FF6 RE-retranslation project!

EDIT 9/15/05: For first time readers, this project is currently on hold because I need a romhacker to help me expand the rom size. If you would like to help me with this, or know ANYONE who would like to, send me a message, or make a reply on this thread. Thanks.

Okay, so I tried out that FF6 retranslation, which was supposed to be more accurate than the “AWFUL” translation of FF3…and for the most part, it’s really the exact same game, only with more BORING script. I jested in the chat room that I should make an EVEN more accurate translation, with completely ridiculous personality and speech and such. Well, to my surprise, me and a few people actually got it off the ground!

I have various people in charge of writing the dialogue for specific main characters, but a few important spots have yet to be filled. That’s where you guys come in! We need a few of YOU guys who think you are up to it to write the dialogue for the last remaining main characters.

One thing, first:

  • Those in charge of the project’s planning have already come up with more or less tenative ideas for how we want the characters to act, so please don’t come in with suggestions. If you get the part of a certain character’s dialogue, and think you have some ideas to make it better, then sure, we’ll listen. But we’re not really open for suggestions.

  • Don’t ask to play a part that we didn’t list here. If it’s not listed here, it’s not open or I’m not ready to recruit someone yet.

  • We’re not changing the plot. We’re just altering the script. Thusly, don’t give any ideas for plot devices.

Oh yeah, and

ATTN: Sephiroth Katana

I sent you a PM about this asking if you wanted the part of Gau, and you didn’t respond. So, I figure that either one of these things happened:

  1. You don’t have the time to participate, which is totally cool

  2. You didn’t get the PM

If (2), then:

  1. Oops, and

  2. Come in here and post to claim your part for Gau. If you want it, it’s yours. :stuck_out_tongue: But until you do, I’m gonna assume you don’t want it.

Without further ado, here are the parts remaining:

Celes: Valley Girl/Drama Queen

Small Description: Celes will speak like a Valley girl, meaning a lot of “like”, “totally”, “whatever”, and the like. A perfect example of what I’d like would be Shirley from Tiny Toons. The main character from Clueless is also a good example. All information coming from Celes will seem like gossip, and she will cause drama with any CHOICE she has to make, for example, when she has to impersonate Maria in the opera scene.

Gau: Very Well Spoken

Small Description: As opposed to his original dialogue, Gau will speak as if he were very well educated, while simultaneously not sounding pretentious nor british (You KNOW that you made that association subconsciously. :P)

Gestahl: EDIT: Sorry, Gestahl’s part has been tenatively filled.

Leo: EDIT: Sorry, Leo’s part has been tenatively filled.

And that’s all. Please only apply if you can do these impersonations very well. Don’t ask if you just wanna be part of some cool project, cos we want to make this really good. Once I get a few people asking for parts, I’ll think of some way to try you guys out. It’ll probly be by using a memorable line or scene from the game, so you might wanna use these links:

http://www.rpgamer.com/games/ff/ff6/text/info/ff6scrip.txt <— The game’s script, in proper order.

http://www.rpgamer.com/games/ff/ff6/text/info/ff6script.txt <— The game’s script, taken directly from the rom. It’s not in proper order.

And lastly, FYI, here are the people involved in the planning of the project (I am the head honcho :P):

Skankin’ Garbage :D!

Let the apps begin.


I could do Leo.
We want to keep him non-evil, right?

Bannon: Penny-pinching jew

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Hey SG, this is a cool idea, but what about the npcs? I don’t mean the town folks which the project people could make VERY funny, but the not nearly as important as Kefka or General Leo, but damn close. People like Bannon, Avril, Ultros, that old dude who warns you about Hidos, Daryl, and other people.

Cless is getting most of the non-major NPCs himself.

Rirse, I just said not to do that. :confused:

I just hope this actually happens unlike that other exact same project by Dragonessa that never got off the ground.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twistedrpg/images/hero/rirse.gif”> Maybe Cless can be nice and let me play some minor role that I have no idea what. Oh, and please add a death for that annoying brat from the auction house!


SG: I’d never heard that the FF6 dialog was incorrect. Could you tell me how you know that (and if possible, where I could find info on the original japanese dialog?) :thinking:

Guys, I wish you, like, tolly good luck with that, lolz.

Can we know who plays who or it’s a secret? :open_mouth: I don’t know why, but I think Kaiser would make a good Gestahl. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen two of these such projects, one was a couple years ago, that I would agree with you on, the other is more recent, that I d/led a week ago, and havent played yet. Which one could this be?

the one from rpgone?

We haven’t fully decided on the casting yet, but I’m sure you can guess who Skankin’ Garbage will voice.

Edgar acting as a total loser with ladies? That’d be cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought you guys had decided on the specific cast since you knew which spots needed to be filled, that’s all.

Man, where were all you guys when I needed someone to rewrite an entire video game script? :frowning:

Rirse, in the first post of my thread, I asked that people NOT ask for parts I didn’t specify, and to NOT make suggestions on things we should add in or change. If you can’t honor that request, do not post in this thread anymore. The end.

Wil, I don’t have any proof that the FF3 translation is bad…actually, if I have anything, I’d have proof that the translation is GOOD…but still, nothing firsthand, since I don’t know Japanese.

Walhalla, I’ll let the people who I’ve casted mention their parts. As for me…Edgar and Ultros. Also, the casting is pretty much set in stone, other than these few people we need the parts for.

IonMage, yes, the one from RPGOne.

Anyways! Request roles, damnit :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoot, I guess I should come to the chat more often.

Celes: Valley Girl/Drama Queen
Gau: Very Well Spoken
Gestahl: DER FUHRER!
Leo: Violent Warmonger

I’d like to request any of these, really. Leo I suppose would be my top choice.

I’d apply for Celes if I were good enough in English, man. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, I don’t even know how Tiny Toons and Clueless sound in English. :stuck_out_tongue: