Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Figures Merlin saw this movie already. I just saw it last night. I wouldn’t exactly go as far as to say it was the greatest relationship movie ever made. Perhaps one of the most original and intriguing ones. My only complaint with the film was the sometimes hokey scene transitions. It made sense while he was actually in the dream, but I don’t really understand why they were used in the scenes prior to it. It caused me some unnecessary confusion at first about the nature of reality in the film. The quirky direction was definitely offset by the performances though. This is about as off-center for Carrey as Punch-Drunk Love was for Adam Sandler, but just like in the latter, Carrey made an excellent choice for this movie. Who knew he could be so subtle? This is definitely not a “perfect” film - the running around in dreams starts to get old after a bit, and I wished it would have discussed or elaborated a bit more on the whole selective memory deletion idea (I ultimately didn’t buy it - would people REALLY choose to delete bad memories? What are the ethics of it? I thought Donnie Darko approached this idea a bit more interestingly, though from a different angle), but this film is definitely ambitious, and few ambitious films are perfect after all. I reccomend it.

well the movie does play off the very legitimacy of memory too Zepp. The unreliability of memory could be seen as expressed in the very muddy non-dream scene changes you didn’t particularly like. Of course this is a music video director doing it, so that may explain it too :stuck_out_tongue: Also I find the movie suggestive that just deleting the memories won’t solve the problems that caused you to want them erased. This is evidenced by some of the insights into erased relationships we see in the film (I won’t name them for spoiler reasons).

I’ll probably end up seeing it eventually, but not any time soon.