Favorite boss?


Its Kefka, Tiamat, Sol Cannon, and Bahamut.

cuz if they do then i have afew

No, Kefka’s not on my list - he was way too much of a let-down.
Bahamut was always fun
There are a few - MIND BLANK!!


My Top 5.
Chaos! FF1 PSX+GBA!! (Tune-age!!)
Ultross (X4) FF6 SNES+PSX!! (Don’t Tease the Octopus, Kids)

Ultross is counted for each Appearance…

I liked fighting…
Ruby Weapon
Emerald Weapon
Tiamat (FF1)

bizzaro Sephiroth( da music)

Dr. Lugae.

i loved Safer Sephiroth. great music. and gogo from ff5. he was hard. (kidding)

Hard - Necron, Nemesis, Ultima Weapon(FF8)
Let-down, but still cool - Kefka, Sephiroth, Zeremus
Stupid bosses that annoyed me - Biggs/Wedge, Gogo(FF5)

I hated fighting Adel because she is sooooooo hard and I can’t beat her.
I liked fighting Rikku and Paine in the den of woe because for once in a final fantasy game I was able to fight my own comrades.

I hated fighting Seymour in FFX because he just wouldn’t die. I mean, you’d kill him, and then he’d come back to life. One of those in a game might be cool, but 3?

Liked fighting Sephiroth and umm…other bosses.

(Just out of the conversation - your picture/sig are awesoeme Sparkle!
Love the trippy stuff!)

Ok. Your check is in the mail.

Ok. Your check is in the mail.

You mean Seifer and Sephiroth? Ok. Your check is in the mail.

Squall is my favorite boss. But he is even more of a chicken wuss than Zell. After being trashed at the begening of the game, he never went one on one with me.
Odin – sliced like a peeled banana!
Gilgamesh – the fucker just surprised me and I slipped on Odin’s guts.

Most recent boss to annoy me is the last boss of Zanarkand. Stupid woman makes me watch a 10-minute FMV just so she can use Mega Death to kill me in one turn (um, I believe I had 4 reserves? :stuck_out_tongue: ). At least the “Challenge” boss music’s nice.
And who couldn’t love :chupon: ? Hated how he’d always win by a nose :thud:, then I discovered you just need to jump like crazy, or just Berserk him. Or Uncle Ulty?

Just keep whacking Ultros!
Eventually, he’ll die, and you won’t get the nasty counters from :chupon:
Soon enough he’ll sneeze you off to fight the armour-thingy.


Actually, the worst part about him was the first time I played.
In the fight where you have to Sketch him, I got the crash (well first, I got one round where the finger pointed as if I was using the wide menu, but it still displayed the small menu). (luckily, I only got a crash, and not having the SRAM cleared)

Thanks!It took me a while to make.

Time devour: it was a long but interesting fight.

  1. Magus (Chrono Trigger)
  2. Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  3. Smithy (Super Mario RPG)
  4. Indalecio (Star Ocean 2)
  5. Hakkar (World of Warcraft)

Those are just the first 5 that came to mind.

Tiamat, Kraken, Warmech, Mary, Chaos, Magus Sister’s, Golbez, Kefka, Adel, Kuja, Garland (FF1 and FF9), And a lot more…