Favorite enemy

Which enemy did you like battleing the most?

My favorite was emerald weapon because beating him was a culmanation of my hard work. Ruby weapon wasn’t as hard because all you need to do is use Hades to stop him.

The Dark Aeons in FFX. Huge satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. I enjoyed Emerald, too. I also like uber-bosses like Beatrix in FFIX.

EDIT: I forgot to add Trema from FFX-2. I felt so cool after that battle… :mwahaha:

I could have enjoyed Emerald if he wasn’t so formulaic. You really can just mime KotR and there’s not much he can do about it. He was easy, and thank god, because each battle took about 15 minutes whether you won or lost, unless you used the Ungarmax trick.

My favourites by far were FFVIII’s Omega and FFX’s Seymour Flux. They both had combos that could kill your whole party in one round, so you had to be fast and careful. Conversely, they both went down extremely fast. The battles were basically “there’s your firepower, here’s mine, go,” after which all hell broke loose in a flurry of Lionhearts, Light Pillars, Cross Slashes, Megaflares, etc. It was just spectacular.

Another awesome battle was vs. Gorudo in Suikoden II. Consider this: You and your best friend are split apart and betrayed by your country. He becomes king of said country, while you become leader of a resistance army. You become sworn enemies. For months and years you fight each other, liberating and reliberating cities.

Then, Rockaxe. Gorudo, the malevolent king of Rockaxe has to be stopped. You approach him, he towers over you, you prepare for the fight of your life. Then, for the first time in literally years, your sworn enemy appears, and reverts to the childhood friend you’ve known since forever. You team up, the leaders of two great nations, and fuck the living shit out of Gorudo.

It isn’t that the battle is hard or interesting, it’s just the atmosphere. It’s like when Squall and Laguna meet for the first time. It’s just COOL.

Anyway, I’m done :stuck_out_tongue:

Zeromus in FFIV Hard Type. Only because beating that bastard was one of the greatest days of my life.

I liked fighting the Magi-Master in FF6. I never used berserk on him, even though it would have been super easy. I just liked guessing which element he was weak against, and then he would change his wall and I find out again. Like a cat and mouse sort of fight.

Hades from FF9. He was really difficult since you just really want that free Robe of Lords which Zidane has the hardest time stealing. He can be even harder when you spend half an hour keeping him alive just so you CAN steal it. The robe is worth the effort, though.

VIII’s Omega for the same reason as Hades. It’s rare to get dynamic action on an RPG and the chaotic randomness of it all was pretty cool.

SO2’s Indalecio for being so much harder than everyone else in the game. I was just dashing trough the battles when I faced this guy and died in two minutes. Nice WTF moment.

Xenogear’s Deus Core/Metatron/Sundel/Marlute/Harlute. There’s some real strategy involved in this one! OMFGWTF!

FFT’s Velius. Though as fuck, a real pain in the ass if you aren’t overleveled and needs some serious strategy and luck. I love it.

My favourite enemy would be Omega Weapon, from FF8. Since I felt so proud of myself for beating him.

And of course I just loved fighting Ultros, in FF6. Since he showed up in some very random places.

The first time through I didn’ t even notice him, but on my 2nd and 3rd re-plays…
I didn’ t create a different save like everyone recommends and OMG I thought I was stuck and that I had to restart. I had to be as cheap as I could (even cheaper than Velius? :O) and adjust my characters so much I couldn’ t recognize them. (Ramza, a gun, WTF?) When I won I went crazy, really…what a relief. And what a pain, too. You can imagine how many times I retried…

FFVIII’ s Omega has been my first uber-battle as a gamer, and was I proud for beating him!

Ramza using a gun is pretty common early on, since there are only a few ways to beat his Solo fights. I’m more of a fan of “Yell until you have like fifty turns in a row” method but the gun works just as well as Jump. Later on of course, a double wielder Knight with some higher-class swords and Scream make him the second best character besides for Cid.

And I tried beating Wiegraf (or whatever the heck he’ s called) with a MONK! :hahaha; And yeah, I used the “Yell” trick too, something I didn’ t do during my 1st play through. The more I think about it, the more I wonder how the hell I got through that fight without worrying too much or knowing anything much advanced that time…

Monk is an awesome class for Solo fights and even normal ones. Chakra heals you right up and the ranged techs can keep you at distance while you Yell a little. Punch Art + Guts is the best you are going to get with Ramza for 3/4 of the game. But let’s not deviate the thread even more.

Assault Doors were awesome. I loved fighting them. (FFIV) Not so much for the challenge, but because they were just fun to fight. Plus they looked cool.

And the CPU of the Giant of Babel. Made you think, it did.

Ok, I liked all of the FFIV enemies. I have so much more fun fighting them then I do in any other game.

That’ s what I thought, but Wiegraf was too much, I had to keep him at a distance. I won’ t deviate the thread anymore, sorry.

There was no FFIV Hard Type. That was just regular ol’ FFIV. (Sorry, but I’m crusading to eliminate “FFIV Hard Type” from the vocabulary of RPG players. =P)

Anyway, since saying “Tonberry” would be too obvious, I’ll spice things up a bit by saying Zeromus from FFIV Easy Type. But only because they altered his sprite beyond recognition, and I was totally surprised when I found out about that.

The Wiegraf/Velius battle was easy. Just have Ramza as a Lancer, equip him with the best armor and a good spear, and give him the Meatbone Slash(Samurai) ability. Keep him the normal spear distance from Wiegraf, and when your HP gets low, Ramza will automatically hit him for a ton of damage. You have to be a fairly high level for this to work.

Xenogears, the fight against Id in Disc 1. He was a pain alright, but…I also liked the battle because it was just so plain eerie. By then, if your paying attention, you’ve been able to put two and two together, about him and then you have to fight him.

The battle almost comes out of nowhere, but not only is it challenging, but it’s actually moody thanks to the rather calming music going on in the background. It’s just…different.

EDIT: Oh, crap! Favorite enemy from FF…what is WRONG with me?

Well, uh, I guess I’d have to go with either Beatrix in FFIX (the first time, with the rain and all that mess) or Ultimecia in Disc 1 of FFVIII. I’d say it would be for the atmosphere.

Good luck with that. Why dont you just go and remove Jesus’ name from the bible while you’re at it?

It shall be done.

RPGwise, I’m agreeing with Hades. Seymour Flux is always a battle I look forward to when I’m playing FFX. You need luck and a fair degree of skill to beat him. Very fun.

And, I’d have to say that another of my favorite enemies is from Ninja Gaiden. They’re pink Fiends that you first encounter in the Aquaduct. They move super fast, their attacks deal a ton of damage, and they like to swarm you. You also get to fight 60/80/100 of them (depending on difficulty) in the Peristyle Passage to get a Life of the Thousand Gods. I love the Peristyle fight on higher difficulties because you’re always on the edge. One slip-up and you’re screwed, but if you keep a good rythym then you’ll be fine.

Hrm. One of my favorate fights is Demon’s Gate in The Temple of the Ancients. It was my hardest battle in the game at that point, in fact I over-leveled just so that I could beat him. It made me happy, making him go down in about nine or ten hits. :mwahaha: coughWith the help of Bahamut of course. >_>cough

Small thing, you don’t fight Ultimecia until disc 4. I’m guessing you mean Edea, you fight her at the end of disc 1.

Anyway, another fight that I really like. Was the one between Cecil, and his mirror image. That was pretty cool.