Election 2008: Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America

Yeah, because the last 32 months were so great

16 months? Hmm?

BTW 984, Georgia didn’t count the early votes before posting numbers for the media :, thats what I was talking about in the other thread.

If you don’t know then don’t bother worrying about it. My opposition to his plans hardly mean anything anymore. He has a large enough mandate and a large enough pull in Congress to do whatever he likes.

Rahm Emanuel has been tapped for the position of White House Chief of Staff. He’s known for being a tough and practical legislator in Illinois. I’ve heard various things; from him being a centrist to being a liberal, but I’ve seen him numerous times right beside Nancy Pelosi on C-SPAN…however, that hardly means anything; a press conference is just a press conference.

I hope the transition to power goes smoothly. Cabinet positions to be given after this week at least.

Honest to goodness, I wish I could believe in this man. I wish I could understand fully the excitement that people ar going through but Bill Clinton called it a fairy tale, and while I’m not that dismissive…I just can’t believe in him. Does it stir something in me to see a fellow black man achieve this? Yes, but I don’t believe he’s the right choice, so it dampens my enthusiasm…

I doubt it… What Obama does and doesn’t do is extremely limited by the financial crisis. The government is going to have to spend at least the next 2 years saturating the economy with cash just to keep things running; there won’t be enough money for any more wars. Which is kinda interesting cause Obama promised to conduct forays into Pakistan…


Since I’m going to have to get used to the idea of supporting him I might as well start now…

In the second debate, Barack Obama stated that he would have special forces or counterterrorist operations occur in Pakistan if they received information that Osama bin Laden or high-priority targets were in the region and if the Pakistani government didn’t respond. That’s hardly “promising to conduct forays”.

I guess he’ll have the money to do it then.

*for real, there should definitely be a runoff between Chambliss and Martin

You guys voted for Bob Barr? Awesome. I’m all about Georgia.

Anywho, Obama promised to go into Pakistan if Bin Laden was there. Granted, he probably is, but isn’t that a viable reason? I would imagine that if he were in Iran then we’d go there after him as well, regardless of the implications or consequences. I fall into the “all or nothing” category regarding this man.

All the same, his “sitting without preconditions” ideals goes against this warmongering he is already being aligned with.

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Presidents need to start having sweet beards again.

We’re going to be hearing about Sarah Palin for a while as the Republican party picks up its pieces because it seems a lot of republicans like her. In the meantime, we need to compile a list of the most ridiculous things that have happened:

We’ll begin with how Sarah thought Africa was a country.


Here’s, by far, my personal favorite:


Eh, that article is from October, not really in line with what Sinistral was referring too. Also, I kind of liked the coy metaphor (albeit rather simple) of a platform having planks that represent their views. Now, she isn’t very good at using metaphors and she over used this one.

ted stevens won’t be going back to washington. the party WILL force him to step down once they can say he’s won. then they’ll plop their newest superstar into his seat, how convenient that she lives in the same state! so now you’ve got sarah palin in the senate acting like Newt Gingrich 2.0 to barack obama’s bill clinton. i’d rather have her as vp than sitting in the congress fucking stuff up and building up a crew for her run in 2012. a run where she’ll win against a smooth talking democrat who promised alot of stuff but couldn’t get it through congress thanks to the other party…am i talking about jimmy carter and ronald reagan or barack obama and sarah palin? hmm…

You mean a Jimmy Carter who had a filibuster proof Senate for the first two years of his presidency, the House of Representatives, and still firmly solid majorities in both houses after the '78 mid-term election? Say what you want about the future, but it was Carter’s mishandling of his relations with Congress that led to Congress not doing what he wanted. In the first 100 days, he essentially spat in the face of Congressional leadership; while he said he was trying to cut pork, he cut hundreds of water projects Ford had in his budget which Democrats and Republicans both thought were essential for their constituencies. I think in doing so he even stepped on the toes of some powerful chairman’s toes.

How about McCain not knowing how many houses he owns? That’s definitely a qualified presidential candidate.

I actually laughed out loud when I read this.

I think the financial crisis makes war more likely. The American economy runs on foreigners’ willingness to lend money to the US and use the dollar as their reserve currency. As long as they continued to do this, Wall Street could act as irresponsibly as it wanted, and the American government would always be able to print more money to bail it out. But if foreigners stop investing all of their savings into the US, America’s power will be greatly reduced.

In the wake of the subprime crisis, foreigners are no longer willing to lend to the American economy – China’s leading newspaper has already called for China to stop using the dollar and switch to a different currency, the Russian government has recently made similar statements, and the EU is already trying to establish the euro as an alternate reserve currency. The only way Wall Street can write off its debts and retain its financial dominance is if the US starts a war (not directly, but through its proxies) that destabilizes its creditors and forces them to abandon their plans to develop their own reserve currencies. Which is why Brzezinski’s return to the halls of power is an ominous sign – I greatly hope that Obama will make good on his promise to negotiate, and that his cabinet will mostly consist of people from other schools of thought.

SK, I say this with actual curiousity. Why do you believe that the American people would be fine with any Administration running any sort of war, whether by proxy or not, as a direct result of the financial situation? I sure as heck wouldn’t be supportive of that, and I’m the war-mongering Republican.

The American electorate doesn’t have the stomach for that and I don’t see Barack Obama or John McCain doing something like that. The conservatives I know have an interest in [STRIKE]ending[/STRIKE] winning the wars we have now , not starting up anything else, so I certainly don’t see a liberal Senator like Barack Obama being twisted around to go directly against his word. If nothing else, the man’s razor-thin foreign policy has been consistent.

What I’d really like is an example of wars that have been started directly as a result of the kind of scenario you’re speaking of. Honestly though, I don’t see any President getting away with anything like that at this moment. Barack Obama’s victory and the unified Democratic government is the only reason why we aren’t going to have a series of weak Presidents now as a result of the mistakes of the Bush Administration.

Yeah, I’ve heard about this. There was someone in the Clinton Administration I could have sworn nearly called a Nobel prize for thier talks in in Serbia, but that may have been something I heard in passing that was incorrect.

That’s neither here nor there, but while I do know that Holbrooke was a part of Obama’s faux-State Department during the campaign to advise him about foreign policy I don’t believe that Obama would pick him as Secretary of State. He knows Republicans like me would love for him to pick a slew of people from the Clinton Era so we can accuse him of going back against his change message. He already slid a little back with Rahm Emanuel. I think he’s smart enoguh to give us enough room to begin to have a theme regarding his appointments.

All those people talking about the comments that have been made about Sarah Palin by unidentified McCain staffers, I ask you to look at the bitterness that the Democratic party went through when Gore and Kerry lost. This is politics. Blaming others is a part of the game. I wish that whoever was saying it would shut up, of course, so we could start regrouping, but it’s certainly not unprecedented.

I’m very glad also, that the so-called Bradley Effect was as full of smoke as I thought it was. My political science professor admitted that I was right in my prediction that it wouldn’t be an issue at all. That Campaigns and Elections class has convinced me that my minor should probably be in Economics rather than Political science. This science is one of the most cynical arts I have ever caught wind of, as much as I enjoy it.

Social sciences are hardly sciences. And I majored in one.

As for the Bradley Effect, I’ve heard some reports that effect may have never actually existed. Something about how Bradley’s internal polls during that election showed it to be within the margin of error.