I’ve got good relationships with both of 'em, albeit both have some qualities that you’d think bad for me, but they quite nicely fill up anything that was missing in the equation.

The dog, of course, is something special in the middle of any situation. A family member :slight_smile:

I have a good relationship with my family mostly.

The only real problm i have is with my younger sister…she is pretty much like Raymond’s Sister…Stupid 12 year old bitch!

Oh, While im at it…Family Rundown:-

Denise, Mum: Been my friend, and always been there…kinda annoys me that she can be simple-minded sometimes.

Colin, Dad: Workaholic…Begun to Respect him more over the years, since he is spending more time at home.

Daniel, Older Brother: Hard goth-metal clubber…Sorta respect him for his work on computers…but dislike his drinking habits. Still, we get along ok.

Jamie, Younger Brother: A bit annoying, as he seems to think he is the best at everything…can be simple minded like my mum sometimes, but still, he’s ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

Emily, Younger Sister: GRAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! stab stab stab…Well, yes…thats all :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> I think that’s a problem a lot of people here have. If you look at the big picture of RPGC, a lot of people here can be considered “smart” for their age. Naturally, the smart people get annoyed when less clever people can’t quite keep up with their strain of thoughts.

I have good relations with every member of my family that I’m in contact with. The “core” family is especially close - parents, siblings, and grandparents (well, there’s only one of the latter left, but still…). We don’t really talk much about emotions - that’s not always a factor in how close you are to someone, though. We don’t pry into each other’s minds, so that’s good.

My extended family is hard to keep in contact with. My father has 25 cousins, many with their own families. It’d hurt my head if I ever tried to memorize a list of my relatives. Still, even though I only see my aunts and uncles (and some select cousins) a few times a year, there are running jokes between everyone and everyone does at least call if a major even happens.

Oh, and god help anyone who says something bad about anyone’s pet.

Well, my parents…I argue with them a lot, but I guess that’s to be expected (GAH! MY COMPUTER, DAMMIT!). My siblings are OK sometimes and complete morons at others, but I get on with the youngest the best probably, despite that the second has such a small age gap to me.

And my cousins etc…too many to count! lol

My parents are great, but they just lay things on too thickly for my tastes! Concerning my siblings, she is a really pain most of the times:fungah:

Although, I do have family members which I really do like, but I rarely get to see them:( , such as my cousins, and my oldest niece

I secretely hate my family, mostly because they’re annoying fucks. I can’t wait to get a name change, move far away from here, and never see them again.

Dad: He’s smart, nice, hard-working (when he’s not putting it off :wink: ), though he can be late for a lot of things, and no matter what my Mom says, I think he does more work than necessary (one of the reasons he can be late) but he’s too stubborn to admit it, but he does calm down if you give him some time. He and I tend to share some touching father/daughter moments.

Mom: She’s basically an older version of me. She is nice, understanding, though she is a bit stubborn in her beliefs so it’s best not to argue with her. We’re a bit worried about her health since she spends hours (even nights) on her website. I like hanging with her since our tastes in music are almost parallel (she and I love old music from the 19th to early 20th centuries, but I’m more open to other music genres then she is). She and I get along very well.

Older brother: Well . . . he’s very smart, and is popular. But he has a bit of an ego. He thinks he doesn’t need us, yet my parents pay for nearly all of his necesities. Because of his attitude, I secretly await the day either he or I leave the house, so that I’ll only see him on the holidays.

Twin brother: He’s . . . weird. Smart as David, but thankfully not as egotistical, as he actually will help me with my computer problems. His weirdness is the source of a lot of inside jokes.

Little brother: Very stubborn, spoiled, whiny, and crybabyish. But with the teasings he gets from my older brother, I don’t blame him. He and I share a love/annoyance relationship. He often comes to me for gaming advice, and we wrestle and tickle attack each other :cool: . I just wish he’d admit his own faults and stop taking it out on my little sister.

Little sister: Like my little brother, she’s stubborn, spoiled, whiny, and crybabyish. But she can be kind and cuddly at the same time. She and I get along fine, just as long as she’s not a pill.

I find my father’s annoying, I play a lot with my lil sisters ((SSBM! rar!)), got my cousin for best friend, go out to movies a lot with my Mother, and goes fairly well with my twin sister. That about it

I get along with my Mom just fine, but she can sometimes be annoying with forced cheerfullness whenever someone’s in a bad mood. Secretly, I think she’s being a money grubber. My Dad’s divorced, but since then we’ve been getting along better. And I think my Mom’s just trying to force money off of him since she knows he hid some money from us back then, but now HE’S running broke. This whole relationship is more or less about the money, BUT when college comes, It ain’t my problem no’ mo’.

