FF Break Room 15!

The FF Break Room 15
By d_Galloway

inside the room where the dimensional portal-thingy is located
Dimensional Portal-thingy: suddenly activates as three small shadowy figures appear; two thin, and one fat
Fat Figure: Oh yeah, that felt good.
Thin Figure 1: Shut up, fatass!
Fat Figure: I’m not fat! I’m big bone!
Thin Figure 2: Yeah, whatever, fatass!
Fat Figure: THAT’S IT! begins to attack the thin figures, then trips and bangs his head against the controls
Fat Figure: GOD DAMN IT!
the Dimensional Portal-Thingy begins to shake and vibrate
Thin Figure 1: Oh man, this isn’t good.
Thin Figure 2: Let’s hurry up and do what we came here for!
all three figures leave while even MORE figures come in

Galloway is sleeping on the set. Gemini is sleeping in the rafters. Suddenly, a loud knock is heard at the door
Galloway: waking up Now what? opens the door. On the other side is Weiila. She is scared out of her mind
Weiila: Did-did you hear?
Galloway: Hear what?
Gemini: wakes up
Weiila: Something happened at Squaresoft HQ! The entire place is in pieces!
Galloway: What?!
Weiila: It gets worse! Whatever caused it ran off and got on a plane over here!
Galloway: How’d you hear all this?
Weiila: I’m a girl. I know these things.
Galloway: Brother! Prepare for battle!

one quick changing scene later

all three are now wearing their combat equipment. Galloway is in his armor, holding his sword. Weiila is wearing her robe and holding a whip (her leather outfit’s being washed). Gemini is wearing his ninja gear and cat claws
Galloway: listening I hear something. It’s getting closer…
the door is broken down as a massive pack of monstrosities are released into the room
Galloway: CHARGE!
a bloody battle insues, with Galloway, Weiila, and Gemini claiming victory. Galloway then notices something
Weiila: What?
Galloway: We found that book a while ago, and were studying it here. Since the accident with the last camera, we’ve had to save just to get another one, so we have plenty of time on our hands. That book spoke of portals that could lead beings from other worlds here.
Weiila: Oh, dear God!
Gemini: examines the bodies of the monsters they just killed Wait a dang minute! These are Zerglings!
Galloway: Zerglings? As in, Starcraft Zerglings?
Gemini: That disaster at Squaresoft…remember what happened before?
Galloway: thinking Yeah. When Daemon kidnapped everyone, those that were left used some kind of transporter to find the ingredients to save them…
Gemini: You don’t think…that something else could have crossed over here?
Weiila: Come on.
Galloway: We’re going to Squaresoft HQ, right?
Weiila: Yep!
Gemini: And if we don’t want to?
Weiila: eyes glow red
Galloway: Brother, I don’t think you have a choice here.

(to be continued)

Wohoo! Nostalgia makes me want to hug the world! :smiley:
It’s funny really, Gallo… how does it feel being among the few who can pull of script style well?

A, a new Breakroom…:cool: StarCraft crossover eh?

Originally posted by Weiila
It’s funny really, Gallo… how does it feel being among the few who can pull of script style well?

It makes me feel good. Good and hungry.

You can have the leftover half of my pizza then :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Weiila
You can have the leftover half of my pizza then :slight_smile:

Yum. eats the pizza

(back at the break room)

the break room is in complete pieces. Everything has been smashed, put back together, then resmashed. Also, many cartons of milk lie on the ground. Black Mage, Rydia, Aeris, and Edward emerge from the closet
Rydia: Fuck! What happened here?
Edward: Man, I’m glad I’m always hiding.
Black Mage:…stabs Edward
Edward: dies
Black Mage: You’re not hiding anymore!
Aeris: Black Mage…beats Black Mage until he’s near death, then revives Edward
Edward: sees Aeris AAAAAAAHHH! hides
Locke, Vivi, and Tellah emerge from beneath the cabinets
Tellah: Double fuck! What happened here?
Locke: Beats me.
Vivi: Wasn’t me!
Locke: Nobody was saying anything to you-
Vivi: I didn’t do anything!
Tellah:…knocks Vivi out Kids these days.
White Mage, Rosa, and Sephiroth emerge from the roof
Sephiroth: Triple fecal matter! What happened here?
White Mage: Looks like the work of Black Mage to me.
Black Mage: Don’t you accuse me! They nearly got me, too!
Rosa: Fine, fine, let’s all shut up now. What happened?
Black Mage: A good majority of those things came from the Chrono series break room. Should we check?
Sephiroth: Fine.
everyone leaves

