Favorite Final Fantasy

No… People love hearing the sounds of their own voices (rather metaphorically in this case) when it comes to this topic just like in religion threads where no one fucking listens to anyone else, all they do is shout out their opinion to try to smother the other. The difference in this case is that there’s an utter lack of things to say on behalf of the interested parties because everyone’s ever had anything really interesting to say has already said it at least a hlaf a dozen times in so many other threads before and thus they just don’t want to bother with it. Its quoted in rule 12 that we’ve seen this very same specific question SO MANY TIMES X_X. If people REALLY cared, they’d elaborate :P. What a concept! To “discuss”! Holy shit, I never would’ve thought that’d happen on a message board. Anyway, I’m probably going a little overboard. I’m a little edgy. GOD DAMN LAST FINAL TOMORROW AFTER 1 WEEK OF BS. Ahem.

That was sarcasm [STRIKE]Chuck[/STRIKE] Sinistral. Although a message board doesn’t really do much to convey voice tones…

Anyways, we can’t really do anything about this topic resurfacing, so I guess we all just have to grin and bear it. Well actually, we don’t have to grin; just resist the urge to throttle whoever made the topic. Good luck on your final chief.

I was ranting more against the thread than anything x_x

Mine is FF4 the Eazy Type one…Though it is more fun on hard type. Anyway, after that comes FF7 cause it has a shit load of side quests