On the otherhand, Me and my sister get along just fine provided we ain’t together for too long, otherwise the sibling genetics kick in and we start fighting. But since she changed colleges and got a new boyfriend, she’s turned into a bit of a geek (Improvement! ^_^) and we have a lot more to talk about. She’s probably the second most closest relative I have.

With the first being my cousin Whitey, who is like a little bro to me. We started eachother on so many things. I got him into M:TG and RPGs (I forced him to play Bof3, then he was hooked for life) and he got me started on DDR and Final Fantasys. I can tell him anything, and vice versa.

That’s that in a nutshell

My parents died when I was about twelve- Dad from smoking, Mom from High Blood pressure. This is why I’ve always been health-conscious.

I have two brothers and three sisters (I’m the youngest) and I’ve always been close with them all. The only problem was that they didn’t understand my nature- my need for reading, watching, and writing Fantasy. My oldest sister, Ivonne, was convinced my behavior was going to drive me crazy, and so she took me to shrinks several times as I grew up. It pissed me off at the time, but as an adult I understand she was genuilely concerned about me.

After my parent’s deaths, I lived with several of my siblings (moving from time to time, so as not to bother any too much- they had their own families to raise, after all) until I inherited my mother’s house, where I live alone (and happy!) today.

Today, I have a good relationship with my siblings, but I only see Ivonne and my sister Ileana with any regularity.

I also visit my best friend Ulpiano’s family every week. They have become, in effect, a second family to me.

I should also mention that my family and my half-brothers and sisters (from my father’s and my mother’s earlier marriages) were also very close, despite their living with other families. Sadly, I lost two of my half-brothers to drugs. My last half-brother is an artist in NY city; my last half-sister lives in San Juan. They visit ocassionally, and we celebrate when they do.

In general, I don’t socialize much, but I’ll not complain, as I’m very aware that my family situation could be much worse.

I get along with my family just fine:

Dad: He’s nice and hardworking and provides us all we need, the only thing i dislike about him is those wise cracks he says about me being 19 years old and still watch cartoons (anime actually, but it’s all the same to him).

Mom: way too religious, but heck! I love her just the same. I also don’t like they she’s always bugging me about studying and stuff.

Oldest brother: He’s not living with us anymore, moved to my grandparent’s to take care of my grandfather (he’s not doing so well). He’s a bit strange i think, and very shy also, but a nice guy overall (also very religious).

Older brother: he’s one year older than me, i get along with him fine (even though he can be an ass at times). The thing that bugs me more about him is his incredible sloth, he’s always sleeping, always skipping school and still manages to get better grades than me!

younger brother: he’s five years younger than me and also the only other member of the family that likes anime and rpgs (not nearly as much as me, but then again, he’s still young). I always get the idea he’s trying to imitated me, and i hate that.

I live with my grandmother and aunt. We don’t really talk, but we get along. My mother just moved in. I love her and all, but we don’t talk to each other much. The rest of my family, I almost compeletely hate. They can’t mind their own business and think I’m insane. I haven’t seen my father in a while and my family fears that I’ll turn out like him (it’s funny though, because he’s the hardest working man I know, smarter than most people, and has a stronger sense of moral than anyone in my family who worries about me turning out like him.)

TD, the line between genius and insanity is very very thin :stuck_out_tongue:

Uhhh… my family heh…

My mom is well… nice most of the time, but insanely over protective, a very sterotypical mom in some sense, and not in others. She was basicly, the perfict child. You know all the kids your parents (well, some parents) tell you, you should be more like? Ya, that was my mom. So I am expected to be just as perfict.

My dad is… for lack of a better word, a flippin’ asshole. He basicly does whatever he can to get what he wants done, never is really around much. Makes my mom’s life a living hell. He is a bad influance on my sister, and basicaly can’t understand the meaning of NO. (Don’t touch me, don’t make fun of me, ext ext.) He is like, the complete opposit of my mother. He was screwing upwards of 3 girls at a time, 2 of which were married. He has done quite a few seedy dealings, which I am glad noone outside the family knows about, or it would reflect horrably on all of us.

