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Enjoyed these last week on vacation:

I wholly support third from the right in it’s wheaty form as well. Sam Adams isn’t bad either.

Enjoyed a König Ludvig Weisse, a GREEN LAGER (Trill, official Green Lantern beer?) and a Nokia Elovehnä (The best Finnish Wheat ale there is) and something … Grolsch Premium Lager, I think?
Had them in my usual/favourite place in Helsinki, “Beer House Kaisla”. Has a kickass selection of board games and toast as well! (Kitty O’Shea’s and “Malty Catfish” come in close second.)
http://www.oluthuone.com/kaisla_olutlista.html <-- The top list products on tap, Finnish, British, Belgium, German, Other. “Pullo-oluet” is bottled products.

Edit: I propose a quality ale/beer thread this weekend. If I manage to get myself that far.

Board games, beer, and a splendid variety of toast? I’m pretty sure there are no bars in the US like that. Sounds fun!

A “Now drinking” thread would cover beer, wine and whiskey, and could be a running thread. Go for it - I will participate. Having a Great Lakes Blackout Stout at the moment. I would say “enjoying”, but it’s not very good, and I had my hopes pretty high. Ah well. Plenty more in the fridge…

Damn, I just took a look at that tap/bottle list:

Westvleteren 8: I would love to try this! It’s the sister of the top ranked beer in the world - Westvleteren 12.

Rochefort 10: My personal favorite. Just fucking outstanding. Drank 5 of these on a Friday night a few weeks ago. :thud:

Cantillon Fou Foune: This is actually the second last bottle to the right in my pic, next to the Nøgne Ø RIS. It’s highly rated for a sour, my San Diego friends love the shit. Not really my type, though.

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout: This is the first bottle on the left in my pic. Try this! It just might be the best stout I’ve ever had.

I forgot cheap. Cheap is acceptable.

Had a blast at the Helsinki Beer Festival. Koff had it’s Porter there, but I mostly indulged in native breweries’ offerings. This year’s victor was “Savukataja”, a 9% strong smoky ale that almost has the taste of smoked meat. (Well, the name is Smoke Juniper…)

Fuller’s had a wheat beer :open_mouth: I think it was the only non-Finnish brewed beer I drank there. It was… not quite as watery as Hoegaarden, some extra kick, so to speak. Still easy to down.

Also, a brilliant discovery: Rye Malt Beer :open_mouth:

http://www.helsinkibeerfestival.com/eng/ <-- Well, there’s what they had to offer…

I just realized; for as much as Ireland borrows from the English in terms of TV shows and other media, I cannot, for the life of me, find New Castle Brown Ale. Weird.

I don’t really drink :slight_smile: