Even MORE Alter Code F info

Looks like the Japanese site updated again, so that means new info!

  • The characters page has been improved. Now with info on the Quarter Knights and Mariel. Check the link below.


What do you think of the new designs? Lady Harken looks beautiful, but I certainly miss seeing Zeik’s face. Mariel looks an awful lot like Florina, which might imply that a gardening mini-game exists. Alhazad looks good, and Belselk… well, he’s ugly as always, but he’s undergone incredible cosmetic changes. 8)

  • To confirm what I said earlier, Gardening has made a return. Check the bottom of this page for pics.


Also, the “storybook” reading of WA3 has returned. Apparently, it’s now a story about 4 female elemental mages (I’m guessing they are named Fray, Muse, Geo and Wing.)

Alter Code F will be out in Japan on the 27th, but no word on its North America release. As soon as I find out, I’ll let you all know. For now, bask in the screenshots and beautiful FMVs. This is going to be one of the most beautiful RPGs ever made. 8)

On a less important note: I’m still busy with shrining and real life, but progress is being made. I should be back and visiting the boards more regularily by around the 20th of December. 8)

Dude. Total. Sweetness.

But where will this leave the other Wild ARMS? Advanced 3rd was a couple thousand years after WA2, and 2 was supposedly a few hundred years from WA1…so what’s gonna happen now?

I love Wild ARMS, totally love it. And as always, you can guarantee the main character in these games (Exception is Advanced 3rd, where this character type was a villian) is the Blue-haired guy with a Gun or Bayonet.

Don’t get me started on the order of the games. I’ll end up going off for about 20 paragraphs with my farfetched theories about the order the games take place. But I’ll tell you that WA1 is actually the LAST one.

Since you love WA, how about we talk on AIM sometime? 8)

Cool, get ahold of me there, I’m happySephy86 on AIM.

And I wouldn’t mind reading 20 Paragraphs on the seried, and if you know so much about it, do a Shrine on WA2.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> http://www.rpgclassics.com/shrines/psx/wa2/

Wow, thanks TD. If it were not that that shrine isn’t good enough to satify my needs in WA2…I wouldn’t have said that before.

That’s because I haven’t got to fixing it up yet, Uriel. Orian did the shrine, but I haven’t added MY info yet. Just you wait! 8)

This game is going to kick so much ass.



I look forward to your greatness, Dalton.

Originally posted by Uriel
Wow, thanks TD. If it were not that that shrine isn’t good enough to satify my needs in WA2…I wouldn’t have said that before.

Hold the fuck up you cock-sucking son of a cow. If you’re so mother fucking high and mighty then YOU should have made the shrine. If you’ve got a problem with my work then you should have e-mailed me about it a long time ago.

Once again, thanks for the update, Dalton.

Hmm… so far, I think I like the original designs better, thought these aren’t bad, either.
WA had some of the BEST characters ever. I hope they don’t leave out the wannabe member of the Quarter Knights that kept boasting (and even had his own theme music!) but always got his butt kicked by the heroes. He was the funniest!

That was Zed. Rest assured, he’ll be in the game; he’s too much of a “character” to leave out! If you’re a big fan of him (I am), there are a few artworks and fanfiction out there about him.

And Orian did a great job on the shrine! I don’t want to brag, but I could probably do a little better. Then again, I wasn’t known as the WA2 dood on the Gamefaqs boards for no reason. 8P

Yeah, Zed was a lot of Fun. But my favorite WA moment is still when Rudy cuts off his own arm to escape Zeikfried! Whoa! Talk about extreme!

BTW, far as I know none of the Wild Arms games has any connection to the other. What evidence have you seen that they all took place in the same world?

WA 1 and 3 are probably connected, and chances are in this remake they’re going to alter/add a few things to make the link between the two stronger. 2 seems to be a bit of the black sheep of the family, but maybe when they get WA4 produced, it might make some link to that one, who knows?

At any rate, WA:Alter Code F looks sweet, can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m especially looking forward to the soundtrack.

Wow, that game looks sweet.

I will get it, since I haven’t played the first one.

I really doubt the WA games take place in the same world, because each game gave a DIFFERENT explanation for the planet being so desertic:

In the first WA, it was the war against the invading Metal Demons;

In WA 2, it was the Demon Lord, Lord Blazer;

And, in WA3, it was a backfired experiment… and it had only happened a few years before! (thought no one remembered it!)

Still, it IS possible that the WA update might link the games somehow… and I wouldn’t mind, I LOVE continuity. : )

Ok, in WA 1: I don’t know anything avbout it.

Butin relation toWA3, I’m thinking in WA2 that Ashley & Crew DID save the planet, but because of this happening thousands of years later in WA3 (10years before WA3 even started) is why the wasteland exists.

I don’t knowanything about WA1, so I don’t knowaboutthe relationship. And Lord Blazer is mentioned in 3. He’s the thing that killed Janus to take form. And thedemonthingy in 1 isproblably related toBlazer in some way…

Ah, Filgaia was ALREADY desertic in WA2 before the heroes saved it (and remained that way).

I must’ve missed the Blazer reference in WA 3 (but there is a reference to Marivel… in the storybooks you collect!)

Also, the Zeikfried in WA3 is NOT the same one from #1. Oh, and

the Metal Demons weren’t really Demons, they were Alien Androids.

It MIGHT be possible that the games happened out of order, and that the planet had suffered SEVERAL drying ups, but I’ll need to see evidence of that.

Oh, BTW, I REALLY hope that they do NOT add the “Garden” minigame (from #3) to the WA remake- it made finding healing plants a real beetch! (I guess it makes sense giving the whole DESERTIC planet bit, but what kind of RPG makes basic HEALING items rare!?!)

Wild Arms 2, that’s what.

The entire series makes healing items rare.

Anyway, I’m thinking WA2 just took place thousands of years before 3, & 1 is some while after 2.