the CS break room is in complete ruins. Everyone passes through and goes to the Dimensional Portal-thingy, which is still glowing
Black Mage: Okay, this is bad.
Vivi: How’d this get on, anyway? Nobody’s been in here for months!
Rosa: Wait a minute…
Rydia: What now?
Rosa: What if there’s another portal?
Tellah: What?
Sephiroth: She means another portal, similar to this one. If it activated this one, and didn’t control it properly, then anything could pass through!
White Mage: But…who would do such a thing?
the three shadowy figures appear
Thin figure 1: Trap them, dude!
Fat figure: So long, losers! hits a button
a bomb goes off, sealing the room
Black Mage: Damn! Those must have been the guys!
Aeris: How do we escape now? All the walls here are magic-shielded!
meanwhile, outside of the room
the three shadowy figures walk away, laughing. Edward emerged from hiding
Edward: The plot thickens…follows the shadowy figures

(to be continued)

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Galloway, Weiila and Gemini jump off the plane and parachute onto the top of Square HQ
Galloway: gets tangled up on some attenas
Gemini: falls out of the parachute and lands with a thud
Weiila: lands perfectly
Galloway: Weiila, I hate you.
Gemini: gets up Ditto for me.
Weiila: Well, too bad, boys. takes a few steps and falls through a weak part of the roof
Galloway: cuts himself free of the parachute Well, I guess we should follow her.
Gemini: Fine, fine.
Galloway and Gemini jump down the hole and land in an unknown section of the HQ. It’s full of electronic gadgets, gizmos, and other stuff. Weiila runs from a dark corner, screaming
Galloway: readies his sword Come out, foul fiend!
The King of Town emerges from the shadows
Galloway: puts his sword away Okay, what are you doing here?
King of Town: Well, I was sitting with a pie…and this portal appeared…and some fat kid came through…and took my pie…so I chased him here…and lost the pie…
Gemini: Sounds like the King of Town to me.
Weiila: What?
Galloway: Let’s wait for our reinforcements first, shall we?

(meanwhile, back above Square HQ)

Chris-chris and Kenny parachute out of a plane. They both land perfectly
Chris: We made it! swings her arms out and accidently hits Kenny
Kenny: flies off and gets impaled on an attenae
Chris: Oh my God! I killed Kenny!
Japanese Guy: says Japanese equivilant of “You bastard!”
Kenny: magically reappears
Chris: Okay, let’s go! jumps down the hole
Kenny: jumps down the hole

(back in the unknown section)
Galloway:…so that’s why you’re not cool and why Strong Bad will always rule over you.
King of Town: Well, at least I didn’t dress up like a girl two Halloweens in a row!
Galloway: I never dressed up as a girl!
Gemini: Oh, really?
Galloway: Silence, brother!
Chris and Kenny land in the room
Chris: Hi!
Kenny: is crushed by a rock
Galloway: Oh my God! They killed Kenny!
King of Town: Those jerks!
eerie silence
Galloway: Oh, that’s right. The King of Town can’t swear beyond “crap” and “freaking”.
Kenny: magically reappears
Gemini: Well, let’s go.
King of Town: I saw some kind of control room down the hall. Didn’t get to go in, though; some security guard blocked me.
Galloway: Let’s go, shall we?
a security guard comes up
Galloway: Okay, we don’t have to go anywhere.
Guard: Halt! You’re under arrest!
Gemini: Okay, this is bad.
King of Town: Oh hoo hoo hoo! a bottle of sunscreen falls out of his robes
Guard: looks at sunscreen for a bit, then jumps down at it
Galloway: realizes something Die! sticks his sword into the guard’s head
Guard: face melts off, revealing a robot that then dies
Galloway: This is getting worse by the minute. Let’s go.
everyone goes down the hall

