Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I’m seeing this movie in about 6 hours, you all should too.

A Kaufman film? Sold. I love that guy.

EDIT: At least, when they release it over here. >_<

I really want to see this movie, but I doubt I’ll be able to.

People say I look like Kaufman.

You look like Kaufman.

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[b]I’m seeing this movie in about 6 hours, you all should too. [/b]
Let me know what you think, so I’ll know who to go with (family/GF/friends).

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People say I look like Kaufman.
I look like Kaufman.

I’ll see it tomorrow probably.

I just saw it today too. Heh.

MAN! It was so sad. I almost cried! (read: i bawled my fucking eyes out)

I saw on the previews that it “was the best comedy so far this year”. Comedy? What the hell? It was so damn sad. I felt so bad for joel when he hears clemientine’s (sp) tape. God, its so sad. Right after he pours his heart out to her in his last memory, they hear what they really think of each other. It was so sad. You could just tell how hurt he was. And then when she goes to his apartment to apologize and he is playing her tape…wow. I was so sad, she was so offended.

But what i didnt get was-

  1. Was the actual physical office a real place? In the begining of the movie when he goes to the office to get his mind wiped, and there is a waiting room with lots of other people. Is that part of the ‘dream’ that howard puts him in? What i mean is, is the office an extension of the memories used by howard to explain what is going on? Because ‘patrick’ trails him before he goes to bed, when joel goes to bed, they put the apparatus on, and THEN he goes to the office. Also, patrick is holding the items up to him in bed, but he responds in the dream. However, at the end of the movie when amy is leaving the building after hearing the truth about howard and her, it is a different building, in a different town. Whats up with that? Someone who has seen the movie, can you tell me if the office was ‘in-memory’ or out?

  2. Clemintine’s hair changes with the scenes right? Green for first meeting, orange for dating before the wipe, and blue for after the wipe. Right?

3.At the end, when clemintine says ‘meet me in mantuak’, how is that possible? That clemintine is just an extension of his memory, she has never existed outside of his brain, so how does she know what the real her wants to tell him? And if it is just his memory telling him this, how does clemintine know to go to matuak as well? I’m reffering to the last scene, where he ditches work.

:3 Just a little confused. Otherwise a great movie, definitly recommended.

From what I read in the review it sounds like a pretty good movie. But I dont always believie in reviewers, so I guess I will have to go see it for my self.

On the subject of movies, just tonight I saw Dawn of Dead, and it was freaking awesome. I suggest you go see it, it isnt as gory as it plays out to be. Its good:cool:

Yeah, I just saw Dawn of the Dead too. It was pretty good, but all these people claiming it was better than the original are out of their god damn minds.

Next week I might go see Eternal Sunshine if I can get 10 dollars for a ticket.

I havent seen the old one, is it good?

It’s great. It’s probably one of the best horror films ever. At least I think so anyways.

the movie is absolutely transcendental. Arguably the greatest relationship film ever made.

Devillion: the office is a real place, outside of his memory, although he does he revisit it during the deletion process.

A ticket costs 10 dollars?!

The last time I went to the movies regularly(which was about 5-6 years ago) a matinee cost 6 bucks. The price has really gone up a lot.

yeah it depends where you go, but often a price will be from 8-10, sadly.

<img src=“”> I am thinking about seeing this week. Well at least this or Dawn of the Dead, depends on the mood. Or I could try to see both, then my head would explode, turning me into a zombie. :smiley:

Dead looks ok, but see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind instead. It’s soooo brilliant.

<img src=“”> Well, I went to see Dawn of the Dead…and I hated it. Next time, I will listne to Merlin and not my head.

see? see! The only thing I’ll brag about myself is my nose for good movies!

everyone else! go! now! see this film!

This is one of those things I’ll get around to seeing someday. Probably on video.