FF DS games

Just an interesting thought - there’s rumours of Squeenix
starting work on FF5 DS and another possible sequel to FF12 (like Renevant Wing)

Just thought that its something to wonder about.

I’m personally not sure if ff5 will any good on DS

FF4 was pretty good. Considering I felt the original game was severely lacking, this one wasn’t bad.

I was never a huge fan of either 4 or 5, so I’m not sure I’d pick up 5. Also, another sequel to FF12 would only work for me if they MADE DIFFERENT MUSIC. Seriously, they’ve reused the same music and sprites in three games now, it’s getting really old.

Why aren’t they paying attention to the legions of fans clamouring for an FF6 DS?

I thought FF6 was considered good enough to remain as it was.

theres no point clamouring if ff5 isn’t made yet - they’ll follow sequence (theoretically)

the trouble is that they haven’t made clear whether they are starting are going to start
(the common view is that they are focused more on the 3-part ff13 so theres no telling…)

Given that a PS3 remake of FF7 is basically a licence to print money and they’ve been stubbornly resistant to that idea, I wouldn’t hold out hope that they’d EVER listen to clamouring fans.

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Why aren’t they paying attention to the legions of fans clamouring for an FF6 DS?

Given that a PS3 remake of FF7 is basically a licence to print money and they’ve been stubbornly resistant to that idea, I wouldn’t hold out hope that they’d EVER listen to clamouring fans.[/i][/QUOTE]

Though I swear that somebody over at Squeenix was thinking of the Quina thread when they thinking up that Dissida game.

Well if FF5 and FF6 go out for the DS…there might use the Dissidia cast(and KH cameos) in the project. They might even make the characters less SD-like.


Japanese FF6 DS Seiyuu opinion

  • Terra Branford: Yukari Fukui
  • Kefka Palazzo: Shigeru Chiba
  • Setzer: Ryotaro Okiayu

English FF6 DS VA opinion

  • Terra Branford: Hynden Walch (Starfire, Teen Titans)
  • Kefka Palazzo: Michael Kevin Richardson (Demongo, Samurai Jack)
  • Setzer: Crispin Freeman

Hell, we can just make half the male characters in the cast Crispin Freeman and be done with it. 8p

Cidolfas: Doesn’t work like that. Besides, there might be celebrities involved in a dub. But the cast is usually Animaze (Bleach, Naruto, Gurren Legann, Digimon), with some mainstream VAs like Tara Strong.

Japanese FF5 DS Seiyuu opinion

  • Bartz Klauser: Soichirou Hoshi
  • Exdeath: Taro Ishida
  • Gilgamesh: Daisuke Gori

English FF5 DS VA opinion

  • Bartz: Dave Wittenberg (Gino Weinberg, Code Geass)
  • Exdeath: Richard McGonagle (Grevious, Clone Wars miniseries; Fourarms, Ben 10)
  • Gilgamesh: John Dimaggio

Somebody needs to check his sarcasm meter. O_o

Cidolfas: Sorry, seems I can’t read sarcasm.

But I guess a FF5 DS could be a reality in 2010.

Here’s a hint: if someone has a smiley after a sentence, chances are they’re joking.

I’d also like to see a FF6 DS, but honestly, I think that game could work with the Chrono Trigger treatment. Do we really need to see the cast of FF6 rendered in bad DS polygonal textures? FF4 and 5, fine. But Both FF6 and CT were released near the end of the SNES lifespan, and CT certainly looks great on the DS as-is.

I know, I know FF6Advance is out there, but I can’t bring myself to buy that. The soundtrack was just mangled on the GBA, and it was one of my favorite parts of the game. FF4 and 5 sounded ok in their GBA remakes, but the music in FF6A was just awful. It makes me especially glad Square waited for the DS to port CT to a handheld. Hearing CT’s wonderful soundtrack forced through the GBA would probably make me weep.

If they do a full 3D remake of 6, complete with voice acting, then they better not skimp on the Opera sequence.

i’ll agree with you there - DS made ff4s sound track sound pretty decent so heres hoping they can give the same tretment to ff5 and ff6. (i mean in theory they can only match or improve in the music quality on DS.

SpoonyBard - do you really think they would miss out the opera??? That would make the game a sham if they did…

Trouble is tho, are they working on it yet, or do we have to wait till they finish ff13 first?? or will they not bother at all (a worrying rumour going round is that they might not bother)

I’d totally buy that!

I don’t see S-E making a 3D FF6 or CT anytime soon. People may want it, but those games are generally good-as-is. And there was some rumor that they were already working on FF5 DS, but haven’t heard much of it. (That was months ago when I first heard it.)

As for the PS3 remake of FF7, that’s their hidden trump card…so unless they fall on hard times, don’t ever plan on seeing it (much like the 3D-rendered FF1 they made before making FF7).

the rumours are circulating in my side of the world (UK and europe) - i suppose we’ve only just got the rumours

still always interestin if theres any update from the rumours. or any evidence of reality for them.

FF6 was good as the original - but if ff5 is made 3D then ff6 will be the only one not 3D

I don’t remember FF1 or 2 ever being released in 3D.

(but I think it’s more a question of when than if it happens.)

looking around the general opinion is that ff5 will be remade for DS
BUT ff6 will be remade for PSP.

THis seems fair enough to me as FF6 will probably benefit better from PSP as it is a lot more technical that the previous Games.

Also Squeenix have apparantly stated that they aren’t working on anything til ff13 trio are finished

Yeah, not many people know about it (FF1 in 3D). It was mostly a test to try out their nifty graphics tools when they decided to make FF7 using Silicon Graphics systems. The only reason I found out about its existence was because it was mentioned in an interview about a year back. If anything, it probably looks pretty awful by today’s standards (there’s no pics of it though, just me guessing based on how FF7 turned out).