(meanwhile, in another area)
the three shadowy figures are talking to each other
Fat Shadow: I sense it.
Thin Shadow 1: What, dude?
Fat Shadow: Our target draws near.
Thin Shadow 2: Cool! But, what about those other guys?
Fat Shadow: looks down at the trapped FF characters Let’s teach them a lesson…

(to be continued)

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(meanwhile, back in the hall)

everyone arrives at a security room, filled with monitors, computers, about eight trillion donuts, and enough coffee to fill the Grand Canyon.
Galloway: checks a computer Hmm, just as I suspected.
Weiila: Okay, whenever someone says that, something bad happens.
Kenny: muffled sounds
Chris: This doesn’t end with me dying, does it?
Galloway: Listen for once! The computer shows that someone hacked into the Portal from another dimension. However, they did such a good job of it that the whole system stayed on-line, opening gateways from other worlds.
King of Town: Oh hoo hoo hoo!
Galloway:…Anyway, I can track a few of the places. Let’s see…
Gemini: looks over Galloway’s shoulder
Galloway: smacks Gemini to the ground Okay, here we go. There was one on Char.
Gemini: getting up The Zerg…
Galloway: The next one opened up in a place called Neo Kobe. That’s from Snatcher, if I’m not mistaken.
Weiila: What’s a Snatcher?
Galloway: An android that kills people, takes their skin, and takes their place in society. They sweat, bleed, can mimick any size or ailment, know everything about their targets, and have guns in their mouths.
Galloway: There are also three other open ones. One seems to be connected to…Nosgoth. Another is open for…some medivel countryside, and the third links to…Colorado?
Gemini: What? Colorado?
King of Town: This is bad, isn’t it?
Galloway: Yep.
tons of Zerglings appear
Galloway: sighs Prepare for battle!

(to be continued)

Yay! A battle! :smiley: Let’s kick some butt!

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just waits for somebody to cock a gun and say “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!” Keep on rockin’, Gallo :o

(one incredibly bloody battle later)

the dead Zerg are lying in massive heaps and piles. The heroes are all panting
Galloway: cleans his sword Phew. That was a tough one.
Weiila: cleans her whip Oh, how I hate Zerglings.
Chris: Yay! That was fun!
Kenny: died too many times to mention anything
King of Town: Oh hoo hoo hoo! They didn’t get me!
Gemini: gets down from the rafters Well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.
Galloway: pushes a button, which opens a side glass door Let’s go, shall we?
everyone goes through the door

(meanwhile, back with the three shadowy figures)

Fat Figure: Here it goes! pushes a big red button
the Dimensional Portal goes back on-line
Black Mage: Oh, shit!
all the FF characters in the room are sucked in

Fat Figure: Oh yeah! That was hella good!
Thin Figure 1: What did we tell you about ‘hella’?
Fat Figure: Oh, right.
Thin Figure 2: Wait a minute, dude.
Thin Figure 1: What?
Thin Figure 2: What exactly did fat ass do to those guys?
Fat Figure: Oh, I sent them to a place when they won’t bother us.

(the FF characters)

everyone that plunged through the Dimensional Portal wake up inside the early break room. They examine their surroundings
Black Mage: They turned the portal into a time machine!
White Mage: Grrr…
Sephiroth: Damnation.
Vivi: Oh, fuck.
Tellah: Bah! I’ve done better myself. Why, back in my day, kids stood back and let the adults do the work!
Rydia:…knocks Tellah out Damn old man.
Aeris: Okay, now what do we do?

(meanwhile, with Galloway and co.)

everyone arrives at another control room. This time, it’s crawling with some sort of slime, vines, tentacles, and various other things, all of which are making strange slurping noises
Weiila: Man, this is sick.
King of Town: Not even this looks edible!
Chris: I’m not too sure about this one…
Kenny: will probably die soon
Voice: from where they entered Prepared to die? stabs Kenny
Kenny: dies
Galloway: Oh my God! You killed Kenny!
Chris: You bastard!
Voice: Oh, am I? Do you know who I am?
Gemini: checks the walls Oh, crap. This looks like a Zerg infestation!
Voice: That’s right.
Galloway: Then you must be…be…

(to be continued)

Who is the mysterious voice? How many more Zergs will the heroes have to kill? Does Galloway want this in the update now or when it’s finished?