i’ve been playing (and played before as well) final fantasy 7, and i keep wondering- is there any possibility that Aeris survives? i was thinking that just maybe there was the possibility of getting another white materia or perhaps simply preventing Aeris from going to land of the Cetra. but… i’ve been unsucessful in all my attempts. i even tried making feel unwanted, in other games i tried making her a queen. what to do, now that is the question. honestly, i don’t think many people like Aeris (in their team, me neither to be honest), but her death just gets me every time. i find it sad, since she totally adore Cloud.


The only way to get Aeris back it to use a Gameshark or similar device to cheat.

And even if you do that, her ultima weapon sucks since she was never meant to be used later in the game.

i didn’t really like the fact that she died, but i never really used her in my team unless i absolutely had to. she’s not the best, but after a while, she kind of grows on you.

Aeris is dead.

She was originally planned to get revived, but due to time restraints that got cut.

AC confirms she is, and will remain, dead, for those that still doubt it.

Actually, I thought that the idea that she was supposed to originally be revived but they cut it out was a rumor. I know its certainly rumor if what you have in mind involves the Underwater Materia.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s actually true, it tends to cut off “omg is aeris reviveable” stuff. Good job on ruining it, Curtis >:(

Aerith does live! Inside each and everyone of us, the spirit of the 8 years gone collection of polygons shall forever reside.

No disrespect meant here… But is this thread meant as a joke?

And thats as close as you’ll get…I don’t know how important I can make this…Aries dies, you don’t get her back, It would kill the enitre storyline, I didn’t want her back, it’s what makes her character standout, so just stop trying

Just use a phoenix down.

Damn! Why didn’t I think of that?

Aeris ya dink. aerith is what they did in the old days to the rug when it got nasty look’n.

Haha! Best comeback I’ve seen in a while - adding that to the list.
But I think that it’s because she dies, and how her role is played out, that I love her. Oh well… I think she’s best dead now anyway.


I used to think this as well, then I found out that her appearance at the church in disc 3 (you know the one) was just a graphical glitch, and I realised that no, this will never happen.

Meh. She was in Advent Children though so it’s aaaall cool.


The ghostly Aeris in the church was a glitch? I thought it was Cloud having a flashback…

That’s fucking beautiful, brother.

You fail…

No :stuck_out_tongue:

well thats strange. why did the children acnoledge her?

:moogle: Just one qeustion. at the end when cload is getting pulled out of the life stream… whos hand was that? Aeris?

you guys… have smart answers.

so, Aeris is in all of us eh? i never thought of it that way.

reviving Aeris with a pheonix down, eh? i wonder if it’s possible to actually dive down into the water where she ends ups, or maybe just maybe there’s a passage (with the sub) that leads to that exact same place. anyone ever try going in with the sub? i never tried much with it. i just got the key and the materia (as well as the stuff in the downed plane).

hey guys, are you sure that the aeris ghost in the church was a glitch? i’m sure that however originally said that was either kidding around or was trying to make up for something that he screwed up on (whatever that could be).

anyway, i wonder (without using any game shark device) if there’s a real awesome never thought of way of having Aeris live.

by the way, as was mentioned before by another memeber, Aeris just grows on ya… but, no one ever takes her along! (not even me)