Favorite boss?

Well, if we’re talking non-FF bosses now…
I kinda thought Xenosaga had a few interesting bosses, like that one that remembers the power-up window thing from his first turn, and you have to watch it and Boost if you have to so that his turn doesn’t come up again with that power-up active.

Actually in Deling City Squall does go one on one with Seifer. Rinoa and Irvine come in to help fight the Sorceress.

When the hell did anyone ever go against Squall as a boss?? I mean, Squall?? He’s the freakin main character though they do do that in some games. But not in FF8…

Squall is a Boss in Kingdom Hearts. Steifer is Commenting on “his” Bosses… from his persepective…


Exactly! Thanks BN.

Oh yeah? Well I’ll have to replay the game.

I dont really have a favorite, i normally dont like bosses at all, but the only one i would post would have to be…hmm…cloud in kingdom hearts, he kinda ia a boss, so he would have to be my favorite boss, well, kinda mini boss, but you get the point.

My favorite boss? hmm…too hard to say…Ruby Weapon was one of my favorite bosses…hard though…but fun…and Gilgamesh…weee! I never got to the part where he turns good but the game itself was awsome

I think my favourite is Gizamaluke from FFIX. He was so hard the first few times because I hadn’t spent any times leveling up, but once I found the trick to beating him it was easy.

Well my favorite boss is really a catagory of deprived and misunderstood bosses…the undead bosses…thats right, all those bosses that died with one phoenix down…think about them…every time they thought they had a chance…they were a higher level, they had good HP, they could turn you into a zombie…but alas…no one knows this because they were killed on turn one…(unless they were in FFVIII, all of their magic was drawn from them, then they were killed)

Probably Kefka or Zeromus

The End
The Boss
Psycho Mantis

Sorry, but MGS Bosses >>> FF bosses. Not as redundant. All FF boss fights come down to is using cure, shell, protect and haste. shrug

Not Necessarily. I’m on the third disc of FF9 and I haven’t used shell, protect, or haste in a single fight.