Favorite Pizza:

Mine is steak and pineapple. Yours? TELL ME!

Salami, Blue Cheese, Jalopeno and bell peppers! (“Hot lover.”)

Triple cheese, bacon, green peppers, black olives, mushrooms, ham, pineapple and the cheese that is inside the crust. :smiley: yum yum

Pepperoni and artichoke hearts.

Four cheeses.

I haven’t really come across any toppings I prefer to just cheese! >.>

Chicken, potato and pesto. On one pizza of course.

Hawaiian (Canadian bacon and pineapple). I just love pineapples.

I’m torn between a italian sausage, bacon, ham and double cheese or ham, pineapple and black olives.

All pan crust of course.

Extra cheese, no other toppings. The more cheese, the better. Yumzor.

I’m plain… I like having spinach, pesto, tomatoes, and cheese, but not all at once. A lovely cheese pizza, just for me.

Pepperoni, Italian sausage and banana peppers. Or: chicken, caramelized onions, red peppers and bacon with BBQ sauce used for the sauce. <3

Cheeze Pleaze.

Simply plain cheese or pepperoni.

Mmm, now I feel like eating pizza even though I just had dinner.

Ham, pine apple, and mushrooms…foodgasm written all over it. :slight_smile:

I ate a whole pizza today, four cheeses peperoni and ham. oh man that was a meal.

Canadian Bacon makes my tummy go yum.

Vegetarian Greek, generally with only a light sprinkle of cheese. I used to like Meat Lovers years ago, but now I find it too greasy.

It has to be homemade, and that’s about it. It can have almost anything on top as long as it’s homemade, though not everything. I won’t eat anything with blue cheese on it. Eugh.

Sausage and green peppers, or simple pepperoni. I must admit, steak and pineapple sounds good, I’ll have to try that.

Used to be Hawaiian, but that’s too sweet for all the time. Maybe spinach and meatball, but we don’t have those as toppings, so I’ll more often go with green pepper and Italian herb chicken or beef.