My younger older brother is okay… he is basicly your sterotypical teenager. I can talk to him sometimes, but for the most part he… well, I feel bad because I gave up trying to make sure he didn’t turn into a sterotypical teen. But… he seemed happy, and who am I to destroy someones happiness?

My younger younger brother is pretty cool, he looks up to me (Uhh… school project which I happened to come across when I was cleaning the sun room). He is fun to be around, and we play alot of games. He is still in that ‘Woohoo everything is fun’ phase with a bit of the ‘Stupid omnipitent parents think they can rule my life’ tossed in there.

My sister is six and well, heh… she is always fun. Her and her friends are always jumping on me and shouting “Kevie Kevie Kevie!” Which is fun. She by far, I am the most protective of. My dad is a horrable example for her, and my mom basicly fits her into the ‘helpless female I am nothing without a man’ role, which bothers me. So I try to do other things with her. She is young, and is blessed with obseen good looks (Skinny long straight blond hair, emerald blue eyes, fair skin, the whole thing.) So I know that one of these days, I’ll go talk to her, and it could be like taking to some ditsy girl. Which is a shame, because she is by far the most inteligent of all my parents children, myself included.

In short I guess, without strong parental figures, I’ve grown more attatched to my siblings and my cat (which I won’t talk about here, but as fiona says, “Kevin it is like you are married to your cat”). My grandma, and late grandpa, were always the best. So I jump at any chanse to see them though. Ya for cool grandparents :smiley:


My dad is cool, I get along with him very well.
My mom, well that’s kind of different, I kind of dislike her, but I don’t hate her obviously. She’s still a good mom though.

As for the rest of the family, I haven’t talked to or seen any relatives for about 1-2 years now, and I’d like to keep it like that. I don’t like many of them.

I haven’t seen my real family, for more than a couple of days, since I was three years old. I don’t know much about them, they seem like nice people though. As for my stepfamily. Is someone here a hireable assasin? I’ll leave it at that.

My family is my group of friends.

My family tends to get along.

Dad: I love him and care for him. I admire his hard work and for some reason I imagine sitting on the coach in the future next to him drinking beer and watching NASCAR. (Older than my age now ;P)

Mom: I love her and care for her. We’ve had our fights but, I always tend to run away from her if I get too nasty. We play with one another sometimes and I may get a little too rough. But, I love her anyways.

Older Brother: John… I love you and all but… you just get to the point where I just exploded and beat you to the ground. though, I do find you rather aynnoing at times. I still try to hold back when I feel angered by you.

Younger sister: I love and care for her. You touch or harm her, my fist well meet your face in a matter of seconds. I protecter her. If theres danger, I well place myself in front of her. She is the only one who well actually listen to me if I need something or if I’m troubled. She is the best sister I could want.

I love my family a lot, I would do anything by means of protecting or helping them. I sometimes cause harm to myself in just helping them. But, its all worth it.:smiley:

Mum’s like my best friend, although she can be annoying sometimes. My father I barely tolerate his presence…I usually try to avoid him altogether. BIG clash of personalities. >_>;

ah and no bro’s or sis’s cuz I’m an only child! :slight_smile:

My family’s a very important part of my life - it’s freaking huge! :stuck_out_tongue: I have seven or eight aunts and uncles on both sides of the family, so, obviously, lots of grans, granddads, cousins, second cousins.

I always admire people who haven’t had the strong, stable family I’ve grown up with - I’d be nothing without mine.

My dad is a hard-working, generous, loving man, and my relationship with him is so strong that, at 18, and despite subtle jibes from my peers, I still go out with him to the cinema and shopping. This goes for both parents - my mum and I have less in common, but we get along so perfectly. I have no problem embracing or hanging out with either of them. They’re not just my parents; they’re my closest friends. Plus, my dad is the person who got me into gaming in the first place. We’re so compatible with each other that I can even take him bra shopping without complaint :slight_smile:

I also have a little sister. She irritates me :stuck_out_tongue: but I still love her. I’d protect her at the cost of my life, if need be. She complains that I’m overprotective :stuck_out_tongue: but we get on well enough. I can’t really complain.

My deepest sympathies and support go out to those who have suffered separation and bereavement within their families. I’ve never experienced either, but if I did, I know it would kill me, because my family is such an important part of my life.

Originally posted by Nulani
As for my stepfamily. Is someone here a hireable assasin? I’ll leave it at that.

I’d be willing to do it if you paid me enough, then gave me all my required information!:fungah: :fungah: