Election 2008: Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America

Good luck Obama, play nice now. :slight_smile:

I hope they enjoyed their six or seven shots within two minutes!

Yes We Can reminds me of the Steve Austin What? chant. Basically, he started interrupting people’s promos to yell What. The audience caught on, and they now shout What during a heel’s promo quite often.

And yes I just compared Barack Obama to a pro wrestler. And not The Rock. WWE already did that.

Also, against all statistics, I think it would have been hilarious had Obama had that huge stage with like a billion people only to have to give a concession speech. Just the image of that.

Hoorah! And Florida didn’t screw up!!! :smiley:

Now i’m going to sleep after my celebrating.

So I hate how retarded my state is because most of the people that didn’t vote for him here were still saying things like “I don’t want no goddamn muslim in office!” “he don’t salute the flag!” “he was with al qaeda hiyuck-yuck.” Fuck KY >=(

Why drink shots when you can drink bitter neo-con tears instead?

Cro, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Get the fuck out of Kentucky.

Whisky>Political Insight.

Indifference is the other side of the doom/gloom coin. Karzai controls only the area around Kabul with most of the country having fallen back under Taliban control, most of the social progress advertised back in '01/02 has been rolled back, the U.S. are asking the Europeans for more troops in every single NATO summit and there is talk about the Taliban getting officially rehabilitated.

Here’s a year-old article on how the war turned sour.

edit: I just noticed this is the election thread. Let’s hope president Obama rolls back some of the most atrocious stuff of the last 8 years (gitmo, the torture debate (!), habeas corpus, some of the with us or against us attitude). I doubt there will be any significant effect in the U.S. policies towards Greece, other than getting rid of the guys that led Bush to be shot down in the latest NATO summit in Bucharest, but that’s to be expected. At least he won’t bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran.

It shall be interesting to see what sort of crimes and attrocities Bush & co. commit on the way out. I smell official documents burning for the next three months.

I didn’t vote for Obama. Didn’t like his policies. Plus, I knew how Jawja would go. That said, I think his best attribute is that he truly could be a uniter, not a divider. I see him possessing Carter’s ability to heal a nation. That’s admirable.

That said, I totally hope he rick rolls us at his inauguration. (And I’m sure everyone has seen that as it is old, I still love it though)

I voted Libertarian as well. I wish I could be as optimistic about Obama as his supporters are, but I fear he might end up being a Clinton-style warmonger – all the killing and aggression of Bush, but packaged more carefully in a way that would be palatable to the EU. His choice of Biden was already a warning sign, as Biden (together with McCain) had advocated a ground invasion of Serbia during the Clinton administration – in other words, Biden was an even bigger warmonger than Clinton on the issue. Furthermore, Obama chose Zbigniew Brzezinski, a man completely driven by pure ethnic hatred of Russia and Russians in everything he proposes, as his foreign policy advisor.

I have read that Obama is now considering Richard Holbrooke for Secretary of State; if true, this would be horrible news, as Holbrooke was another of the architects of Clinton’s horrific assault on Serbia, an incompetent, unbelievably arrogant man who to this day doesn’t realize the suffering he had caused. I suppose Obama’s foreign policy will become clearer after he decides on his cabinet, but I just hope he will be able (and, more importantly, willing) to resist the influence of the Clinton warmongers.

Despite winning by such a large margin, guys were still bitching and complaining about McCain losing. Some couldn’t believe McCain lost Florida (even though Bush only won in 2000 by an extremely narrow and questionable margin). They complained about the electoral college (such as CA 55 electoral votes), despite CA having a Republican governor and voting for Republican candidates until 1992 (including voting for H.W. Bush in 1988). One guy said that the each state should get an equal number of electors since Republicans have had to go after so many states (of how they forget how well Clinton and many earlier Presidents won it by). They forget that the electoral college is proportionate to the population and giving each state an equal number would then hurt big states like CA severely and help small states like ND a lot. However, it is whatever helps get a Republican elected. One even suggested chopping off the west and east coasts. The funny thing, is that getting upset with the electoral college in this election is stupid, Obama had about the usual percentage of the popular vote that a candidate wins with and did with the electoral college what has happened in the past for Presidents. Of there were cries of “good bye democracy” (despite the US not being a democracy, but a republic). Another predicted Obama would fail within 2 years (this guy was also “positive” McCain would win).

I was just looking at it and for almost 30 years, CA voted for Republicans, and has voted Republican many times before that, which makes it funny when people complain about CA being a guarantee for the Democrats, it is mostly just a safe state, that isn’t likely to shift much. It is also interesting to see just how unelectable Bush really was. Each time Bush won it came down to a few votes in one state, with the electorate very split. I forgot how out of the ordinary his elections really were.

Wow, you guys have got to see McCain’s concession speech, it is truly a beautiful speech and reminds of the old McCain.

Saw all this last night on CNN and Comedy Central. Congrats for Obama (I was right in predicting he was gonna win). Looks like McCain won Texas. (Interestingly enough, the counties with the major cities all voted Democratic.) But, we got a new president now, so no more bullshit ads and such for a while. Yay!

Personally, I think McCain was just screwed from the outset. It could’ve gone either way, but I didn’t see him winning the election. But, the Republicans have Palin to shape for 2012, so it’ll be interesting to see where that goes.

It’s a whole new world… (see: Indecision 2008)
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I personally think all the McCain followers booing whenever he mentioned Obama winning was just bad taste. But yes, it was a pretty good speech.

It wasn’t bad taste. It always happens. Most of the people there were close workers, having served with the Senator during his entire campaign. It was partially a way of voicing their displeasure that all those days, weeks, and months didn’t result in a victory. When you invest that kind of time, energy, and raw emotion, you are going to be quite disappointed, and the easiest way to do that is to boo. Besides, they were much tamer compared to other boos I’ve seen over much lower offices.

Well, I’ve never really seen a concession speech before. Usually I was too busy and under age to vote. Still, guess that makes sense.

That, and it’s a way of flattering a man who aspired and struggled to be president for at least 10 years, got as close as possible, and now missed his last chance. It was human and decent for the crowd to make a show of booing Obama, and booing when McCain admitted that the loss was his fault. It befits a politician to be a gracious loser, but it’s a slap in the face to that politician if his supporters don’t display some disappointment, and distaste for his opponent. I think McCain deserved that show of loyalty.

All that said, I was thrilled by the outcome.

The average gain of the Dow Jones industrial index in the 12 months after the Democrats have seized power has been 20 per cent. When the Republicans took over? An average loss of 9 per cent.
So, I am ecstatic! :wink:

Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of foreign policy committee in the Duma, thinks that “Barack Obama doesn’t have the McCain-type inertia of mentality.” Kosachev and a few other Russian politicos hope that with the Dems in power, NATO expansion eastward and U.S. missile defense plans could become more … negotiable (?)
I doubt that though. And Brzezinski father and son (Mark Brzezinski was the architect of the Orange revolution) could be dangerous – CIS territory is ripe for a few more color revolutions.

RE:Afghanistan, the old cliché “A picture is worth a thousand words” seems appropriate in this case.

Mike Huckabee said a week ago at Regent University that no matter who won, he would pray for their success and we all should pray for our leader no matter who that is. John McCain made a similar concession that was as gracious as a man of his caliber would be expected to make, and it expressed his desire to support this President unite this country in a time of crisis. I’ll pray for the hope of the Obama Administration as well - there failure would not aid this country at this moment in any form of fashion.

The local elections…Tony Goolsby lost to Carol Kent. Bill Keefer lost. For this to spread to local elections even here in Texas, for the Texas Senate to be split between both parties…for Texas Republicans who have led thier district and their local government for years to be usurped…they staunched the flow. We still hold the major offices but for people who have held the seat for years to be defeated…it’s a pinprick through the heart for some.

Coleman is less than 500 votes ahead of Franken in Minnesota. John Sununu lost. Elizabeth Dole lost. Mitch McConnel kept his seat. Saxby Chambliss will have to go into a runoff in Georgia and he’ll lose that to Martin because the DNC will pump their funds into that election so in the worst case scenario they can inflate their seats from 56 to 57.

I can’t even be happy that Ted Stevens won in Alaska…he’s a convicted felon, and the absentee ballots could very well be enough to put Bagich in the seat.

I don’t know what to say, or even if I should say it. Bitterness is the poison you drink in the hopes that your enemy dies, but there was a time when Romeo saw poison to be an elixir to his woes. I can understand why. This is the time to stand by the party, more than ever…

In 16 months, everything we went through will be for nothing…