ff awards who is the most powerful final boss

hi. for thoeho are wondering im going to have an award show for final fantasy characters. but first i need to know who would win in each of the catagories.so i’ll be putting up polls for who should win for what.

the first award will beto most powerful final boss. :moogle:

Sephiroth, in my opinion…

Man, the Dark Lord from FFMQ is harder than any of those if you don’t use the Cure trick on him. And that’s FFMQ!

Ult if you’ve relied on GF summoning.

If you did you’re screwed.

Ult if you’ve relied on GF summoning.

Why is that?

No summoning allowed in that battle, or so I recall. Better learn those junctions early.

Ultima to STR, yay?

I thought Neo-Exdeath from FFV was hard.

Zeromus… but he’s not on the poll.

Screw your FF bosses, Neireid from Tales of Eternia would eat them up. ^^

And Safer Sephiroth in the poll. Ya.

Yes, but King Gulp from Little Ninja Brothers would own every boss on this page. You aren’t allowed to beat that game without savestates.

Bloody Angel. I mean, he lasted a whole 20 seconds and didn’t get an attack off. That’s powerful.

Where’s Kefka?!

I don’t think Ketsy has played Final Fantasy 6, 5 or 4; just some of the newer titles. You don’t know difficult last bosses until you have challenged Emperor Palamecia or Dark Cloud from the NES FFs.

Not from ff, but have you ever tried The Dark One at the end of Arc the Lad 2? now that was hard end boss!

Sephiroth was insanely easy, I don’t see why he should be nominated…

Ultemecia in Final Form is no threat at all, she’s easier than when she’s stuck to Artemis…the only thing you have to watch out for is that attack that sends you down to 1 HP.

The only other boss I can rate is Ajora (?). Mind you, I kicked her ass with Orlandu, but every one of my characters were above 85, so I only used him as a backup, which wasn’t more than like twice. There were far more difficult battles.

Kefka eh, way too easy. What was that boss at the end of FF9? Three of my guys got killed and Amarant was surviving on 1 HP at many points in the battle…but I still won. So I’d say that was my most difficult boss battle and I was horribly under levelled.

That would be Necron.

I dont even know what that is. I havent played FF9 in so long. I remember a clock thingy, and that’s it.

Disagree. He was one of the bosses who was either easy or hard depening on what attacks he used on you. I regularly got sliced in two by his status magic and summon, one after the other.

And I say again: NEREID.

Pierson, that just means you suck.

I jest I jest. I died on my first game against Sephiroth. I knew not of the greatness that is uber levelling-up.

Two Knights of the Round kill Sephiroth’s two forms. Very easy. Sephiroth and Kefka are the easiest bosses in Final Fantasy.