Favorite Final Fantasy

I’m sure this has been done before but I thougt I’d still ask. Whats your favorite Final Fantasy and why? Mine is VII. It was the one that got me into FF. I just love the storyline. FFIX is a very close second. It has beutiful landscapes and great music. I also like the medievil like times it was set in. I’ve always liked stuff like that.

It’s been done before a few thousand times yes. I’m sure a few people will rant about that.

Anyway, yeah, I liked 5 and 9.

I had no real problem with any of them.

Actually, my favourite is probably Final Fantasy Tactics. It’s such an epic game. And now I’m going to go run and hide before this topic gets messy.

Mine would have to be FF8. Hands down.

ff8 - but I havn’t played ALL of them so there might be better ones

Mine is a tie. FF7 (because it got me hooked) and FF8 (just becasue…)

Final Fantasy I

FF8 is the best, IMO. But 6 got me hooked on the series, so I’ll always have a soft spot for it.


Bear in mind my answer is different every time I answer this question.

Me too, Pierson. It depends on which one I have been playing lately. 8)

For me its got to be FF4, FF9 and FFT

A couple months ago, it was FFX, and before that, it was FFVIII… My current favorite FF is FFXI. FFIX belongs in there somewhere too… but it’s just so slow paced…

begins whistling the music from those Enzyt commercials… for no apprent reason

IX is my favorite, followed by VI. Anything below those two usually shuffle around.

The original, baby!

me 3


Dude, does anyone ever read the rules -_- urgh… This question’s been asked so many fucking times.

Haha, as soon as I saw this as the Most Recent Post thing, I knew that would be a red flashing light for Sin to come in.

But Sin, people love to talk about their favourite Final Fantasy games. And we all love reading about it from different perspectives, on various different occasions.


I love how everybody is always sure that this topic has been “done” before, but they post it anyways.