How close are you to your family as a whole? Do you have special relationships with anyone in your family?

I was talking to DN in the chatroom, and we were talking about the roles that family plays in our lives, so I was inspired to ask.

As usual, I’ll answer later since I don’t feel like it now. That way I can milk at least one more post out of this thread…

I despise my father, I could care less about my brother, I enjoy being with my mother, and I will do anything that would ensure the safety of my sister.

I’m accualy very close to my parents. I often tell them to thank their lucky stars that they have a teenage son who doesn’t despise them. :o

I live with my mother by necessity, personally, every relation with them is done out of need rather than wishing to, beside my Grandmothers I don’t exactly feel like I belong or fit in.

I still love them and wish them no harm, but I’m just not at the right place or something.

I am more close to my little sister than anyone. I do love my parents but we are just too different to entirely understand. I’d do anything for my sister, which sadly has heart failure and with her being pregnant, she may die due to the stress. But she’s a fighter so I’m certain she’ll pull through.

Strangely, I seem to be the only one who is a stranger to my own family.

I’ve pretty much locked my family off from my life. They do nothing but put me in the worst situations at the worst times. I’m sitll nice to them though, no reason to be an ass to them.

My mom and I are really close. A few years ago she had her thyroid removed, there was a complication and the next day she had to go into emergency surgery, and it was a major wake up call to me.

My dad and I have been butting heads a bit more than usual.

My brother and I have just started to get along about a year ago.

Dad- He’s a nice guy I guess, but he has a lot of moodswings (ie: he gets pissed really easily). He’s also really religious, so I can’t really talk to him (I’m more agnostic).

Mom- She’s really nice and she loves helping me with stuff. She’s kind of nosy about what kind of stuff I do on-line, but I get over that quick.

Brother (second youngest)- He’s cool. I respect him a lot for not backing down from my parents when they got pissed at him for stuff (which I won’t discuss). He’s fun to hang around with too.

Brother (second oldest)- He’s a lawyer, and he likes RPGs and D&D (hasn’t played the latter in a long time). Coolest brother, ever.

Sister- She’s nice. She’s like my confidant and she understands what kind of shit I’m going through/what I will go through. I can pretty much tell her anything, and she wouldn’t blab. Huge respect for her.

Brother (oldest)- He’s kinds creepy. He lived in our basement until he was 26. I still don’t mind him though, we both like anime, comic books and sci-fi. He’s moved to Victoria now though.

As for other family, I really only get along with one family of cousins. I either have a strong dislike for the others, or I don’t see them very often (like, twice a year maybe). The ones I do like, are cool though. Grandparents are all dead, so I don’t see them anymore. And that’s about it.

I’m pretty close, considering I still live with 'em.

Actually, given that we interact so intimately (no not THAT kind of intimately you sick freaks!) what with sharing a small house for nigh 20 years now (my brother is 16) we lead pretty separate and disconnected lives. Nobody really talks much about their day, and shit. Nor did we ever go for the whole “family vacation time!” crap either.

I’m probably closest with my dad, having very similar musical tastes, sports interests, and political beliefs. We are very similar, and I’m very much his son.

My mom’s too loud and brash and confrontational and sure of the fact that she’s right, which makes it very difficult to discuss anything with her, so I’ve learned not to bother talking with her about much of the important stuff. [Not worth the effort of verbally sparring with her, either, doesn’t get me nowhere]. We get along fairly well though. Most of the time.

My brother and I are more like roomates in the same dorm complex than brothers in the same house.

In general we don’t go for the talk about our feelings kinda shit around here. More of the old British “don’t make a scene” philosophy 'round here. Mostly it’s non-verbal communication, through the acts we do (or don’t do) for each other.

Outside the immediate family… well, by one factor or another (living on the other side of the country, being hardcore religious and hence too difficult for us to deal with, holding a grudge with my mom or my mom holding a grudge with them, being the black sheep of the family and with no way of contacting them even if we wanted to, or being dead) seeing them is very infrequent if at all.

i very much dislike my parents usually, my mother can be tolerable sometimes, but its often contrived out of want not to argue. my eldest sister is very similiar to myself and we get along well when she isnt pissed off at other people. my 2nd eldest sister is usually tolerable, we dont fight much anymore. both my elder sisters are in collage, one at the university of kentucky, one at the university of xavier in cincinnati in ohio. my younger sister is a dirty tramp. tonight i was trapped downstairs while she had some semi-party upstairs and was a big ho. not only did i tolerate her smoking and wiggerish boyfriends and slutty girlfriends, i also helped her hide multiple alcoholic beverages (she is 15), why i do not know. i do get along well with my younger brother, who ive made quite an impression on and have steered just far enough away from normalcy. my relationship with the family pet, a 4 year old west highland white terrier, is one that goes to both extremes. hes a cranky little bastard and growls/snaps/makes goose noises at people anytime he feels, but i also pet him and take him on walks sometimes and he settles down.

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I think I have an ok relationship with my family.

