Even MORE Alter Code F info

Well, perhaps the WA games take place in alternate dimensions or something? Or maybe it’s like the BoF series where there are similar events, races, characters and stuff, but it’s always a different world? Or maybe it’s like the FF series where there is really NO relation? Maybe Alter Code F will finally clear it up.

I have had a hteory of FF games, the same world, just EONS between each other. You know the big crater south of Trabia Garden in FF8? I believe that was where Ultima Weapon was destroyed. There are many other places if you look closely…

Or maybe the designers at Square are just unimaginitive and like sticking certain stock features in each of their worlds? ^^

Those Quarter Knightsa look so impresive, especially Zeik. He just looks so robotic and powerful. And they can’t leave Zed out (or Boomerang and Lucedia, maybe they will explain that one at some point) it was just always so funny seeing him completely covered in ash, from the battle.

As for the timeline thing, they world’s of WA3, and WA1. Maybe connected. Since the experiment that caused the desert landscape, may have been the Fabled Blade (what ever it was called), from the first one.