Everything that is wrong with America can be seen here

That one guy is drinking Karhu from a one liter plastic bottle. Karhu is a 4,6% beer and not liqueur. Then again, that one guy is flipping Bud Light and that’s not liqueur either O_o;

You have a pretty optimistic impression of America.

I wonder.

That thread makes want to pour a 40 on the curb for America.

Colt 45 or bust.

Made me think of 50 Cent holding a Colt 45, with another 40, going down I-35, with only 30 minutes to Get Rich or Die Tryin’.
(Random, yes.)

Looks like pee in a bottle. :C

It’s much worse than that, and it actually gets you drunk. Pee just makes you sick.

Colt 45 and two zig zags, baby that’s all we need.

Meh, I’ll stick to my wines and dark lagers. >_>

I’m the only guy I know who will drink wine to get drunk. I don’t like dark lager much though.

Wine doesn’t get me drunk. I don’t know why, it just doesnt. I can down a while 75 cl bottle of it and barely even get buzzed.Yet I can down 3 6% beers and feel something…

Different forms of alcohol give you different buzzes. The buzz you’re getting from the wine is probably just more subtle than the beer buzzes.

Really? I know a ton.Myself included.

Yeah, just keep port and sake away from me. The wine I like is all basic stuff that you can get for about $10. I’m reallly unsophisticated when it comes to drinking. In fact, although I WILL drink wine to get drunk, I usually don’t. I just hit the spiced rum hard.

I’ll drink just about whatever, long as it’s good.

One time I drank beer when I was 6 because I thought it was the applejuice I had left on the counter earlier. It wasn’t, and I threw up all over the floor. I tried cleaning it up, but I just spread it around. Eventually I decided to just sweep it under the rug…literally.

I can’t stand beer and the only wine I’ve had was in church. If I drink anything it’s either rum and coke or a mudslide.

Speaking of wine… Angove’s Bear Crossing is pretty delicious. So delicious I once downed one of those in less than 20 minutes :I (Australian Cabernet Merlot)