EVE Online!

This is a thread about Lineage 2.

HAH just kidding. This is actually a thread about Eve Online!

For those not in the know, Eve Online is a space-based MMO. If you want an explanation of why you should play it instead of whatever other MMO you’re playing, here’s one I copy-and-pasted earlier!

What’s wrong with WoW is what’s wrong with all but two MMOs I’ve ever seen, and I only just realised what this was when I started playing EVE.

The two games on the surface look kind of similar. You have territories, contested areas and Places Newbies Do Not Go. The huge difference between the two though is that nothing in WoW is changable in any way. Darkshore will still be Alliance territory in five years time, Orgimmar will still be the Horde capital and Ashenvale will still be Contested no matter how many games of Warsong Gulch the Alliance win there. Even assuming you found a way around this the GMs would stamp you down before the day was out. In EVE though all those territories and alliances you see are completely controlled by players even to the prices in the market. In WoW you could maybe hold a town until the respawning NPCs beat you up, but in EVE you could walk into an area with enough force and control the entire area, from who enters and who leaves right down to the cost of the ammunition there that YOU produce with your factories. WoW has an auction house where you can fix prices but in EVE you can economically control entire solar systems and make billions doing it. The corp I’m in right now (GoonFleet) is at war with 3FA (3rd Front Alliance) on that map, and if we force them out then it’s entirely possible we could own those systems in a few weeks. And the GMs will do nothing about it, because EVE, much like Ultima Online before it, is all about letting the players do anything they want, and not just what the GMs want them to do. I wasn’t here for it (maybe Zero or someone was) but the GMs joined in the fun at one point rampaging through the systems with huge Jovian Battleships, and got beaten up for their troubles. I am reliably informed that it was a fucking blast for all concerned.

It’s the most newbie-unfriendly, love-it-or-hate-it game I’ve ever played, with a soul-destroying tutorial, but God the buzz you get from routing an armada of enemy ships is beyond incredible. Add the fact that skills train even when you’re not logged on and you can run courier missions/mine asteroids for ores in a window while browsing the net and you also have the ultimate casual MMO. Here’s a link to the two-week free trial if you’re interested.

I’m rambling here but at the end of the day what you can accomplish in WoW (get awesome loot from ancient beings and kill gods), while really really damn cool, is nothing compared to the scope of what you can accomplish in EVE (control a fleet of battleships and own the world).

And hell, can you ride out in something like this in WoW?

Or this?! (Steve’s pissant boat).

So after reading all that you probably want me to comment on the actual game. Well I won’t. Instead here are some bullet-points (I’m lazy and tired).

The Good
[li]Skills. Skills train even when you’re not online. Eve is the perfect casual MMO.
[/li][li]You can play it windowed. Run courier missions or mine while you’re working/browsing!
[/li][li]It looks goddamn beautiful. Anyone running around deadpace/COSMOS will tell you this!
[/li][li]It has a free trial!
[/li][li]Everything is player owned-and controlled! Unlike WoW, there are no NPC vendors! Everything you get is from pirate loot or bought from other players!
[/li][li]Exciting PVP! You’ll die a lot!
[/li][li]It’s fucking huge. You’ve seen the map already. All those stars are places you can visit!
[/li][li]The GMs don’t care what you do to other players! Scam them, kill them and take their stuff! It’s all part of the game! The game is run by the players, not the GMs stepping in every time they see someone being mean.

The Bad
[li]The tutorial is long and arduous and the worst example of the game you could possible want as an introduction!
[/li][li]It’s easy to get sucked into thinking it’s all about mining and getting bored easily. Go find an agent or grief someone! Being an asshole is fun!
[/li][li]It’s full of drama. Seriously WoW ninjalooting drama has nothing on multiple corporations slugging it out over half the galaxy because someone called someone else’s girlfriend a dirty whore.
[/li][li]There are already hundreds of people playing in huge ships who will not hesitate to blast you if they see you (me). This will only happen if you’re unlucky or slow but it IS annoying.
[/li][li]Unlike WoW, Eve has a whole TON of shit that is neither easily explainable or demonstratable! Luckily this is mostly useless shit and not important stuff that may get you killed. The game hates new people.

So this the game. I’ve been here for four weeks now, Steve for one, and we’re both in it for the long haul. You should come join us. I’ll post character creation crap in the next post if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:

So in about 2 months give or take you’re gonna hook me up right? RIGHT BITCH?

I actually took the time to read that out. Makes me wish I hadn’t taken my ‘no MMOs’ vow that I have personally taken over college >:(

But it can run windowed, and skills train when offline… that just might… hmmm.

How easy is it to play in short pockets of time? Like, hop in for an hour, and leave at a whim?

EVE is great for playing in short spurts. I’m always doing a few things while I’m roaming the internet. I’ve been playing since early July, and it’s been great. I’m almost entirely mining and production oriented, and it’s still a great game. I joined a new corp, Stormlord Battleforce. Things were slow for a while, but things have been picking up. We even have a few former WoW players in our corp, and they say they haven’t looked back. It really is a love-it-or-hate-it type game, though. Good thing there’s a free trial. Feel free to look us up if you’re in Caldari space.

Holy shit, like everyone’s caldari.

I say we start a Corp at some point. I’d gladly get the money and space for it (hell, probably even an outpost) once I get my pirating skills up and going.
That, or Pie-boy can do that. He’s great at getting money :slight_smile:

Because he’s a WHORE.

Do you pick a point on the map and your ship automatically moves there? Or how does moving around work? Can you crash into stuff?

And man, why do you keep comparing it to WoW O_O

Cause he used to play WoW extensively, so he knows it well enough to compare? (Also, WoW is really popular, so comparing the two is more likely to get a knowledgeable response.)

But moving depends on what you choose. you can move to the stargates to different places via jumping, you can warp through solar systems, or you can take your speed down to the average of about 300 or so m/s, and take HOURS to get places.

Your ship automatically attempts to dodge things at less-than-warp-speed. At warp, you just pass right through.

There’s manual movement (sucks, nobody uses it), then the basic movement commands are Appoach (get as close to something as you can), Orbit (set a distance and orbit the object at that distance) and Keep At Range (guess). Everything in a system shows up on your overview so you’ll never need to use manual movement ever.

I use it when I get bored and am in a ‘dogfight’ with pirates. I like just doing stupid maneuvers :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Pie-boy, sally wants a good newb guide on what you would suggest to newbs (basically give them the info you gave me :P)

Caldari seems to be popular. Don’t what they see in us. After all, we’re just a bunch of mega-corps that make GE and Mitsubishi look small scale.

Maybe not a corp, but an alliance. I like the corp I’m in now, and I’m about to start up our munitions production. Should be fun to take over the munitions market in the Forge :mwahaha:

Oh, my in game name is Taran Wanderer.

I wonder if a free trial would allow me to reactivate my account and give you guys a hand (or 450mm autocannon cover) once in a while…

C’mon zeeeeeeeeroooooo
Come back to EVE :slight_smile:

If I get a positive reply for a daytime job I got an interview for, I might, if only for a little while. I’d need to get QPZ4 back temporarily so he could reassign our massive holdings back, as he currently has access to our ex-corp gear: Blueprints, storage sectors, and all that.

The trial is for new accounts only. :frowning:

For people making new characters use these guidelines:

Character Creation Guide
CHOOSE CUSTOM CAREER!! -> very important, if you don’t, you’ll have to make a new character. this saves you more than two days of training!!

Military School -> Operations -> Command -> Captain Training
This gives you Frigate IV to start. The names of the military schools vary from race to race a little bit.

Border Runners
put 2 points into intelligence, 1 into perception, 2 into willpower

put 3 into intelligence, 2 into perception

put 3 into perception, 2 into intelligence

put 3 into perception, 2 into intelligence

How does PvP work?

Kinda like WoW really. There are a fucking ton of setups you can use to accomplish different things. Here’re a couple.

Shield/Armour Tank
Exactly what you think it is. Load up on shield extenders and armour hardeners for 10,000+ points of damage and nothing much can get past you. WoW Warrior/Paladin.

Heavy/Cruise Missiles to shoot people from 40km away + Afterburners to get out of range of their guns. WoW Hunter.

This is the king of PVP right now. Load up on stuff to slow the enemy down, STEAL their capacitor (read; what you use to fire your guns) and leech them dry. WoW Warlock.

Carry a million fucking combat drones and tank the rest of the way. Maybe put some lasers and Warp Scrambers in high slots to stop them escaping. They can only target so many things at once. WoW Mage.

EM is best right now since there’s nothing to stop people warping away with the first and second setup. There are hundreds of modules you can fit that all do different shit, so it’s really down to what you want to do rather than any concrete setup that works.

The drawback of the EM slaughterer is when he runs into the sniper geared with torpedoes, that can fire with very little power. He needs his juice to leech your shit and keep you still, so he can’t activate armor repairs and whatsnot. I’ve taken an EM Scorpion down in the past.

The most efficient team I’ve ever seen was actually a sniper scorpion with 4 EM frigates. I still got thru to the gate, but they hurt me good. I was target-scrambled so I started firing high damage fire and forget heavy missiles, ripping the frigates to pieces. XD

I don’t need a lock to rip them a new one, they found that day. I never encountered that group again.

Do you go to into the manual movement system when you PvP?