Favorite FF's

What are your Favorite FFs in order? my order (with ratings) goes like this:

  1. Final Fantasy VI- A+
  2. Final Fantasy VII- A+
  3. Final Fantasy Tactics- A+
  4. Final Fantasy XI- A
  5. Final Fantasy IV- A-
  6. Final Fantasy V- B+
  7. Final Fantasy X- B
  8. Final Fantasy III- B-
  9. Final Fantasy II- B-
  10. Final Fantasy TA- C+
  11. Final Fantasy C+
  12. Final Fantasy X-2 C
  13. Final Fantasy CC C
  14. Final Fantasy VIII- D+
  15. Final Fantasy MQ- F

Wee, here’s a topic that’s never been done before… -_-
Ah, what the hell.

FF9: A+
FF6: A
FF Tactics: A
FFX-2: A-
FF7: B+
FF10: B+
FF5: B
FF3: B-
FF4: C
FF8: D+
FF1: D+
FF2: D

01- FF6…A+
02- FF4…A+
03- FF7…A
04- FFTacitics…A
05- FF9…A-
06- FF8…B+
07- FF10…B
08- FF5…B-
09- FF2…C
10- FF1…D+
11- FF3…D

FFX - A+
FFVI - A (B if FFAnthology)
FFV - A- (B- if FFAnthology)
FFT - A-
FFIV - B+ (N/A for FFChronicles)
FFI - B (B+ if Dawn of Souls)
FFII - D (C if Dawn of Souls)
FFMQ - E for Effort (it is good, for what it was meant for)
FFX-2 - N/A

can’t help but answer this thread

FF7 - A+
FFT - A+
FF5 - A
FF2 - B+
FF8 - B+
FF6 - B+
FF9 - B
FF4 - B
FF1 - B
FF10 - C+
FF10-2 - C
FF3 - never did play this one

am i the only one who likes ff2 around here?! sheesh!

well, i just give ff7 a A+
the rest i think deserve A-

(im lazy to type in each)

FF7- A+
FF8- A+
FF10- A+

All the Final Fantasy games I have owned.It’s all good in the hood.

FF4: A++
FF6: A+1/2
FF5: A+
FF3: A
FF1: A-
FF7: B+
FF8: C
FF2: D+ (B if Origins)
FFX-2: F-

FF9: N/A

  1. Final Fantasy VI- A++++
  2. Final Fantasy VII- D+
  3. Final Fantasy Tactics- A++++
  4. Final Fantasy IX- C
  5. Final Fantasy IV- A+++
  6. Final Fantasy V- A+
  7. Final Fantasy X- C
  8. Final Fantasy III- A+
  9. Final Fantasy II- C+
  10. Final Fantasy TA- N/A
  11. Final Fantasy A+++
  12. Final Fantasy X-2 B
  13. Final Fantasy CC N/A
  14. Final Fantasy VIII- F
  15. Final Fantasy MQ- A++++

From the topic “Help!”:

Here’ s my liking of the various FFs, (1=best, last=worst):

  1. FF-X: wonderful gameplay, fantastic soundtrack (A-R-T-!), quite deep storyline
  2. FF-VII: very fun, great soundtrack, very deep storyline
  3. FF-IX: old school Final Fantasy (yay!), good soundtrack, good storyline
  4. FF Tactics: very very fun, good soundtrack, good storyline
  5. FF-X2: quite fun, elevator music soundtrack, nothing special storyline
  6. FF-6: fun, good soundtrack, very deep storyline
  7. FF-4: fun, good soundtrack, nothing special storyline
  8. FF-5: fun, good soundtrack, nothing special storyline
  9. FF-8: simplistic gameplay (FF lite, in other words), real great soundtrack (maybe the only good thing in this game!), nothing special storyline
  10. FF Mystic Quest: don’ t even bother

Aside from Tactics(didn’t care for) CrystalChronicles(not really a FF) FFX-2(never played)
and FFXI(never played)
I loved them all…they were all equally mind bending for the period that they came out.

I like how half the people in this thread try to give nonexistent marks to games. No one can tell if my “A+” is better or worse than your “A++++++” because we’re apparently using different systems, which makes the whole thing useless.

For that exact reason, I’ll score mine in PERCENTILES!

FFVI: 96% (very few flaws, considering that I don’t give a shit about graphics)
FFVII: 92% (the same, only with slightly worse characters, to me at least)
FFX: 86% (Nothing especially great, but literally no glaring erros, so)
FFVIII: 85% (terrible, terrible, plotholes, some incredibly cliche characters, but fun to play)
FFV: 80% (Good game, but I could never really get into it.)
FFIV: 75% (fun, but more cliche than martial artists avenging their parents)
FFII (Japanese): 75% (nothing that attracted me, really)
FFI: 60% (Terrible plot, no characterization.)
FFIX: I liked the graphics. 40%

Others: Have not completed, and thus don’t want to grade.

Why not, here is my list:

FFI - B-
FFX2 - C
FFV - D+

And that is that.

FF8 has the most complex and interactive gameplay in the series, except maybe for FFXI, the only one I haven’t played. Having fully customizable elemental and status abilities, fully customizable stats, and interactive timed hits and limit breaks rivaled only by FFX definately does not denote it as “FF lite.”

I’ll tell you what I’ve told everyone else who dislikes FF8: Go ahead and hate it, but not for false reasons. You can’t dislike FF8 for being simplistic because there’s nothing simplistic about it. Well, you COULD hate it for being simplistic, but then you’d have to hate the entire series for not being up to par.

