Facial Hair

Guys, what kind of facial hair (if any) do you rock most of the time?

Girls, what kind of facial hair do you prefer on a guy?

I usually am either completely clean shaven, or i have a horrible 5 o’clock shadow (more like a 5 day beard.)

I have to shave for work, but I usually only do it on Monday and Wednesday. By Friday, I got the rugged look going.

Most of the time I have a couple days growth on there. The Tom Brady look.

I have a moustache with a line going down from my mouth to above my chin.

I have to shave for work, which pisses me off, because I had an ok beard going before. But I usually have the unshaven look anyways, because I tend to forget to shave. My friend is 16 though, and he has a fuckin full blown out beard, it’s fuckin amazing.

I’m clean shaved although I might get a little rough if I’m just staying home or I go to the field. I pretty much have to stay clean shaved because I can’t really grow anything. I just get a bunch of little nubs everywhere.

Thats cool man. Camo is better at attracting women than facial hair any day.

I like either clean shaven… or like the “I forgot to shave… for 8 days” scruffy look.

8 days?!! At that point it should be way past scruffy, getting into beard territory.

Ehhh… Well not for all guys.

Ha ha, true. :mwahaha:

I used to have some big sideburns. But then I had to shorten them alot for work. :frowning:

Long goatee, almost seven inches long.

Goatees look hot. ^.^

7"!? Like, WTF!?

  • … okay, that’s cool though!


It depends on what the guys facila feaures are.Goatees,clean shaven and rugged are all hot, but just on different guys.Me Id prefer the thin lines on the side going all the way a goatee :slight_smile:

My hair grows patchy, but I tend to keep it shaved.

Well, lately, I’ve been thinking of growing a Goatee to see how it looks on me, so I keep the chin hair and moustache intact, but shave anything that’s on the neck.


I can never get into beard territory, it seems, so the ‘rugged’ look just kinda sits there and festers :stuck_out_tongue: