FF's prettiest female character

There’s a lot of choice… don’t forget that you can vote for more than one character…
and I’m talking about prettiness, not sexiness…

I think we had a “Who’s hotter?” thread a while ago. Or was it just between Lenna and Rydia? If I remember correctly, half the people who posted participated, and the others(including me) just posted about how idiotic the thread was.

So I don’t get yelled at for going off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll say Tifa.

It doesnt have to be realistically, you know. I interprete " who is pretty" as an artistic question, not a dumb “Who out of these 2D characters is hot?”. Many of the FF characters, and mostly the females were beautifully created and that may be what she meant.

I liked the official “FF” artwork, that freelance sorta style too. Terra, Celes, Yuna, Quistis…hmm who else. i’m sure if I see an official drawing of Faris and Reina I’d include them as well.

Some female ff-charakters are hot, but it’s a good idea to ask for the prettiest.

Rosa ist really beautiful!:moogle:

I think Rinoa’s really pretty, and if you’re going by the official artwork, Celes as well.

My vote goes between Rydia and Lulu.

Rydia is so young, yet she is majestic and her wisdom shines through her, uh, sprite.

Lulu is a goth-glam mage with a cool demeanor. Can’t go wrong with that. :smiley:

I think that personality also attributes to a person’s beauty. If you’re nice, you’re pretty; if you’re an asshole, you’re horribly retched-ugly. ^^

edit Check the FFCompendium for the artwork of Lenna and Faris. I think it has Amano’s drawings anyway.

Lulu… Its a fun name to say…



they’re all pretty in some way i guess

Rikku and Garnet.
No idea why, but rikku’s cute. That scene where garnet cuts her hair is cute too ^^;;



Rikku, I guess.

they’re all good… 'cept for Rydia


'nuff said.

-Mazrim Taim

Twins? That’s a little disgusting.



Originally posted by Mazrim Taim
-Mazrim Taim

Barring that possibility, Rydia (official and fan art kicks ass), Yuna, and Rikku.

Aerith and Celes… oh god… Celes is so cute… I just want to hug her ^^ Aerith too!


I like Aerith, Rinoa and Yuna! sigh If only I had their good looks…:hahaha;

What no Yuffie?:too bad;

I do like Rikku. Even though she’s an Al Bhed…Just Kidding I like the Al Bhed.

i voted for tifa cause shes got the bigist breast.
uh imean she has enogh bare leg for every one
no uh i meani like her personality.

man its hard to talk freely when u dont know who a girl :moogle:

Just assume everyone is a girl. That’s what I do :kissy: