FF6: Your best character

Keep in mind this is for non-Game Genie, non-Gameshark use.

My favorite is Locke- The ultimate character; since he’s automatically placed in your party during two key events after you acquire the Espers, he becomes an obvious choice to build up. With extremely high Vigor, and the highest Speed stat in the game, Locke has great potential. If built up properly and equipped with the right weapons, he’s unbeatable.


Right Hand- Illumina
Left Hand- Paladin Shield
Helmet- Genji Helmet
Armor- Genji Armor

Relic 1- Thief Glove
Relic 2- Offering

In this form, Locke never gets hit; literally, never. I can’t remember the last time he was hit by an attack. If I equip the Atma Sword in his Left Hand, he can do between 60,000-70,000 damage. I have hit an incredible 100,000 this way, but that was one time, where my sword cast pearl each time I hit with it. Never happened again. Regardless, with this character, I can beat any boss in the game one on one. (In theory, if you stole the Ragnarok from the tower final boss, you could equip it and lay waste to Kefka with 16 shots of 9,999; if you cast speed on yourself, it would be possible, though about a 1 and a billion chance, that you could hit 32 shots of 9,999…which would be an assload of overkill.)

The difference between using Locke this way, or using another character who can equip those weapons this way is that Locke has a speed stat of 40, which is about 10 points higher than Edgar, Terra, or Celes. Locke always hits before his opponent. That means certain death for even Kefka, The Goddess statues, Chupon, Siegfried, or whoever I want to inflict instant death on.

What about you? who’s your ultimate weapon in FF6?

I go out of my way to make sure that Mog is the best member of my party. I give him the Exp Egg until he’s about 20 levels or so above everyone else, I make sure that he learns all of the magic first, then I give him the Merit Award and equip him with the same equipment that you have listed above, and a Hero Ring to top everything off. Not because I think there’s some benefit to this or anything, I simply find it funny.

Although I have never achieved such levels of greatness, I usually lean towards making a powerhouse out of Celes, Terra, Mog and Edgar. The ultimate dream team. Honourable mentions are Locke, Shadow, Sabin and Relm.

Strago <.<

I have him learn all Blue Magics and normal Magic, give him the Merit Award and Marvel Shoes. He just kicks ass.


Arms: Two Sky Renders. I’m not sure if they cast spells, but they’ll instantly take you up to 80k damage per round, enough to kill any enemy.
Head: Force Helm
Body: Force Armor

Relics: Genji Glove and Offering

Build him up so that esper bonuses give him about 150 vigour, the remainder of his bonuses going to magic, and have fun killing anything in the game with two button presses.

The advantage he has over Locke is that Steal is fucking useless. With SwdTech he can deal an instantaneous 10k damage without charging, so you don’t have to sit through an eight-hit animation to see a weak enemy die. Also, Sky Renders add 20 to his evade stat, for a total of 40 plus his natural evade. He’ll be dodging almost every other attack, and with force equipment he’ll be virtually immune to everything but Meteor and Ultima.

I always liked Cyan. A decent fighter and a sad story line. It’s the nightmare of every father to out-live his children.
However, after Cyan, i would have to say i like Shadow. If i were Cyan, i would have turned into Shadow after Doma was poisoned.

Gau… CatScratch + MeritAward + X-Fight + Drainer + Illuminia = Eternal *** Kick’n!

Am I the only one who doesn’t abuse the Offering or the Merit Award to get my awesome kick ass characters? o.o;

Anyway, I guess Locke might be my best overall. I like to give him Genji Glove + Thief Glove + whatever equipment so he DESTROYS things and loots their corpses. His attack power is second only to Shadow (Genji Glove + Memento Ring), but Shadow tends to die pretty easily for some reason, so the award goes to Locke.

Honorable mentions go to Terra, Edgar, and Sabin.

I don’t exactly think it’s abusing those items. That’s like saying that you’re abusing the economizer to save MP.

I think the SNES FF games had something against Ninjas. Edge blew when it came to HP or defense.

Yeah, “abuse” certainly wasn’t the right word, I just couldn’t think of a better one. I just don’t like pairing Offering and Genji Glove because it can make anyone do 50k; I like to be able to do as much as I can in one to two hits, not 32 (which is also why I never ever use Quick). Same with Merit Award, I’d rather just see how good I can get my characters with the equipment they’re supposed to use. I hope that makes sense.

But yes, what is up with the ninja bias?! Edge died just as frequently if not more than Rydia. hiss Lav for RPG ninja men. <3

Man, I thought I was the only one who wondered about the ninja killing!

Maybe you somehow got the magical FFIV cart/disc/ROM, but whenever me or any of my RL friends play it, Edge always dies in about 1 hit, and usually has about 1000 HP less than Rosa, sometimes even less than Rydia (depending on how much I level before I grab him). His defense is no where near as high as Kain’s or Cecil’s, so it’s hard to put him in the front row, but his attack power blows if you stick him in the back row. His magic defense is especially laughable, as any magic at all seems to destroy him, especially fire magic. This is specifically noticable on the moon when you’re fighting Red Giants; they cast that weak spell with the Fire (Fire 1) animation, and it does about 10-50 damage to everyone in the party, except Edge, who typically takes about 600 damage from it. That’s just ridiculous.

I have nothing against ninjas, particularly RPG ninjas, I just think that Square underpowered them in the SNES FFs (and ruined them forever when they made Yuffie a Ninja… -_-)

Where did it state that Yuffie was a ninja? I’m not accusing you of being wrong, I just don’t remember it. I think one of her theme songs had the word “shinobi” in it, but other than that, I don’t remember it ever being mentioned.

She was a ninja from a village of ninjas. Her weapon was a shuriken. When you fight her (before she joins your party) she is listed as “Mystery Ninja.”

EdGe is a total wuss without the Ninja Robe (or whatever the ‘proper’ name is supposed to be). But he’s not totally useless in the back row. I’ve had great success with FullMoon + Charm Claw. Never underestimate the power of a status effect!

My FF6 powerhouse is probably Celes. I tend to turn her into an ubermage by giving her as many MagPwr boosting items as possible. And thanks to the Evade bug, a pair of Enhancers along with a few other items (e.g. Mystery Veil or Zephyr Cape) means she rarely gets hit… which is good, because she’s stuck with a White Dress (for the MagPwr) until I can get my hands on a Minerva Breastplate (or Minerva Jumpsuit or Minerva Robe or whatever the heck it is). And she’ll need at least one Earring or a Hero Ring. A pair of Earrings is ideal but it’s rough giving up both Relics and, once MagPwr is high, one is really enough.

I actually used Stragos once:
Right- Magus Rod
Left- Paladin Shield
Head- Anything usefull/high magic power
Body- Anything usefull/high magic power
Relic1- GemBox
Relic2- Earrings

I raised his magic Power up to 130, and he has all spells, with access to all elementals, and his literaly a one-man-army. I defeated Kefka and all of those bosses with just him.

Also, Edge should have had more attack power, especialy since he had both the Masamune and the Muramasa. His attack was higher than Kain’s, but he still dealt less damage. I even cheated and used the Gunslinger code(or whatever it is called) and gave him two Masamunes and the best eqiupment, and he still is not as strong as kain with a White Lance. His agility should have been alot higher, too, but his HP was terrible, and sometimes Rosa has more at the end of the game than he.

i had Edge use Image at the start of every battle, and it lowered his mortality rate a little.

Eh? I was agreeing with you about Edge; if my ROM is magical it’s magical in the way that it kicks my ass in places that I remerbered being easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

My mistake. I thought you were saying that he was stronger than I was making him out to be. :smiley:

Terra Branford - Level 83

Atma Weapon
Atma Weapon (stolen from iforgetwho)
Genji Helmet

Genji Glove

Service Record - Undefeated, killed Kefka single-handedly with one attack after deliberately letting him pound on her for 10 minutes to no avail.

Seriously the difficulty of FFVI needed to bumped up about 10 notches. To the point where every boss would be a desparate battle not for victory, but for mere survival. And every normal battle would be at least a little challenging.