Episode III StarWars

I want to know what the hell is up with Lucas’s fetish for using using screen wipes for every fucking scene change.

And star wipe. And star wipe…

I’m going to have to agree with BMO. I loved watching all three of the movies, but I don’t think I was there for the story as much as anyone else.

I was never there for the story, but Lucas could at least have not raped the continuity while he was making the prequels. Wasn’t Obi-wan supposedly Yoda’s apprentice at some point?

Get any half decent actor and you can do anything better than Christensen’s performance in Episode II. As mentioned, Episode III is just bad with concern given to plotholes, flaws, and the overall badly conceived way Anakin became a Sith Lord.

On a side note, what’s up with Christensen’s facial expressions during Episode 3? Yeah I know his part requires it, but he seems to have a fucking obesssion with making his face looking as menacing as possible and it makes him look goofy as hell.

On a final note, in terms of transition from Clone Wars to Episode III, Grievous got flipped off. Why did they suddenly make him so damn wimpy?

Yeah, Yoda being the head honcho taught everyone at one point. If Episode II is any example he mostly taught hte ‘younglings’. So Obi-Wan was probably taught the basics of the Force by Yoda when he was a kid and when he was promoted to Padawan he would have then been sent off with Qui-Gonn.

Because Mace force-choked him at the end of Clone Wars and gave him that stupid asthma.

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Meh, Anakin falls to the rule of the Skywalker just like Luke did. Until they reach ultimate force power they’re whiny, annoying little bastards. When Anakin becomes Darth Vader he stops being an angsty little douche and turns bad ass in an evil type of way. When Luke becomes a Jedi he basically just stops whining, he doesn’t actually become bad ass until he’s a Jedi Master in the Expanded Universe. Thus Lucas probably wanted someone who he thought could pull of whiny/evil and he succeeded…but failed as well because he was whiny and evil…but by the end of the movie he was whiny and evil all at once.

I think Padme actually died of shame because Anakin was such a little bitch.

I haven’t. What?

that’s a pretty good joke, nice work :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s not get started on Padme’s death.

i thought the end was hilarious. vader standing there going :“NOOOOOO!!!” was actually quite humorous.

According to a friend of my sister, on the opening night, when that happened, the entire audience pointed and laughed. When I saw it a few weeks later, I did too. :smiley:


Man, what the hell happened to Lucas?

Silly Curtis, Lucas was always like this. He just didn’t direct 2/3rds of the original trilogy so it wasn’t so obvious. You ask that question and you’ve probably only seen the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies. Most of the other stuff Lucas has done is utter crap, that movie with the talking duck is all the proof I need.

The Duck movie happened after Star Wars; in other words, after he stopped being good. Some people would say Return of the Jedi was actually his first crappy movie.

I know that Lucas has never been a good writer or director, but some of the decisions in the prequels are stunning. For instance, didn’t he realize the problems with Jar Jar Binks etc?

True. Shortly before SW3 was released, IonMage said to me IRL, “Now we’ll get the Battle of Kashyyyk that we should’ve had in Return of the Jedi!” I mean, yeah, it would’ve been believable if it was wookiees swarming the imperials, but Ewoks? They … it’s just … they don’t even look like they’re involved for anything, let alone living in trees.

On another note, the word “ewok” never appears anywhere in the movie before the closing credits. People ony knew what they were called from the action figures and stuff, which was released – much like with the new ones – before the movie.