Favorite Lesser Known Old Game

Wow, the subject of this post is so long it probably explains it all.

Basically, many gamers have a game or two that not many other people know about that they like; a “secret gem” from one of the older systems.

What’s everyone’s favorite? And what system is it for?

Secret of Evermore for SNES.

Flashback, Vortex, and Pop 'N Twinbee, all for the SNES

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for an old NES platformer called “Mappy-Land”. You played as a mouse who had to collect gifts for his girlfriend while avoiding cats. Cheesey, I know, (no pun intended), but I loved the damn game.

Based on how ridiculously hard it was to get a copy, I’m assuming LoM is “lesser known”, so I’d have to say that. It’s probably the least known game that I’ve played and liked.

Definetely Wasteland, that was for old computer systems back in the day when you installed a game with multiple disks.

I’ve got fecking millions, but here goes-

Psycho Pinball (Megadrive/Genesis)- only released in the UK- but everyone else was unlucky to miss out. If you liked Pinball Dreams/Fantasies for the Amiga, well this pissed all over it from a great height- loads of subgames/panel games, and the tables themselves are the works of geniuses (psycho time, anyone?)

Micro Machines 2/'96 (same as above)
Micro Machines V3 was released in North America for the Playstation- and I urge everyone to go out and buy it now- but the 2D top-down predecessors are also truly brilliant- 8 people playing at once with no need for an extra adaptor (the J-cart- god bless you Codemasters :yipee: ), things could get pretty frenetic. Anyone remember the sponge raft? :mwahaha:

The Lucky Dime Caper/Castle of Illusion (Master System)
Back when Disney games werew worth playing. :mwahaha:

The Ys series. Faria (NES) is also quite good.

Ancient Ys Vanished~~~ That’s the very first RPG that I played~

Quest For Glory, Crash N’ The Boys Street Challenge, Todd’s Adventures in Slime World, Pilotwings 64, Faceball 2000, Super Ninja Boy, etc. There’s much more.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a guy who thought Zelda 2 was the pinnacle of the series, and who enjoyed Startropics more than Zelda 1 or even Final Fantasy. 8)

Blaster Master.

Actraiser…but then again…that’s probably not a lesser known game.

Der Langrisser.

<strike>FINAL FANTASY 7</strike>

How about Marble Madness, and the weird old game with the toad and the potato (I forget its name).

Shining in the Darkness the prequel to the Shining Force games. I think that’s a lesser known old game. What about Landstalker?

Kid Icarus (sp?) for NES.

Don’t know if it’s really lesser known, but Heretic:Shadow of the Serpent Riders for the PC is really awesome and is still one of my favorite games. Too bad its for windows 3.11 and doesn’t run properly on this computer.

That heretic game is that a first person shooter thing? I remember some game for the pc, but had to play through dos? There are flying demons and you could shoot arrows from a crossbow. Or am i thinking a different game to yours?
Another game i remember playing by dos, is Rise of the Triad, another first person view/shooter, i love god mode ^ _ ^, i got that once.

Probably Yu Yu Hakusho 3 for the gameboy.

Faxanadu for the Nes,
Inner space for Windows 3.1x
the X-COM series