FF help

I’ve got a few questions for all of you final fantasy fanatics. I dont know hardly anything about the game but I would like to play them. What I want to know is what games are there, what consoles are they for, and what order should I play them in. I know i’ll like them but I think i’ll still like dragon warrior more cus that is what I had on nes.

Well, FF1&2 can be bought together in the Origins pack, and 4&5 can be bought together in the Anthology pack. FF6 is stand alone. All of these are for the PSX. FF1-3 were all originally NES games, and 4-6 are SNES, so you can get roms for those if you like. 7 to 9 are PSX, and X and X-2 are for PS2. FF Tactics was for PSX, and FF Tactics Advance is for the GBA, and both are turn-based games like Fire Emblem, Disgaea or Tactics. Not sure about the GB FFs or Wonderswaw ones, someone else knows better than me.

I’m not going to recommend any particular one, because that’s down to personal opinion and would result in a huge argument (probably anyway). I’m just going to say that I liked all of them from 4 onwards excluding 5 (couldn’t like the Job System in that game for some reason) really great games.

Ok, FF 1 and 2 are re-released on Playstation as Final Fantasy Origins. Games from the NES era.

FF anthology consists of FF5, and FF6 (not stand alone, Pierson :P) and FF chronicles consists of FF4, and Chrono Trigger. These are all re-releases for the playstation 1.

FF7, 8, and 9 were made for playstation 1. FF10 has been released on PS2, along with its sequal FFX-2.

FFTactics, a more strategy-oriented game was released for playstation 1. FFTactics Advance is on Game boy advance (?) and FF Mystic Quest is from the Super NES days.

I think you should play them in order. That would be a kickass way to introduce yourself to the series.

There isn’t any real order. All the games take place in different universes, creating a unique expierence for every game. I do reccomend you play 9 last or second to last, because it is based off the previous games - so there’s certain quirks about it that you might not get unless you’ve played the other games.


That’s a complete list of the FF games and when and where they were released. As has been said, the order doesn’t matter in the least except that you’ll appreciate FF9 more if you play it after some/most of the 8 that come before it.

Personally, I didn’t like FF1, 2, 4, or 5 very much, and while I didn’t enjoy FF8 all that much either, many people have. The others were all very nice in their own ways.


As i said i know almost nothing about FF even though i have 1 2 7 and mystic quest

Actually, the European version of Anthology had 4 and 5, and 6 was sold with an FFX demo for £10. The US also got a double pack of Something + Chrono Trigger that I forget right now. I didn’t know the US got a different version of the Anthology :\

I think i’ll just get them one at a time and play them in order 1 2 3 and so on and so forth

here oi the USA, Chrono TRigger and FF4 were released as Chronicles, and FF5 and 6 were released as Anthology…

Silly brits…I figured it was something like that.

If you do decide to play them in order… just don’t lose interest. If I was playing Final Fantasy for the first time and I started with 1, then 2, then 3… I would start getting bored.

cool bird by the way

I probably will lose interest but I do in almost every game then a few weeks later i’ll pick it up again and start playing.

Well unless you can find a rom for FF3, you are not going to be able to play it. Since it is the only one that has not been re-released.

Ya I might just have 2 skip that one or i can check for the rom idk itll be awhile before im there i havent started 1 yet

£10? Had to fork out a twenty for mine :stuck_out_tongue:

And I never really understood why the format of Anthology was changed for Europe. It’s plain weird o_O

I found a FF3 Rom for Snes but i can’t use it because i dont have the original cartridge DAMN!!!


FYI, FF3 for the SNES is the sixth game in the series (FF6). If you want to play the third game in the series (FF3), you’ll either have to pull some funky Japanese equipment out; get a ROM, a translation patch if you don’t read Japanese, and an NES emulator; or wait a while and hope that Square-Enix rereleases it for some system.

Thats what I thought but that was just the first thing that I found

Silly Japanese… using a whole other language…