favorite FF song?

Whats your fav song from the FF series?

FF7-Mako reactor

FF8-The man with the machine gun Laguna and co. fighting scene

FF9- your not alone

FF10-A fleeting dream and Zarakand

If I had a dollar everytime this was asked…

I REALLY like the Jenova theme…I even have it on CD(and I’m not one for game music) and I liked most of FF6’s music…tis beautiful.

There are a few that I just love, and those include FFX’s “Suteki Ni De” and FF6’s “Opera theme”. There’s two songs are among my favourites from Final Fantasy music. However there are a lot more, and it would take me ages to write them all up.

Lately, I’ve been partial to Grand Finale’s rendition Aria de Mezzo Caraterre, and The Black Mages’ rendition of Dancing Mad.

Pretty much all of it. 8) But here are my favourites from each game.

FF1: The Floating Castle theme (PSX remix)

FF2: The rebel theme played in Altair (PSX remix)

FF3: The Final Battle

FF4: Within The Giant (song played in the Giant of Bab-Il)

FF5: Gilgamesh’s theme, or the theme played in X-Death’s castle BEFORE the transformation.

FF6: Figaro Castle, Thamasa… heck, I can’t decide. I love it all. 8P

FF7: The overworld theme, Weapon Raid, or J-E-N-O-V-A.

FF8: The Oath (Squall’s theme), Silence and Motion (Esthar theme) or Where I Belong (Trabia Theme). Again, I love all the music in this game.

FF9: Frontier Village (Dali), Mountain Pass (Conde Petie) or Oeilvert.

FFX: Sprouting (song played on the SS Liki), Crisis (song played when you fight Sinspawn Gui) or Challenge (fast-paced boss theme used when fighting Omega Weapon). Or, the final, FINAL boss theme.

FFMQ: Doom Castle!

FFT: Antidote (the one played during the battle at the Thieves Hideout) or Thunder God Cid (Orlandus’ theme)

Actually, most of the FF music that I really like has come from FFX… Besaid Island, Otherworld, Tidus’s Theme in particular, but practically all of the music from X is good, it’s easily my fave soundtrack of the series :hahaha;

I’m not sure of the name of the song but my favorite tune is one that you hear in the Zanarkand dome before Yunaleska. I wish I could find a digital file of it. It’s heroic and soothing at the same time.

Does it even make sense to have an answer? Like, I can say that I have listened to Terra’s theme, or MQ’s Doom Castle song a lot, but it seems wierd to then go and say that they are favorites.

I can honestly say my fave of all time is the Atama Weapon fight music from FFVI. A close second would be the opening theme to FFIV

Oh, I forgot to add that I’ve memorized FFVI’s opera song :hahaha; .


Edit : Sorry about me lashing at you… had a bad day at college :frowning:

will you people stop picking on me!!! ok i understand about that on tread when finalfayth and are were talking randomly…but now people are picking on me cos i happen to be talking about final fantasy only…well if memory serves me correct this is The FFCompendium Forum…and most of the topics here are FF so stop picking on me!!!

We’re not picking on you…some people are more blunt than others but this has nothing to do with the previous derailment of a thread. People are just suggesting that you might want to ease up on all the FF posting and become familiar with other great RPG’s, like popular ones such as Chrono Trigger, or Lufia, or Phantasy Star, etc. yes this is the FFC forum so technically it’s allowed, but hey, doesn’t hurt to broaden your horizons, right?

it does when FF is the only RPG games i’ve played.

Most of us aren’t actually picking on you. In this particular thread, I’d say it’s only Eva doing it.

(No offense, Eva :slight_smile: )

Originally posted by Ivan
[b]Most of us aren’t actually picking on you. In this particular thread, I’d say it’s only Eva doing it.

(No offense, Eva :slight_smile: ) [/b]

What?!I certainly hope you’re joking because I didn’t say anything harsh whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Hey then SG pick up a few other RPG’s…there are some great ones out there. FF isn’t the only series with the wonderfulness.(Suikoden, anyone?)

lol now look who’s gone off the thread thought we were talking about ff songs? lol anyway…hey i was an abused child…didn’t discover the wonderfulness of video games til late in life…eh…guess i’ll check out other RPG games…as much as it kills me…and no Eva you didn’t say anything harsh…you have to forgive me…i’m a very defensive person by nature.

To answer your question, I prefer the music to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest(Especially the arranged tracks), Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy X-2(Even though the composers could have done better if they had put a wee bit more effort, as my experience with them has shown me they could’ve done twice as better(Racing Lagoon !!! 8D)). For Uematsu’s, I loved the SNES soundtracks and Final Fantasy IX. VII and VIII just didn’t strike a chord with me one bit. The NES ones ? Sure, those are wonderful in their own right, but by no means impressive compared to today’s standards.

Ummm, all of them? I don’t pay attention much to where I hear the really good stuff, much less the names.

oh you guys said to broaden my horizons? how about this…tell me your fav RPG song doesnt have to be from FF k?