Favorite Final Fantasy Moment?

It’s probably been done, but what’s your favorite Final Fantasy moment? :wave:

FFV, Gilgamesh’s heroic end.

Hmm… favorite FF moment would be… uh, maybe that FFVII FMV where Cloud rides a motorcycle through the glass. That was pretty cool.

Oh, I loved that part with Cloud and the motorcycle!! I really liked the part where Rinoa breaks free of the encasement thingie and falls into Squall’s arms. ^.^ I’m such a romantic. sigh

But I still love the part with Cloud and the motorcycle. . . :kissy:

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FFV, Gilgamesh’s heroic end.

THAT is one of my favorates. Another one is the “You’re Not Alone” scene, as I like to call it, in FF9.

I’ve been watching a few FF X videos even though I’ve yet to play it (and I really wanna play it ;_:wink: and that scene where Yuna and Tidus look like they’re in water (or floating somewhere’s I dunno) is really beautiful.

My other favorite scene is when you’re going to assassinate Edea and she’s in back with Rinoa and she comes awake, when she stands up and stretches with her arms and walks towards the crowd and disappears…ah that scene is very cool. The way Edea was designed and created is also very beautiful to me. Lovely animatated artwork.

I can’t really think of my favorite, but yeah…That video with Cloud on the motorcycle in FFVII was pretty cool.

I would have to say my favourite moment is when the floating continent “explodes” in FF6. It was one of the first game moments that really suprised me; I didn’t think the shit would hit the fan in such a grand manner…

my favorite is the vincent/cloud love scenes in ffvii.

Vincent/Cloud love scene??? My fav would have to be the black mages dying fmv scene in ff9. It was so sad, I actually shed some tears. And i dont cry much.

My favorite moment was in FF9 when Zidane and Vivi share “a manly ritual” off the ledge in Madain Sari and when Zidane makes an oopsie getting onto the cargo ship

I have a few favorite moments . . .

The part in FFVII when Tifa is inside of Cloud’s subconcience. The cat fight on top of the Sister Ray was cool as well.

I liked when Odin got sliced in FFVIII . . . but it was also a shame, since he’s one of my favorite summons.

The “You’re not alone” scene in FFIX is one of my ALL TIME favorites. Along with the Bahamut vs Alexander scene.

From VII: When Aries got killed. I mean, the first time I saw it, I swear little tears came out. And the motorcycle scene as well…

From VIII: The opening scene was awesome: Squall VS Seifer!And I like when Rinoa gets lost in space.

From IX: The Summons scene: When Odin destroys Cleyra, when Atomos destryos Linblum and the Bahamut VS Alexander scene, too.

From X: When Tidus and Yuna kissed underwater. I don’t remember anymore cool scenes in FF X…

The End of Final Fantasy Tactics, the scene involving Delita and Ovelia (I’ll spoil it no more).

FF7: Cloud’s first retelling of the Nibelheim incident to the rest of the team. Specifically, watching Sephiroth’s gradual descent from having a handle on things to flipping out and becoming the maniac so many people know and love.

FF8: Irvine’s breakdown during the assasination mission. Irvine’s rallying speech at the Trabia ruins. Squall blowing off Quistis at the Training Center’s Secret Area. Edea’s Inagural Address to the Galbadian masses.

FF5: When Ex-Death waxes Butz’s hometown and he freaks out and flies the ship hecka fast around the world a couple times before the others can calm him down.

FF9: Beatrix and Steiner fighting side by side, kicking major ass to save Alexandria from destruction, but in vain.

FF6: Setzer remembering Daryl. Locke trying to use the Phoenix Esper to resurrect Rachel. And when you think you’ve made a truce with the Espers in Thamasa, only to have Kefka show up and screw it up. Haw Haw, suckers. And his trash-talking as he converts the espers into magicite.

FF10: Seymour and Wakka interchange before the crew heads up the Mushroom Rock road.

Seymour: “I should [stop the machina use] but this is bringing all the people of Spira together. And I Seymour Guado the person, not the maester of yevon, want to see them succeed.”
Wakka: “But using machina, isn’t that bad?”

Seymour: “Pretend you didn’t see them.”

Wakka: “That’s not the sort of thing a Maester should say.”

Seymour: “Then pretend I didn’t say it.” :smiley: [I also want to add the voice actor delievers this line very effectively.]

Rydia’s return, the twins turning themselves into stone, the “old fart” exchange, the “Rydia sure has you whiped” scene, Rosa and Rydia showing up on the Whale, Golbez getting some sense knocked into him, Rydia overcoming her fear, Edge having to fight his parents, Telah’s dramatic death, the Dark Elf battle, just before the fight with Zeromus, just after the fight with Zeromus, and the ending. (All from FFIV).

Edgar’s and Locke’s reaction the first time they saw Terra’s magic, Edgar flirting with Terra, Ultros’s reaction to Relm painting a picture of him, the Opera House, when Celes finds Sabin, Shadow in the cafe (the first time), the fight to save Terra, and so many more.

FFIX, the part where I quit playing it.

FFIV, where Cecil becomes a Paladin.

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[b]FFIX, the part where I quit playing it.

FFIV, where Cecil becomes a Paladin. [/b]

God, I died on that part like three times before I realized I wasn’t supposed to attack!

The ending of FFIX, Zidane’s entrance isn’t much of a surprise but it’s so wonderfully executed I can’t help but love it :slight_smile: He’s such a dear.

FFIX’s ending!!! Man I broke down and cried for an hour… though the ending was expected, the final music and the characters’ faces made me cry…

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
God, I died on that part like three times before I realized I wasn’t supposed to attack!

Yeah, the first time I did that was about 11, so my basic instinct was to “keep trying to kill it until its dead”. Took me a while to figure that out.

Oh yeah, and in my opinion, Cecil was WAY cooler as a Dark Knight. Especially in the Japanese version when he had that cool “Wave” ability.