Favourite FF character

what is your fav character?And why are they your fav?:booster:

My fav character is the ‘Search’ button.

ha ha very funny

Mine is Vivi From Final Fantasy IX

Suggestion: Take out the part that says “From what game” and add why you like that character

Thanks i’ll do that:mwahaha:

I like FF X-2 Rikku and Yuna 'cause they run around in skimpy clothing.

My fav is Yuna too, but for a completely different reason

Rosa Farrell, for being the most kick-ass white mage EVER.

The new rugged-looking guy from FFXII, whoever he is, for not looking like a total pansy like 90% of Square male characters.

Pierson. No question.

Vivi, he’s my favorite character and all time black mage. Vivi is on a search for his identity, though not the same as the black mages created by Kuja he is not the same as Zidane and the others. Just a nice story :).


I still can’t believe all these have surnames. Out of game surnames :wink: Anyway, my favourite is <…>. That’s right, from FF Mystic Quest! He’s on a quest to beat total ev0l, no kidding.

[At least it’s the least pretentious FF. And got the claws. And bosses who die with heal/revive or something.]

My Favorite FF character would have to be The oniion Knight from FFIII,

                                         i LOVE THAT GAME

Rigamarole: his name is Benjamin. At least, that’s what the manual says it is in the little story thing it has.

Wasn’t that FF: Mystic Quest?

Your manual skills beat me. Anyway, I couldn’t have a plant be my lead hero (though there is an uncanny resemblance). So I did what I always do with heroes that aren’t named by default: I gave him a name beginning with A. Havent named anyone aardvark yet though.

Kefka pwns all your favs. Period.

“This is sickening! You sound like pages from a self-help booklet!”

Dark Knight Cecil kicks ass :enguard:

Wrong. Paladin Cecil, the man who sought and found redemption, kicks ass.