on all your characters because someone_will_die in that battle. Ignore the assassins and go for Elmdor . You may want to have a Chemist on hand to heal the girl (I forget her name) quickly, or hope that one of your characters is fast enough to get to her first and then steer her away from the enemies.

No, the assassins are a much easier target, bring in two ninjas and you’ve got a very high chance of succeeding.

They always kept killing off my allies in a single shot so I eventually got aggravated and gave up on hitting them and concentrated on ending the battle quickly.

You don’t even need to kill any of them, just put ONE of them in critical condition, it sounds easy, but it’s actually near-impossible to pull off without ninjas with decent movement.

Bah lock on with a summoner. Hit the Assasin for mega damage. might want magic damage up. My only problem is Rafa walks up to them and attacks instead of running and is so weak they can kill her in one hit.

Back again… Just wondering when the Fur Shops open up? I know you need Secret Hunt for them to available.

Go to any of the X Trade City cities. Should be there after chapter 2.

They are always there, its just that you have to have a skin to trade.

This fight isn’t that hard, if you know this cheap trick :smiley:

  1. Make Ramza a Squire

  2. Make sure he knows “Yell” and “Accumulate”

  3. Make sure you’re a little bit ahead of Wiegraf in levels…You’re at 40, so you’re waaaaay more than enough.

  4. When the fight starts, have Ramza use Yell until he gets 2 turns for every one of Wiegraf’s (Make sure to check the turn order to be absolutely sure).

  5. Now, lure Wiegraf down to the bottom of the map…

  6. When he’s there, use your turns to run along the side of the map, all the way to the other side, while using Accumulate.

  7. Use Accumulate til your attack is about 50.

  8. Hit Wiegraf.

  9. You get another turn when he becomes Velius, cos you’re lightning fast. Hit him again.

  10. Laugh, knowing how hard you made this fight, and brush it aside, never thinking about it again :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people might think it’s “Cheap”, but that’s tactics. :stuck_out_tongue: In the game of war, you don’t call “shananigans” on your opponent :stuck_out_tongue: The end justifies the means.

Augh, I hate that tactic SG. Just because it makes Ramza gain about ten levels and I can’t stand having an unbalanced party.

I can’t remember how I beat him every time, I’ve beaten the game a few times but Velius is always a rather desperate battle.

The only one I can really remember was when I had Ramza as a time mage. I think he had an accesory that gave regeneration and he kept teleporting around and casting meteor. Then I killed all the demons but Velius managed to petrify FOUR of my guys but did it in a way that left him trapped in a corner. Luckily my last guy was Mustadio, so he just shot him about thirty times.

Mustadio’s such a good character. I currently have a party of Mustadio (Engineer) and 4 Archers (Ramza included) with Punch Art as a support skill. I might suck at close range, but with Move +2, I can move out of their range quick enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I didn’t ever gain that many levels doing it, CH :open_mouth: I might have gained 3 or 4 though, but in any case, it is the best, easiest tactic. The battle, otherwise, is mostly left to luck. I think I’ve only beaten him once without that tactic, and I was incredibly lucky, because I hit him with Lightning Stab (He was silenced), and Leg Aim (Don’t Move), and I was able to wipe out the stupid demons, and kill him before he successfully casted Cyclops. That is one of the purest dumb-luck-est battles I’ve ever had.

I agree, that’s one of the toughest, most unbalanced battles in the game. It’s all about getting a fairly foolproof strategy for killing Weigraf, and then going all out on Velius and hoping he dies before you.

DAMMIT. Velius is pounding my head in. I get hit for 168 a turn, and even with Move HP-Up/Auto-Potion (X-Potion), I die too fast. Help?

Simple. Use the cheap strategy that godlifies ramza. all you need is move + and shoes that increase move. You can move to a corner wait for weigraf to get close then move to the other side of the screen. Wait untill he’s almost close enough to hit you then move as close to the corner on the bottom of the screen that turn then move to the corner the next wait for him to get close and move back to the other side. wait for him to get close then move as close to the oposite corner as possible. wait for him to get close and move back to the start. repeat. You can pull this without getting hit once your speed is high enough. All this while boosting his speed. Then boost his attack. If you do this for long enough you can kill the three demons and velius without anyone else getting a turn. A gun can help but I did it with a sword.

Have you considered equipping Dragon Spirit (Lancer ability) on Ramza? It adds Reraise after being hit, I believe.

Video, I’ve had Move +2 AND Germinas Boots (+1 Move), and I’m still caught. He just moves too far and the attack has too much range.