FF VI - Levels

Hey, I’m currently playing FF VI, and just wondering.
I’m at level 20 give or take 1 and just about to go to the cave to the Esper’s World… Is that around about enough?


Oh, P.S: I’m trying to keep relatively low on levels so it’s just a little harder.

It’s been some time since my last playthrough, but I think I’m usually about 25 by that point.
(I tend to overlevel in RPGs, too, though)

I tend to be underleveled, but the only level that really matters in that game is when you go to the Floating Contintent. You want everyone to have at least 1000 HP. (~lvl 25)

Then it doesn’t matter. The game is easy enough that you can beat it on level 35 or lower. (I did)

Lvl 20 sounds about right for that point. I think my guys are generally around the 18-20 range by then.

I personally have all characters at Level 23 to level 25 at that time. I like being at Level 35 for the floating continent.

I was L19-22 when I last attemted it.

But I still need some work for Atma.

Yeah, I’ve always found that I need to put some fight into Atma when I fight him on the Floating Continent… so I’m probably usually around here too. I just never take much care of levels.
I like to be a little higher too usually.


I think I just screwed myself now…
I’m in the airship, and just flying around, free as a bird! When I decide to land at the Falls… and then decide to jump off them, again…
Question is, how do I get back to the airship? Or can I?
'cos I’ve been running around now for a while, trying to get back, and I can’t see any obvious ways…


When you end up back on the Veldt, take the Serpent Trench back to Nikeah. Exit the town onto the world map, then walk northeast. A new path should be available by the mountains that takes you back to the area where Sabin’s scenario began. Head down to the Phantom Forest from there, and go through the same way you did to get to the Phantom Train. This time, when you take the last turn you did to get on the train, you’ll end up at the Forest’s exit (where you ended up after riding the train). The falls, and your airship, should be just to the east.

And, if in Nikeah, I instead took the ship to South Figaro… ?


Hopefully you have Mog with you, Serpent Trench is for learning the Water Rondo dance.

Umm, isn’t Figaro still occupied? Can you even get out of the port from there?

Ah well, if you can, head up to Mt. Kolts, whose entrance should also be blocked.

Wait, is this before or after the banquet? Because that changes things quite a bit.

Bah, whatever. If it’s after, then the mountains won’t be blocked anymore, which means you can just run through there, jump on another raft at the Returner’s hideout, and end up right at that point where Sabin’s scenario begain. Proceed as previously instructed.

Okay, I don’t have Mog, and this is JUST after Banon gave us the quest to go into the Esper World and persuade them to help us. The entrance to Mt. Kolts is unblocked, and I have been running around here mainly, but there is no exit anywhere inside the returner’s hideout.

  • that’s the first thing that I looked for.


EDIT: When you get to Figaro after occupation the guy at the dock sticks you in a chest on the ship, then smuggles you out to where you get out as Locke, then lets you out.

You should still be able to take a raft out of the hideout. The door to it is at the bottom of the room with the save point.

Ah, thanks!

But alas, I am shamed, in my ignorance. :boring:


Don’t worry about Water Rondo. You’ll never get another chance to learn it but since Mog’s Dances are all nearly useless, it’s no big blow.

For those who are interested in completion, Water Rondo is DAMN important.

Also it’s the best of a bad lot.

Yeah, Water Rondo has never really done heaps for me, but I’ve always got it anyways.
I only didn’t have Mog at that point 'cos I’d never bothered, I always get him just after fighting Tritoch, or just before, when I can get Umaro.


Hey, I’m replaying FF6 too. To change the experience, I’ve set myself certain conditions of play. For example, I’m having each Esper mastered by only ONE character each. Another is that I try to fight every battle using ONLY the characters’ special abilities (except those that aren’t practical- I’m having trouble using Sabin’s Blitzes, for example) but I need to decide a few more things:

I want to use only those pieces of equipment that have some special effect on them- you know, like swords with petrifying or poison effects? They make the fights a little more interesting. But, can I beat the game with only those, or will I need to use more powerful equipment that doesn’t have special powers?

Also, there’s way too many relics to choose from, some are very useful and some are just kinda bleh. Which ones should I retain?

You can pretty much beat the game just using magic and skills, so weapons don’t really matter much. :sunglasses: Besides, many of the best weapons also have effects.

Lessee… (glances down FF6 shrine’s Relic page…)
Gem Box, Offering (or maybe not, if you’re never using Fight), Economizer, Black Belt, Crystal Orb, Cure Ring, Dragon Horn, Exp. Egg, possibly Merit Award, Moogle Charm, Muscle Belt, Pod Bracelet, Ribbon, Sprint Shoes, and the character-specific relics (such as Coin Toss or Thief Glove).