Episode III StarWars

I just bough it and seen it on DVD. Let me tell you that compared to Episode II, its freakin’ great ! The whole battle with Obi-Wan just kicked some ass for sure ! I found it kinda hypocrite from Obi-Wan to just let Skywalker die over there by the pit of lava, I mean he’s din’t even lift a finger to to save him. From that point of view, then perhaps I would have done the same thing as Vader did…

'Nyway great movie overall.

Has any of you NOT seen it ?

What is this “Star Wars” thing of which you speak?

Methinks a better question would be “have any of you not seen it.” And I think its flaws have already been gone over WAY too well by other people for me to, uh, repeat them very well.


My only bad thing about the movie was they didnt make the lightsaber scene with Mace Windu better. Though they did quite a good job on the one with Yoda and the Emperor.

“Execute Order 66”
“Yes Sir”
Blaster Fire

Wow, you just got kicked in the balls with sarcasm.

Of course we’ve seen it. We post on an RPG web site.

SW3 sucked. It was too discontinuous. Scenes would transition at the worst times and the whole movie was fragmented and incoherent. The emotional scenes were so badly done they were comedy, and Anakin’s transition to the dark side was too rushed to have any gravity. The jedi dropped as fast as stormtroopers. They were worthless. I really didn’t think it was worth watching.

I vote for Hades, he’s right. Hades Shinigami is infact, correct.

Yeah, plus I’m cool.

I thought the movie was awesome

There could have been more nudity

Ignore Hades, the general rule of thumb when dealing with him is anything thats good he hates and sucks he loves.

And Episode III was good but not fabulous, the whole “Hi, my name is Anakin. I want to be the GRATEST JEDI EVAR!!! Oh no, my wife might die some day…worried so I’ll be the STRONGEST JEDI EVAR to ensure she lives. Oh, Hi Chancellor Palpatine.” “Hi, Anakin. I’m an evil Sith Lord, by the way.” “Oh noz!” “Hey, the dark side can save your woman!” “Really? K, I’m evil then.” thing was kinda lame, though.

They should show Natalie Portman’s boobs in episode IIII

Lanyx, I don’t care how many people hate you, you are one of the best posters here.

I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, whoever made this thread is totally out of the loop. I saw this movie almost a year ago!

Thanks for saying that I’m out of the loop. And I yes I know its almost one year old, but I just din’t had the chance to see it when it was released in Cinema, thats why I was posting this. Anyway it seem’s this thread got scraped pretty damn fast…

Anakin: oh no! i’ve betrayed all the jedi!! NOO!!!
Emporer: Join the dark side.
Anakin: okay.


I like to pretend Episodes 1-3 don’t exist. Its all about the originals for me.

Its sad that collectively, the RPGC could have written a script that was 100x better than the bullplop Lucas came up with.

when you put it that way, it really is quite sad. although we could put up a thread for the sole reason of rewriting episode 3

Oh great. Hades is back.

And Ramza has risen to be a good comedic poster. “Episode IIII” cracked me up :stuck_out_tongue:

admittedly is was much better than the 2nd movie, but that wouldn’t be hard to do. the whole first three episodes must have been meant as a joke and then taken seriously. a card board cut out could have done jake lloyd’s job better for the first one, and the second one sucked harder than a hoover. the only redemption any of those movies had were the lightsaber fights.

I don’t know what you guys were expecting going into those movies, but I was expecting space lasers, cool looking aliens, and nifty sword fights with very little dialog to get in the way, so I was pretty happy with them. If I wanted to see a movie with a good plot, I wouldn’t see a Sci Fi movie, I would go down to the art cinema and see a movie about Mascow in the spring or something.