Election Day

I can’t wait until it’s over. The amount of people spouting pro/anti-Bush or pro/anti-Kerry propaganda is sickening me. I’m tired of hearing of the alleged swift boat veterans and how GWB has the “lowest IQ of any president ever” and all that bullshit. And after tomorrow, that stuff will be over (and about half the country will end up excessively pissed off).

But all that bullshit aside, I’m voting for Kerry, for my own reasons. I’m here to wish everyone in America a happy election (:-P) and to hope for a sigh of relief from the most of us as Bush is sent packing for his ranch in Crawford, Texas.


I’ve already voted. :3

I have basically the same thoughts as you. I really don’t want to watch this damn election tomarrow. I’m just going to vote and be done with it.

Given the millions of dollars being poured into legal teams by both sides, there is a good chance it won’t be over tomorrow unless there’s a decisive winner, which doesn’t seem likely.

Nothing to say, really. If you’re registered to vote, and you’ve thought about the issues, just go and vote your goddamn conscience.


Particularly on the local-level stuff; initiatives/referendums etc. Even if you’re cynical about how much or how little one vote counts in a national election ultimately ruled by the electoral college, when it comes to local elections (especially city/county level stuff) every vote really does count.

I know I’m insanely Anti-Bush, but I share CC’s opinion. In my eyes it’s pretty much turned into a huge libel match on television, and it isn’t much better in the papers.

Good point, man. I think that I’m going to end up voting for a different mayor… although I’m pretty sure the winner will either be a Republican or the “Open Space Party.” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got school off tomorow, so i will be following the whole thing all day. This is only my 3rd election (96, 00, 04), and this one is scaring me. Literally.

I just can’t fucking wait for it to be over. Not tonight and tomorow, but this fucking era of american politics, and global village relations we’re in.

EDIT: Or maybe i’ll get hit by a bus tomorow and DIE. That really seems like the only good return i can hope for tomorow. This entire thing reminds me of that simpsons episode, where the 2 aliens run for office. They go through the entire campaign with masks on, promoting completely different issues, and different sides to policies, and when the final night before the election comes, the get on live television, and rip off their masks. Everyone in springfield is dumbstruck and just staring at them, and the one alien says “Vote for me, i promise years of human enslavement and pain!”. The springfieldians look toward the other alien, who says the same exact thing. And no one has any idea what to do, so they vote for “the lesser of 2 evils”, and the episode ends with the humans being whipped and beaten. Thats just how i feel right now. >_> Whatever, i just can’t wait for this to be over.

as annoying as the campaigning is. This is a pretty important elections so everybody go out and vote.

It’ll hardly be over; it’s now the fun begins.

And the world is holding its breath. :o

And this election will ONCE AGAIN prove that the Electoral College doesn’t work. If you guys think you’ll have a president come January…oh, you are saaaaadly mistaken.

I anticipate a 2000 fuck-up of MAJOR proportions.

I liked the idea of a proportional electoral college that is currently being introduced in some states. Instead of it being a winner takes all, each guy gets the portion of the college that corresponds to the proportion of voters that voted for him.

I am in no way enthusiastic about this. Either way, many people will be mad, and it’s sure to drag on forever, if only because last year’s election proved that they could go on forever.

No state has that system. Colorado is considering it with a referendum, but polls show that it will probably be defeated handily (about 65% against).

Personally, I like the Electoral College, but I do disagree with winner take all scenarios. I feel that each candidate should receive an Electoral Vote for each Congressional district he wins, sort of like what Maine does. Then, the candidate that wins the most districts in each state receives the two Senatorial Electoral votes from that state (a tie or plurality would result in the top two candidates each receiving only one Senatorial EV). Only exception would be DC which would work on a proportional system.

Take Georgia as an example. It has 15 Electoral Votes, so that means it has 13 Congressional districts. Bush will most likely win about 8 or 9 of those. Instead of getting all 15 votes, under the system I prefer, he would receive 10 or 11 and Kerry would probably get the rest.

I just voted, for Kerry of course. Hopefully he will win, I’m not sure America has the strength to survive another Bush presidency.

I read an amusing study a few days ago, comparing economies under both Democrats and Republicans throughout history. Apparently in the last 150 years, Republicans have had control 54% of the time to the Democrats 46%. Well the study was based on $100,000 invested in a broad portfolio, If $100,000 was invested only when one party was in office, and removed when the other party was in office, and put back when the original party had control again, etc. Under Democrats the $100,000 becomes $340,000. Under Republicans the $100,000 becomes $64,000

<a href=“http://www.ucomics.com/adamathome/”>November 2nd strip.</a>

What i have been wondering, is this. Rehnquist is in the hospital, and his condition is getting worse, not better. He missed his deadline to be back on the bench yesterday, and pyschians with experience with the type of cancer he has say that the procedure he is undergoing is very dangerous. What if the chief justice dies? What if he is unable to hear the case of Kerry v. Bush? What would happen? Would the lower court’s ruling stand? Or would Sandra day OConnor become the temporary chief?

On The BBC 1 (One of UK TV Best Free Channels with out any Extra on your Telly) has Moved the usual Signed stuff so that the Could Fit the US Election stuff, on a UK only channel (I heard rumors that You can get BBC 1 In Holland (Off a Dutch Girl).

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