My mother is mostly my spoiler with giving me food and stuff a lot. My dad is a bit more serious type with me and tends to do little favors for me.

My sister is more like my twin than my 5 year older sister. We talk about stuff a lot, like the same shows, animes, movies, food ect. I used to bug her a lot about how she didn’t get up till 12 in the afternoon 2 or 3 years ago but I think I have gotten past that.

I’m incredibly close with my mother and sister. I never had a very good relationship with my brother, although I still have fun with him sometimes, but he has some personality problems. -_- My father lives in New York, I call him once a week and we leave it at that.

I get along with my family okay. My parents have been bugging me more often then late. My mom is cool, though I never get to talk to her because of soccer. My dad is too arrogant. He bitches at me alot, and he’s very selfish. My brothers and sisters, I get along okay with. It’s the kind of ‘okay’ that means best friends one day, dislike the next. None of them are really the same as me at all.

Extended family? My cousins and aunt are cool, except for one. My aunt was telling my uncle (in the hospital nearly dead from a heart disease) to pay child support. Thankfully, I don’t see her much. Her son is a loser who I try to avoid. Every word is Star Wars/D&D.

But my favorite relatives are my grandparents. My grandma loves me a lot, and will defend me all the time, even when I kicked a soccer player when he fell down. (her quote: if my legs worked, i’d give him a kick too) My grandpa is almost as good.

My mom is nice, my dad is an asshole, my oldest younger sister is a bitch, and my youngest sister is a sweety.

I’m pretty close to my mom, but I used to be alot closer. I think my sister’s a pain, but she’s little, so I don’t hold it against her. My dad and I have similar senses of humors, share some traits, and I enjoy playing tennis with him and stuff… but he can really be a jerk, and I’ve distanced myself emotionally from him.

Im pretty close to my immediate family; my dad is dead, so he isn’t exactly a factor. Im really close with my mom, and I always have been, but because she’s my mom, theres a lot I cant really tell her, self incrimination and all that. I tell her most things though.

The person I feel most connected with is my brother. He and I share a lot of traits, and we do a lot of stuff together when he comes up here from florida. He, I can tell anything too, and he’s the person that I feel most confident with, because if anything every goes completly, utterly, and tottaly wrong, I can go to my brother, and he will help make it all better.

My grandmothers are both awfully wacked out, but my grandfather is really damn cool.

The rest of my family sucks, my uncles are assholes; my aunts are ok I guess, I haven’t talked to them in forever. I’ve never met any of my cousins, and my uncle on my dads side wants nothing to do with me, so I know nothing of them or his family, I’ve never even met him or any of his kids. So fuck him, I don’t really give a shit.

<img src=“”> My mother is almost an exact copy of me, with tastes and opinions and everything, altough she gets stressed out easily, smokes like a heathen, and it’s hard to argue with her about stuff.

My little sister is a generic 12 year old bitch, and I really want to strangle her at times.

My father lives elsewhere, and I try to avoid all contact with him. He’s one of the biggest stupid bigotic, close-minded assholes I know.

I don’t see the rest of my family much, but I don’t have a huge problem with them personally, altough they make things tough for my mom (everyone took “the side” of my father with the divorce, since my mom has always been the strange outcast).

And that’s pretty much it. I’m also antisocial like hell, so I don’t really try to improve any contacts either.

Not too close with my family, my mom yells at me more than she talks, and my dad is a major workaholic. My brother lives in San Francisco so I don’t see him often, and I never see my sister who lives in Colorado.


My mom - I don’t even wanna talk about my mom that much…she’s one of those moms that comes off to everyone as the coolest mom evor, but she’s…well, the opposite. She’s smart, and she’s pretty resourceful, but she’s just…a bad person. I have nothing more to say.

My dad - He’s alright. He loves me, and he shows it, but he needs to learn some things. He tries to get me to follow his lead and understand things through his eye by establishing himself as an authority figure, though he forgets that it’s because of HIM that I don’t really have much respect for anyone as an authority figure. So consequently, when he tries to make me do asinine things or force me to do things I don’t wanna do and won’t benefit me at all, he justifies it with “I’m the parent and you’ll do it.” He can be rather closed minded at times. Considering the fact that he’s so smart, he can be so STUPID. He blames a lot of his problems on his age, but I know that’s bullshit. He’s human, and he can change.

My bro (He’s older) - I get along with him very well. We have a lot of the same interests, similar senses of humour, similar tastes, and the like. We spend a lot of time together. The only problem is, the things we do disagree on, we disagree on severely. He has a tendency to not really put the blame on himself for things, overdramatize his own busy schedule, and he kinda tries to subconsciously avoid growing up, in an odd kind of way. He can also be very dogmatic, and very hard to talk to if you have conflicting opinions with him. But…don’t get me wrong, these are things about him that I seldom ever have to deal with. Consequently, I get along with him great.

Other family - They all treat me and my bro and dad with a lot of kindness and respect, cos that’s the way they are. They’re very nice, understanding people as far as I can tell. I don’t know much about them, granted, but it’s only the much older people in my family that are hard-asses.