It’s story, by the way, was several times deeper than VI’s and infinitely less convoluted than VII’s. I’d say it’s the best in the series for story, if nothing else.

Here’s my list:
FFVIII: 100% - Absolutely brilliant. It simply shines.
FFVI: 100% - La classic. Must have beaten it a hundred times through.
FFVII: 95% - Good times, but could have been more seamless. Extra points for introducing the world’s most notorious superbosses.
FFI-II: 85% - Played the PSX releases. Very enjoyable.
FFIX: 80% - Major graphical issues. I’m not being superficial. The graphics were debilitating at times. The mist was way too dark and thick. Once the entire planet is covered, chocobo hot and cold is close to impossible. And since I am superficial after all, the planet became needlessly ugly and I don’t like that.
FFX: 75% - Likable. Major deductions for having a dozen different versions with different features. When I buy a game I like it to be complete, thanks.
FFIV: 65% - Definately not the legendary juggernaught of a game that many people make it out to be. Had more than a few balance issues.
FFV: 50% - Worst battle system ever. Majority of classes were literally useless. Abilities took FOR-FUCKING-EVER to learn, and weren’t very good to begin with. Thank god it’s music, setting, and atmosphere were stellar.
FFX-2: 5% - This game actually forced me to mute my tv and stop playing after ten minutes anyway. Absolutely terrible. I was told that it’s gameplay was good. It turned out to be the same old menu battles, only clunkier. I’d give it 0% if not for the great hentai it’s inspired.

Ah yes. FF games. Been a while since I’ve played any of them. Probably because I’m on my quest to become WWE Champion in DoR.
FF: B(Dragon Warrior was better, IMO, but this was a good challenging game)
FF2:n/a(haven’t played very far in this yet)
FF3:A(Onionkid is the shizzle)
FF4:A(Great if highly unbalanced game)
FF5:C-(Addition of jobs a good idea, but I hate Butz)
FF6:A(still can’t decide my favorite numbered entry between this and IV)
FF7:B(good, but not as godly as fanbois make it out to be)
FF8:n/a(1 of 2 FF games I’ve never played, the other being Crystal Chronicles)
FF9:C(got bored with it after the second disc)
FFX:B-(the ending was a letdown, but otherwise was a good game)
FFX-2: n/a(I’m too impatient to sit through the cutscenes in this game)
FFT: A+(though not a numbered entry, my favorite Final Fantasy Game)
FFTA: D(was alright, but they didn’t have to make sidequests the whole adventure)

Well, I don’t hate it…let’ s say it’ s the one “I like the least”. By RPG lite I mean no equipment (besides weapons), no carachter-unique skills (besides limits but eh), no MPs, useless magic (besides Aura), all towns getting locked by the end of the game and the fact that by the end of the game you get 100 Megalixirs for free and you only use Aura->Renzokuken until you get sick (monotonous).

But you DO have a point, man. I respect your opinion.

All the towns getting locked sucked ass. FFIX did it too. In FFIX the endgame overworld was so ugly and frustrating that you didn’t WANT to go back to the towns, though. lol.

And hey, Meltdown and Haste were useful too :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t really think magic was MEANT to be cast, though.

Magic was a substitute for equipment. Instead of having weapons and armor for stats and effects, you had a much more versatile system: A variety of spells with different elemental, status, speed, and power characteristics. That’s what made it so fun. Instead of having, for example, a Flame Shield in FF6, you could just infuse yourself with fire defense, or any kind of defense or combination of defenses. Versatile junction as opposed to rigid equipment made FFVIII fun and unique. FFVII’s battle system was probably even more fun and unique, since you could combine versatile materia ONTO your rigid equipment :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t really say FF8’s magic was useless, since your real spells in FF8 were your GFs, and we all know that they can get you through the entire game until the final battle, even though that path is very boring.

You know, after this I’ m starting to like FF8 a little more…but the question “Why bother using (insert GFs for example, or other stuff like healing spells) if you could do it 100 times easier using (insert Renzokuken, Megalixirs, etc)?” still troubles my mind. But hey, I didn’ t realize FF8’ s good sides till now even if I replayed it like 5-6 times…Thanks for making me realize that, Hades Shinigami!
And yes, she does put the “a$$” in “jurassic”! :hahaha;

So, personal preference and ranking?

  1. Final Fantasy IV (89%)
  2. Final Fantasy VI (97%)
  3. Final Fantasy IX (91%)
  4. Final Fantasy (79%)
  5. Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls (92%)
  6. Final Fantasy IV Advance (80%)
  7. Final Fantasy III (84%)
  8. Final Fantasy Tactics (87%)
  9. Final Fantasy Chronicles (88%)
  10. Final Fantasy Origins (86%)
  11. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (71%)
  12. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (82%)
  13. Final Fantasy XI (90%)
  14. Final Fantasy Anthology (84%)
  15. Final Fantasy X (85%)
  16. Final Fantasy V (80%)
  17. Final Fantasy II (82%)
  18. Final Fantasy VIII (78%)
  19. Final Fantasy VII (86%)
  20. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (88%)
  21. Final Fantasy X-2 (80%)
  22. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (51%… -_-)

I think that’s all of them. Obviously, the number on the left is my personal preference, the number on the right is how I think the game compares to other games on the market on my own personal 100 point scale (0-49 = worthless, 50-69 = you better be a fan of the series/genre, 70-79 = fair, 80-89 = good, 90-99 = excellent, 100 = Radiant Silvergun).